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WebFX is a leading Amazon SEO company, offering performance-driven Amazon SEO optimization services that include the industry’s most advanced software and most innovative strategies to increase your sales, online visibility, and market dominance.

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Basic Plan


+ Additional Amazon Ad Management

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  • Up to 20 products added to Amazon
  • 25-50 keywords per product
  • Up to $5,000 monthly ad spend
  • Monthly reporting



+ Additional Amazon Ad Management

Let's Do This
  • Up to 50 products added to Amazon
  • Brand Registry support
  • Up to $15,000 monthly ad spend
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) support



+ Additional Amazon Ad Management

Let's Do This
  • Up to 100 products added to Amazon
  • Perfect order percentage monitoring
  • Up to $50,000 monthly ad spend
  • Quarterly competitor analysis

Reach half of the world’s shoppers with
Amazon SEO services

Around 50 percent of shoppers turn to Amazon when they’re searching for a new product to buy, which is why the world’s biggest ecommerce platform is responsible for more than 40 percent of online sales.

With our performance-driven Amazon search engine optimization services, we help your business — and your products — become the choice of shoppers worldwide. That results in more sales, revenue, and growth for your company, providing you the chance to do more with your business.

Ready to see what our Amazon ranking services can do for your business? Give us a ring at 888-601-5359 to chat with one of our award-winning Amazon SEO specialists. Or, contact us online and tell us about your business and products!

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WebFX has been, far and away, the best experience I've ever had with SEO. Their staff is attentive, knowledgeable and really stay on top of an ever-changing landscape. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.

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WebFX Amazon SEO Optimization Service Pricing

With extremely competitive search results on Amazon and the continued dominance of Amazon listings in regular search results, it’s becoming essential for companies to invest in the expertise of an Amazon SEO company. At WebFX, we offer specialized Amazon SEO optimization services that help your business not only maintain your sales numbers but grow them, which means you’re moving more inventory on a regular basis.

Learn more about how we can move your products off the shelves by viewing our Amazon SEO and Amazon SEO copywriting packages.


ContentGeniusFX harnesses the power of AI to help better plan, launch and monitor new content created for your website.

Dedicated Amazon Marketing Specialist
Online Project Management Software
Addition of products to Amazon Up to 20 products Up to 50 products Up to 100 products 100+ products
Keyword Research for Individual Products (25-50 keywords per product)
Product Listings Keyword Mapping and Optimization
Search Term Additions
Category and Subcategory Optimization
Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Support
Photography Best Practices Guide
If client needs product photography completed, WebFX will coordinate and product manage with a 3rd party vendor
Brand Registry Support
Parent / Child Product Recommendations
In-Stock Rate Monitoring
Perfect Order Percentage Monitoring
Order Defect Rate Monitoring
User Engagement Analysis
Quarterly Competitor Analysis
Monthly Reporting (2 hours included)
What's This?
Amazon PPC Progressive Monthly Management Cost
Required with Amazon SEO and Product Optimization
$1,000 $1,250/mo. or 14% of ad spend, whichever is greater $2,250/mo. or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater $6,000/mo. Or 10% of ad spend, whichever is greater
Amazon PPC Monthly Ad Spend
Required with Amazon SEO and Product Optimization
Up to $5,000 $5,001 to $15,000 $15,001 to $50,000 $50,000+
Progressive Monthly Management Cost $450/mo. $1,000/mo. $1,500/mo. Call for quote
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Need more information? Call Us: 888-601-5359


Customize your Amazon SEO services with our product copywriting services for Amazon SEO. Whether you're looking to revise existing product descriptions or optimize new products on your storefront, our experienced team can create optimized product descriptions that improve your rankings in search results, plus engage and persuade shoppers to purchase your product.


1 Page of Content
Description: 2,000 characters
5 Featured Bullet Points: 250 characters each
$150 per page
Add-On: A+ Content (Vendors Only) $600 per page
Add-On: Enhanced Brand Content (Sellers Only) $600 per page
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What do our Amazon SEO ranking services include?

Our Amazon SEO ranking services, which are exclusively available with our Amazon PPC services, include:


We feature a team of more than 225 Amazon SEO Specialists, and when you partner with our Amazon SEO company, you receive a hands-on and dedicated specialist for your account. They work with you one-on-one to develop a competitive and data-driven Amazon SEO strategy.


