Marketing Automation

Easily Track Your
Website's KPIs

At WebFX, we understand the importance of tracking your key performance indicators - or KPIs - in order to ensure that your marketing campaign is on the right track. That's why we've created MarketingCloudFX - the proprietary WebFX software that allows you to track your KPIs, see your ROI metrics, and stay in the loop with important website information on the fly.

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Ultimate toolkit for marketing automation

Our focus is, and has always been to ensure that our clients' strategies are driving results. With MarketingCloudFX, you can do just that - and more.

MarketingCloudFX isn't just about marketing automation, it offers a swiss-army-knife approach that allows you to track your website's ROI, learn about your audience, personalize your content, and more.

Our feature-rich platform allows you to gain insight to ensure that your marketing campaign is crafted in a way that's driving success for your business.

The platform offers more than six key features, six free services to clients, two "freemium" features (services that have free and paid components), and two premium services that allow you to make the most of your marketing campaign.

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Platform Features

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Visitor Information

Learn details about your visitors like their industry, company, and location.

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Personalized Content

MarketingCloudFX generates content that specifically targets your audience.

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Automated Email Marketing

Automate your email marketing campaign so that you don't have to lift a finger.

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Call Tracking

Learn about how callers found you online by tracking incoming phone calls.

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Advanced Targeting

Target your audience with precision based on traffic source, industry, and more.

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Analysis and Reporting

Your web expert will pass along a detailed analysis of your leads and phone calls regularly.

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CRM Integration

Eliminate the need for manual entry of your lead information.



This service allows you to receive daily reports of new leads and allows you to contact potential customers quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, it'll provide their website activity and contact information.

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This service allows you to see who is viewing your website with daily, weekly, and monthly reports. It's especially useful for qualifying new leads because you'll know the pages they viewed and how long they spent on your website.

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ROI Dashboard

The ROI dashboard, which comes with MarketingCloudFX, shows important metrics such as revenue, ROI, cost per lead, leads, and total calls.

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VisitorRecorderFX allows you to see a web video capture of all of your converted leads to understand how they interacted with your website.

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CompetitorSpyFX compiles all of your competitor information in one place, and notifies you when they make an SEO campaign update - allowing you to always be one step ahead.

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ContentGeniusFX uses IBM Watson technology to provide keyword suggestions based on top-ranking pages, so that we can create the perfect copy for your website. You'll also have access to competitor keyword information, editing features, and more.

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ReviewBoostFX also offers free and paid features and allows you to manage your online reviews with ease. Never let your business get a bad reputation with a negative review - ReviewBoostFX can help!

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This service offers free and paid features, and allows you to track your telephone leads. You'll be able to track your online ROI by attaching a unique phone number to specific marketing campaigns.

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PersonalizeFX ensures that your content is personalized to target your most qualified audience online. What better way to attract the customers that need your service the most?

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LeadNurtureFX makes sure that a lead never gets away from your inbox. It allows you to continuously contact previous leads and ensure that you stay top-of-mind.

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Benefits of MarketingCloudFX

Marketing automation is the difference between targeting your audience and just being aware of them, personalizing your content and simply creating it, and managing your online reviews and leaving them to be scrutinized.

MarketingCloudFX helps you to learn more about your audience, create personalized content that targets them, and helps to manage your online reviews. But that's just the start of the benefits you'll receive when you use the platform.

You'll also get regular reporting on your marketing campaigns, be able to track your telephone calls to understand where your leads are coming from, dive into automated marketing, and receive detailed visitor information.

One of the most important action items of any marketing plan is tracking your results, which allows you to make changes that will help your campaign to be even more effective. With MarketingCloudFX, you'll always be one step ahead with our analytics and reporting so that you can always rest easy knowing that you're using your marketing dollars effectively.

If you're interested in learning more about MarketingCloudFX and its many other features, contact us today! You can also reach us at 888-601-5359.