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9 Types of Digital Marketing Crucial to Your Business’s Success

Digital marketing is a crucial part of your business if you want to continue to grow. As the Internet continues to develop and technology evolves, it’s more important than ever that you invest in digital marketing to reach customers. As you research more about digital marketing, you’ll find that there are many types of digital marketing strategies available.

So, which one is right for your business? In this post, we’ll discuss nine different types of digital marketing that you can use to help your business grow. If you’d like to speak directly to a digital marketing expert, feel free to give us a call at 888-601-5359!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing strategies that use digital technologies, electronic devices, or online channels to reach an audience.

It differs from more traditional marketing channels such as print advertisements and billboards. As technology progresses, marketing is becoming increasingly digital. The field of digital marketing encompasses many different strategies.

Discover some of the most common digital marketing types below.

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1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO services are one type of digital marketing strategy you can use to reach leads for your business. SEO is the process of boosting your website’s ranking in the search results to reach more valuable leads. Users conduct searches every day.

If you want to appear in searches related to your business, you must optimize your website to appear in relevant search results. SEO operates on keywords because users conduct searches using keywords. These keywords generate a list of relevant search results that help connect users with the information they seek.

To start using SEO, you must choose your keywords by conducting keyword research. Keyword research helps you find keywords that work for your different pages. As you conduct keyword research, focus on long-tail keywords.

These are keywords that contain three or more words. An example of a long-tail keyword is “electricians in Harrisburg, PA.” Long-tail keywords are better for your campaign because they help you obtain more valuable leads. You’ll drive leads that are more interested in your business because they’re searching precisely for it.

There’s more to SEO than just keywords. You must focus on elements like page speed, cleaning up code, and user search intent to help improve your site’s ranking. Overall, your site needs to be functioning well and match what your users seek.

SEO is one of the most effective types of Internet marketing to drive traffic to your page and help your business earn new leads.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the best types of digital marketing for driving conversions. These are paid ads that appear at the top of the search results, above the organic listings. PPC ads are tagged with the word “ad” to indicate paid content.

Paid ads are a great way to obtain valuable leads interested in your business. People who are more interested in your products and services are more likely to click on your paid ads. Better yet, PPC leads are 50 percent more likely to convert than organic leads!

To get started with PPC, you must select keywords. Like SEO, PPC ads are triggered when users search certain keywords or phrases in the search bar. To reach these leads, choose relevant keywords they are searching.

Once you have your keywords selected, you’ll bid for your ad’s placement. You set your maximum bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. This amount is flexible and can be changed as needed.

Your maximum bid and quality score determine your final placement. Quality score focuses on your ad’s relevance to the keyword and how likely your audience is to engage with it. The more relevant the ad, the higher the quality score.

It’s better to have a high-quality score and low maximum bid than a low-quality score and high maximum bid. Outbidding your competitors won’t automatically grant you the top position because Google wants to show users the most relevant ad. Focus on choosing relevant keywords and creating relevant ad copy than to try and outbid your competitors.

Once you have your placement, you’ll launch your campaign and start monitoring the results. Keep in mind, there are different kinds of PPC, too! PPC is one of the best types of digital marketing methods because it helps you reach more relevant leads that convert.

It’s a great way to help your business grow!

3. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the greatest types of digital marketing for connecting with your audience one-on-one. It’s one of the few methods that allow you to connect with customers more intimately. These social sites allow you to get to know your audience better so you can produce better content.

There are many social media platforms you can use to connect with your audience. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. All of these social sites allow you to share important information with your audience.

Once you choose your social platform, you’ll start posting content to your page. The type of content will depend upon the platform. Some social platforms allow for a variety of content, while others are more focused on certain types of content.

Social platforms also allow you to connect with your audience and gain valuable insights from them. Social platforms allow you to receive feedback from your audience and garner how they feel about your brand. They can leave positive and negative feedback, which you can address to create a better experience for your audience.

Social media marketing is a great type of digital marketing method to help you connect with your audience and provide them with valuable content.

4. Content marketing

People are constantly conducting searches to find relevant information. By using content marketing, you’ll be more likely to drive traffic to your page.

There are many different formats of content you can create to engage your audience. This includes videos, blogs, infographics, and ebooks.

These are great pieces of content to engage your audience and get them interested in your business.