With the machine learning power of ContentGeniusFX — our proprietary and exclusive client software — your specialist finds relevant, high-value keywords for your products. In total, your Amazon SEO expert compiles a list of 25 to 50 keywords per product.


For your products to rank in search results on Amazon, as well as on Google, they need to have the proper categorization. That’s why your dedicated Amazon SEO Specialist researches and optimizes your product for the most relevant and valuable category and sub-category.


As a part of our add-on copywriting services, we create original, on-brand, and descriptive product copy that improves your online visibility and offers value to shoppers. If needed, we can also build copy for your Amazon Store, maximizing the experience of users.


We maximize the results of your Amazon SEO strategy by optimizing your product photos. If needed, our team can also arrange photography for your products, ensuring you meet Amazon’s image standards and provide shoppers with the best view of your product.


For the best results from your Amazon SEO strategy, it’s critical that you have unparalleled inventory management. That is why our team provides in-stock, perfect order, and order defect rate monitoring. If we notice a decrease in performance or inventory, our team notifies you.


Our Amazon SEO services also include an in-depth competitor analysis. Your Amazon SEO Specialist evaluates your direct competitors on Amazon each quarter. Their findings help enhance your strategy, leading to better sales and better results from our Amazon ranking services.


We understand that Amazon SEO is more than increasing your online visibility. It’s also about improving the engagement of users with your product listing, whether by viewing your product, adding it to their cart, or purchasing it. That is why our team analyzes the engagement of users with your listings.


For maximum transparency, we provide monthly reporting as a part of our Amazon SEO services. Via AmazonFX, we deliver insights into your current sales and product performance. With this data, your team can see your investment at work — and how it’s improving your bottom line.


We’re more than an Amazon SEO company — we’re also a partner to your business. That is why we’ve included Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) support with our Amazon ranking services. With the support of our team, we can help you make the most of FBA.

Ready to learn more about our Amazon SEO services? Contact us online to tell us about your business and products — or call us at 888-601-5359 to speak with one of our award-winning Amazon SEO Consultants and receive a free quote!

Why choose our Amazon marketing agency?

With more than $1 billion generated in client revenue, we’ve been the trusted choice of ecommerce companies for decades. Learn more about why businesses choose WebFX as their Amazon SEO company:


WebFX stands apart from other Amazon SEO companies by featuring a data-driven approach to Amazon SEO. With decades of proprietary data and the best software, like ContentGenuisFX and AmazonFX, we can develop data-backed strategies that increase your product orders and revenue.


We believe in transparency, which is why our prices are available online all-day, every-day. Whether you want to view them now or later, you can — and without the hassle of fielding information requests. Even if you request a custom quote for our Amazon SEO services, our team explains every feature.


A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the WebFX standard. We believe in tailored approaches for all our services. Whether you’re looking into our Amazon optimization services, Amazon Store services, or Amazon PPC services, you can trust your dedicated account manager to tailor it to your business.


With more than 400 testimonials and dozens of awards, we mean it when we say your satisfaction matters to us — and that shows in our client retention rate of more than 90 percent. With WebFX, you have a lasting partner for your Amazon SEO strategy.


At WebFX, our commitment to transparency extends to not only our prices but our results. Whether you’re browsing our portfolio or client metrics, you can see the numbers we drive for our clients, whether it’s conversions, organic search traffic, or more — and you can view yours in AmazonFX.


Our passion for digital marketing started more than two decades ago. Since then, we’ve become a leader in the market due to our tenacity, drive, and data. With WebFX on your side — as well as some of the industry’s best digital strategists — you’ll succeed in the Amazon marketplace.

Confident that WebFX is the best Amazon SEO company for your business? Contact us online today to get started on your strategy or give us a ring at 888-601-5359 to chat with an experienced strategist about our Amazon SEO optimization services.

A graphic for why companies invest in Amazon listing optimization

7 reasons companies invest in Amazon SEO ranking services

With Amazon dominating the online marketplace, it makes sense for businesses to use the platform. Why partner with an Amazon SEO company, though? Because WebFX can optimize your products to generate more revenue, leads, and market dominance.

