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Today, a company’s online presence is significant, with 80% of consumers performing research before investing in products and services. When deciding which wholesale supplier to choose, a retailer looks up factors like the company’s quality, location, financing options, audience, reputation, and terms of service. 

Implementing strategies for your wholesale company’s digital presence and customer service can help you increase sales with retailers. Get ready to earn a faster return on investment (ROI) for the upfront costs of materials and production with more revenue using these tips.

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1. Optimize your website

When discovering a company for the first time, about 94% of first impressions come from the website design. To make an excellent first impression and ensure retailers visit again, you should provide an attractive and functional site layout so users can find what they need quickly.

Essential elements of an optimized site include: 

  • Page speed: Rankings on Google search engines consider whether or not your website has a fast page speed. Improve your score by shortening your server’s response time, compressing images and coding, limiting redirects, and deleting your render-blocking JavaScript.
  • Content quality: The relevancy and amount of valuable information on your site play a role in the Google algorithm. Ensure your content marketing strategy demonstrates high expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in the wholesale industry.
  • User experience (UX): An optimized website should offer an intuitive and seamless UX to web crawlers and Internet searchers who explore your pages. See fewer bounce rates and increase the time users spend on pages by creating a clean, scannable, and navigation-friendly design.
  • Mobile-friendliness: The design of your site should accommodate desktop, tablet, and mobile device screen sizes. Allow all site visitors to see your content in an ideal format with a responsive design created with the expertise of a designer and developer.
  • Amount of backlinks: A wholesale company shows a higher level of credibility with a higher number of links to its pages. Build a reputation as an expert by creating original and high-quality content for your target audience and reaching out to trusted bloggers, journalists, or similar sites.

2. Use search engine optimization (SEO) keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) with keywords helps retailers discover your wholesale company. About 95% of traffic comes from links on the first page of results. Follow these strategized practices to improve your ranking on Google:

  • Research long-tail-keywords: A specific phrase of about three to five words you use should reflect what retailers search for when they’re looking for a wholesale supplier. Research the most effective terms with a keyword suggestion tool based on relevant data. 
  • Answer questions related to keywords: The most common questions an Internet user looks up appear on a search engine results page (SERP) generated by a search index. Drive traffic to your site and keep users from leaving by providing valuable information to answer these relevant questions. 
  • Put keywords in your website content: A keyword should appear on your site in strategic places so the Google algorithm can identify your pages as relevant to related searches. Ensure you optimize keyword placement by putting along-tail phrases in your titles, headings, meta tags, and meta descriptions.
  • Incorporate keywords in email campaigns: The email marketing for your wholesale company should include relevant keywords. Incorporate a researched phrase in the subject line of your emails when you send messages about your products, promotions, services, and tips. 
  • Rework keywords as they change over time: The relevancy of each keyword changes based on how frequently users search the term. Aim to research the phrases you use every three to six months and perform SEO maintenance on your site by updating content with refreshed terms.

3. Offer valuable and informative content

Offering informative content shows your expertise in the wholesale market. The best practices for content marketing can drive traffic to your site, allowing your company to achieve up to six times more conversions than businesses that don’t.

Attract retailers to your wholesale site using these methods:

  • Publish blog posts: A written post allows you to share tips to help retailers and other wholesale suppliers in the e-commerce industry. Aim to publish relevant blog posts of at least 1,000 words with strategically placed keywords on your company blog, focusing on value over quantity.
  • Teach using videos: Videos provide an engaging way to share helpful advice, instructions, customer testimonials, and behind the scene processes of your wholesale business. Invest in high-quality video marketing services to “show and not tell” information.
  • Host online webinars: A digital event provides a way to engage in real-time with retailers so you can inform them about your business and answer their questions. Host an online webinar about a topic that interests your audience of e-commerce companies.
  • Offer an emailed newsletter: The emailed marketing content you send subscribers should promote your products and services, promotions, and blog posts. Include an engaging subject line of about 30 characters, professional language, images, and a call-to-action (CTA) instructing readers to click on a link. 
  • Upload on social media platforms: Maintaining a presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter builds brand awareness and customer loyalty. Upload social media content with similar imaging and language consistently and interact with your audience with polls and replying to comments. 

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

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