As an example, an environmental testing company’s digital marketing could use content to create infographics explaining how testing works, blog posts sharing when to test, and other helpful pieces of content that will reach their target audience.

When you create content, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. You also provide your audience with valuable information they are seeking. They trust that you are knowledgeable because you’re providing your audience with information.

Content drives leads to your page. They visit your page to check out your information. If they like the information they see, they’ll check out your business.

They’ll start to build brand familiarity and learn more about your business. These people may not convert right away, but they will remember your business down the line. When these leads are ready to convert, they will choose your business over the competition because of the helpful information you provide.

By utilizing content marketing, you’ll reach more valuable traffic and earn more conversions over time.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best types of digital marketing for earning conversions. This method allows you to send content directly to your audience. You can engage them and get them interested in your business by sending them important information.

To start using email marketing, you must gain a list of subscribers. You’ll want to earn leads through your website and other platforms. This will help you get valuable leads that are interested in your business.

Many companies resort to buying email lists, but it’s best to stay away from these paid lists. These lists often have very few valuable leads for your business. In fact, many people end up blocking your account because they did not sign up to receive your emails and they’re not interested.

By obtaining emails organically, you’ll gain more valuable leads for your business. Once you have a list of subscribers, you can start sending them valuable content. You can send them promotions, newsletters, links to content, and more.

It’s important that you send them information that is valuable to them. One of the best things about email marketing is that you can personalize your audience’s experience. Email marketing allows you to segment your audience so you can send them personalized content.

It’s a great way to ensure that your audience only gets the information they want. Email marketing will help you nurture valuable leads towards choosing your business.

6. Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a digital marketing strategy that involves refining elements of your website to maximize your conversions. What is a conversion? It’s an action that causes someone to become a customer or brings them closer to becoming a customer.

Making a purchase is an example of a conversion. So is requesting a quote, signing up for an email list, and downloading a whitepaper. CRO helps you get the most out of your website and your other digital marketing efforts by increasing the proportion of site visitors who become customers.

CRO may involve analyzing various aspects of your website and marketing strategies, including:

  • Your site’s usability
  • Your conversion funnel
  • Your website’s copy
  • Your web design
  • Your calls to action (CTAs)
  • How qualified your leads are

7. Voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is one of the newer digital marketing methods. About half of consumers use voice to search the web, and the popularity of voice search using smartphones and smart speakers is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. As a result, more and more companies are optimizing their websites for voice search.

Doing so increases the chances of your site showing up in voice search results and can increase brand awareness and bring more visitors to your site. Voice search optimization focuses largely on winning the featured snippet, the answer that shows in the box at the top of a Google search engine results page (SERP). Voice search devices often provide the content of this box to answer a user’s voice search query.

As an example, here’s the featured snippet for ‘What is the best dog food?’ Featured snippet for best dog food To target the featured snippet for a given question, include the question as a heading on your web page and succinctly answer the question directly below that. It’s also helpful to include location-related keywords in your content and make sure your website is responsive in case users want to visit your site after using the voice search feature on their smartphones.

8. Video marketing

Another one of the top forms of digital marketing is video. Companies that use videos on their websites see 41% more traffic from search, and including a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by up to 80%. Videos can help with almost all of the other digital marketing types.

You can place them on your website to boost SEO and engagement, include them in your emails, and share them on social media. The options are nearly endless! Videos are also powerful on their own.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google, so uploading videos to YouTube can help users discover and engage with your company.

9. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves working with people whose opinion your target audience values to promote your brand, products, or services. These influencers typically have a large online following, although the size of the following may differ depending on how niche your target audience is. As part of an influencer marketing campaign, you might, for instance, send them your product so they can try it out and post about it on their social media accounts.

This type of marketing can be more effective than direct advertising since 92% of people trust recommendations from other people over recommendations from brands.

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Start investing in your digital marketing campaign

There are many different types of digital marketing strategies that you can use to create a custom digital marketing package that is unique to your needs. You can use these strategies to reach more qualified leads and help your business grow. If you need help choosing the right digital marketing methods for your business, contact us online to see how we can help you create a customized campaign with the right digital marketing strategies.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency, and we know how to help your campaign thrive.

We also have locations all around the world, including Ft. Myers, Ann Arbor, New York City, and much more, so we can help you no matter where you’re located!

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