For a better perspective, here are the seven biggest benefits of our Amazon SEO ranking services:


If you’re new to the Amazon marketplace, you’ll probably notice it’s a challenge to earn a high sales ranking — which is your product’s ranking in Amazon search results. Like search results on Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo, a high ranking often correlates to more clicks and conversions.

For example, search results in the first position on Google earn 33 percent of all search traffic.

Our team applies search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your Amazon ranking. That means we’re researching high-volume, low-competition search queries on Amazon and incorporating them into your product page to increase its ranking.

We prioritize the user experience, though. That’s why we create product content that emphasizes readability and quality, as well as your brand voice. It’s natural and connects with shoppers, encouraging them to choose your company and product.

With pay-per-click (PPC) services on Amazon, we can also help your product gain immediate exposure to complement your SEO strategy. Like traditional PPC ads, you only pay when a shopper clicks on your listing.


A priority for every Amazon seller is the Buy Box. The Buy Box is a feature on every Amazon product listing. When a user clicks, “Add to Cart,” Amazon automatically adds the product that occupies the Buy Box.

If your product doesn’t have the Buy Box, you depend on shoppers to take the extra step of comparing sellers through the “Other Sellers on Amazon” option. The risk of that, however, is that consumers will compare your product’s price and shipping costs against every other listing.

They’ll also see your Seller information, which lets them compare your overall rating to everyone else.

At WebFX, we help your company earn that Buy Box with our Amazon SEO services.

That helps you generate more sales and profits, plus expand your consumer base. Our team will also make sure your Amazon Seller Business account is eligible for the Buy Box, which depends on several factors, including your account type.


With more consumers choosing Amazon for their shopping, it’s become a hub for spending. Studies show that Amazon Prime members spend more than $1,000 per year at the ecommerce website — shoppers without a membership spend around $600 each year.

A graphic for the average annual spend of Amazon Prime members and non-Prime members

By starting an Amazon Business Seller account, you’re providing your company the chance to earn a portion of that spending. For perspective, Amazon boasts more than 100 million Amazon Prime members.

We’re passionate about driving results at WebFX.

That is why we use performance-driven strategies to improve your revenue on Amazon. By researching your audience, industry, company, and products, we create a customized Amazon SEO strategy for achieving your profit benchmarks for this quarter and next.


No matter how many products you sell on Amazon, it requires time and dedication to manage your inventory, orders, and listings. That cuts into your team’s time, which may lead to setbacks in other areas.

At WebFX, we’re more than a partner — we’re an extension of your team. That means we dedicate ourselves to your success, which is why we’ll take the extra steps to maximize your Amazon revenue, instead of settling for “good enough.”

That gives you peace of mind. Plus, it gives your team a more manageable workload, which can boost productivity and generate even better results for your company, helping you grow and become one of the best places to work.


In most instances, you want to generate not only sales for your business but also brand awareness. Amazon ranking services let you expose shoppers to your products, as well as to your brand. That can help your company become somewhat independent of Amazon.

Instead of earning 90 percent of your sales from Amazon, for instance, you may build enough brand awareness that consumers start purchasing items from your website. That can help you balance out your revenue channels.

With more than 20 years of experience in building brand awareness, such as through social media marketing, email marketing, web design, and several other digital marketing services, we understand the value of brand awareness — and how to improve it.


Diversifying your revenue channels is an asset, which is why our team helps you succeed on Amazon and elsewhere with our digital marketing services. By helping your company become a juggernaut on Amazon, as well as building your brand awareness, we help you earn valuable website traffic.

The features an Amazon Business account offers sellers and shoppers

That lets you generate revenue — and maybe even leads — from your website.


With an increased sales ranking on Amazon, as well as occupancy of your products’ Buy Boxes, you can quickly become a recognized name among consumers — especially if you’re working with respected businesses in your industry.

As an industry leader, your company has an immense opportunity to grow. Our team can help you too, providing additional digital marketing services that let your business go beyond Amazon and to other channels.

If you browse our portfolio, as well as testimonials, you can see the change we bring to companies. Our partnership with Ceramcor, an ecommerce store for ceramic kitchenware, for instance, led to annual revenues increasing by 85 percent due to our SEO and web design services.

Earn more revenue with Amazon SEO services from WebFX

Ready to increase your revenue? Chat with our team by calling us at 888-601-5359 to learn more about our Amazon SEO services — you can also contact us online to tell us about your business and goals for the upcoming year!