The Water Project

Our 2016 Partner

The goal of partnering with The Water Project is to provide clean drinking water for three communities in Kenya.

Clean water shouldn't be a luxury, so we took a 4-pronged approach to ensure that Kenyan communities can thrive with access to clean water.

What kind of impact will we make?

Our partnership with The Water Project is 4-pronged.

Raise $24,000 for Clean Water Solutions

Create Sand Dams

Kavehere Spring Protection Project

Rainwater Catchment Project

Wells in Kenya

In early 2016, our team voted to partner with The Water Project for our third #FXBuilds goal. By December of the same year, we reached our $24,000 FXBuilds donation goal, which will make an estimated impact of helping ~1200 people over 5 years.

Communities are all different and have diverse needs, and The Water Project meets them with new wells, well rehabilitations, protected springs, rainwater harvesting and sand dams. Our FXBuilds donation to The Water Project has assisted in the construction of three of these projects in communities throughout Kenya, providing safe water resources.

Our contribution helped create safe water solutions in three communities throughout Kenya.

Kavehere Spring Protection Project

The Water Project's work with Kavehere Spring benefited the local community in several ways.

  • 1. Thanks to construction efforts from professional artisans, community members, and others willing to lend a hand, the spring is now protected from contamination.

  • 2. Five sanitation platforms (safe concrete latrine floors) have been provided for the community. This simple design has made such an impact that it is now being adopted by other neighboring communities since it is easy to construct, install and use.

  • 3. The project enabled community members to adopt safer hygienic practices, as well as improve general sanitation.

The community is excited about the improvements, committed to the care of their water source, and have taken steps to ensure that they are maintained. The access to clean and safe water will reduce cases of waterborne and water related diseases, and improve the overall health and safety of the community.

St. Michael Emakwale Secondary School Project

This project has allowed for several improvements in the access of safe water by the St. Michael Emakwale Secondary School.

  • 1. A new rainwater catchment system has been built, including a 50,000 liter catchment tank! The community provided several materials used in the construction of the project, as well as assisting with the assembly of proper drainage.

  • 2. Construction of two triple-door latrines, (5-6 new latrines in all) allowing for shorter bathroom lines during class breaks, and better overall cleanliness of the facility.

  • 3. Training for the “Student Health Club” on proper hand-washing and sanitation practices. By empowering these students with the knowledge of safe practices, they will be able to be a great resource of sanitation for their fellow classmates.

Since the initiation of this water and sanitation project, student enrollment has increased from 501 to 535! With safe water and clean sanitation facilities, this growing student body can focus on their education.

In 2016, the mean GPA for the school was 3.41. In 2017, the mean GPA so far is 5.1 - a 50% improvement. Enrollment is also up 45 percent over the past year.

Cheptulu Primary School Rainwater Catchment Projec

Similar to the endeavors at the St. Michael Emakwale Secondary School, The Water Project built a 30,000 liter rainwater catchment system and new latrines for the Cheptulu Primary School. They also educated students on the importance of sanitation, and installed several hand-washing stations, along with 6 new latrines. Students, teachers and community members are now able to draw safe water from a trusted resource, instead of relying on the unprotected spring that was previously their main source of water.

Because of the Water Project, Cheptulu Primary School is currently on track to being the number one school in the country, based on mean score enrollment, which is up 90 percent over the past year.

The head teacher at the school shared that “Completion of the projects in my school has put a smile on my face. I am certain that our school will be removed from the list of schools who failed to comply with water safety and quality standards from Vihiga County Public Health team records. Now, our school will be certified again as having complied with water safety and quality standards. Our school no longer face the threat of closure.”

See what the Water Project team has to say about our progress!

About The Water Project

Why did we choose to work with The Water Project? Simple. Access to clean water helps to improve education, hunger, health, and poverty in communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The statistics are disheartening, as millions of people suffer from lack of access to clean water — burdening them with sickness and poverty.

The Water Project is an amazing organization that helps raise money to help these communities have access to clean water to help improve those communities as a whole.

Not only does clean water improve health, but it also improves agriculture, hygiene, and countless other areas of life.

The Water Project helps communities in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and other locations in the sub-Sahara. The best part is, anyone can donate at any time!