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If you’re looking to request a digital marketing proposal from a company of your choice, it’s best to have an RFP. What is an RFP? Read on to find out!

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What is a digital marketing RFP?

RPF stands for request for proposal, and it’s essentially a professional way to ask to work with an agency.

An RFP allows you to inform an agency about your business goals and expectations to allow them to determine if you’re a good client fit for their services.

When you submit an RFP, it’s like submitting an application to work with an agency. RFPs outline all the important information about your business, which allow agencies to decide whether or not they can serve you and help to accomplish your business goals.

Instead of simply asking for a digital marketing proposal from a company, an RFP, in reality, allows you to skip a step since you’re providing an agency with important information about your business up front. You’re providing them with everything they need to allow them to decide whether or not to work with you.

It also shows an agency that you’re serious about working with them, and want to provide a great first impression.

What's in this guide?

This guide outlines the best way to request a digital marketing proposal from an agency.

You’ll find subtitles that help explain the different sections of an RFP and what information you should include in each.

We’ll list a few subtitles below, but there are many more in the actual RFP.

Statement of purpose

First, you should always include a statement of purpose up front, which describes the reason for your request to potential agency partners.

The guide also provides a bulleted list of information you should provide about your company including why you’re requesting a proposal, the current state of your digital marketing campaign, list of agencies you’re currently contacting, and more.

You should also include what digital marketing services you’re looking for in your RFP, so we provide a bulleted list of potential service options that you may want to include.

In addition, we provide a bulleted list of goals that you may choose to include in your RFP to give the agency an idea of what they’ll be expected to accomplish.

Company information

The next section goes over what company information you should include in your RFP, including the products and services you offer, your top competitors, and concerns you have about digital marketing.

Work to be done

You’ll also find a section that outlines how you should express the work that you need done. This section also includes a bulleted list of some examples of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly expectations you may choose to include.

Requirements for reply

We also provide a section that lets agencies know how they should reply to your RFP. This includes things like a list of their services and prices, their direct contact, and a sample of their digital marketing work.

Find the perfect digital marketing agency by using our RFP sample

A digital marketing RFP is a two-way street. It allows you to get valuable information that helps you to decide whether or not a digital marketing agency is right for you, and on the flip side, allows a digital marketing agency to decide if you’re the right kind of client for their offerings.

Overall, our digital marketing RFP can help you find your perfect digital marketing partner.

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