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Shopping around for SEO agencies can be exhausting. An SEO request for proposal makes it all much easier. With an SEO RFP, you can collect proposals from different SEO firms offering their best deals and compare them side-by-side on your terms. By using an SEO RFP, you not only weed out the agencies that are unwilling to work with you, but you also make it easier to make an informed final decision.

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Free SEO RFP Template

There aren’t many RFPs out there that are specific to SEO, and coming up with an RFP for SEO can take up a lot of your time. We believe that’s time better spent running your business, which is why we’ve created an SEO RFP template for you to use!

This standardized template includes all of the information you should give to SEO companies before asking them to bid for your business. And even though it’s standardized, you can still use it as an SEM RFP so you can include full-service Internet marketing companies in your search.

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Using an SEO RFP template is a major time-saver for two reasons: You no longer have to manually research SEO agencies, and you can bring agencies to you on your terms. After you send out all of your requests, all you have to do is wait for the replies to roll in and choose your favorite partner based on your criteria. Combined with an effective pitch, an SEO RFP can seal the deal and make SEO agencies want to partner with you.

Simple, fast, and cost-effective — could you want more from a free SEO RFP template?

Why Use an SEO RFP Template?

RFP for SEO requires a few specialized touches that generic RFP templates often overlook. Chiefly, you need to include specific services that you want in SEO, like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and other possibilities.

In our SEO RFP template, we list out all of those possibilities for you so you can quickly pick the selections that you want for your business.

On top of that, an SEO request for proposal has to include a broader timeframe than most other work. Because the Internet is always on the move, search engine marketing as a whole is constantly changing, and it requires a lot of upkeep, testing, and revision to get everything just right. A worthwhile contract from an SEM RFP could last years, depending on the needs of your business.

As a leading Internet marketing firm, WebFX knows roughly how long it takes to start seeing results from SEO efforts, and they don’t happen overnight. Our free SEO RFP template includes advice for setting your contract’s timeframe so you can get the best value out of your dollar.

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Last, an RFP for SEO lets you detail the exact results you want to see, including the elements on your pages, the number of links your site receives, and other factors of your online presence. You can get far more granular with SEO than you can with typical marketing media like print or broadcast.

We’ve also accounted for that granularity with our SEO RFP template. We offer recommendations for possible goals that you can achieve, and we encourage you to determine a certain percentage of increase that you want to see. Then, as your partner SEO agency works, you can constantly check on that percentage with analytics data and compare it against the other players in your industry to make sure your goals are achieved.

Use our SEO Request for Proposal to Get Results

We hope you use our SEO RFP template to grow your business — you’ll probably get some great offers from a number of different SEO agencies. When you ask SEO agencies to come to you, you’re completely in control of your SEO process.

Every day you wait is another day you miss out on sales. Download our free template today to compete in your market!

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