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Images are another great way to drive traffic to your website, but many people don't know how to get their pictures to show up in search engines. This free guide to image SEO will share all the secrets to getting your images to rank just as well as your webpages.

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Guide to Image SEO

Search engine optimization and improving your website ranking may seem simple enough: add some keywords to a page, make sure it's loading quickly, and build some links. But ranking your photos and images can be just as beneficial as ranking your website.

In this free guide, we explore the secrets behind image SEO, and how you can optimize your images to show up in search, improving the flow of traffic to your website. Webpages aren't the only way you can rank well, after all. It's time to hareness the power of your photos, infographics, and other images to rank and drive traffic like never before!

How to Do SEO for Images

SEO image optimization is about more than making small, fast-loading photos. This guide will walk you through all the ways you can get your image content ranking well, including:

  1. Optimized image filenames
  2. Descriptive, keyword-rich image alt text
  3. Proper file sizes
  4. Preferred and common image filetypes that Google prefers

The guide also offers tips that will improve your site's SEO as a whole, when it comes to images—for example, how to properly optimize your large images so that your site loads faster, reducing bounce rate and keeping your visitors from leaving because those huge photos are taking too long to show up.

If you've always wondered how SEO for images work, or how you can use images to your advantages to improve your ranking, we have all the secrets in this guide. Image SEO is easier than you think—and as an SEO firm with more than ten years of experience, we're ready to share these tips with you in this free downloadable guide.

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