Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) & Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content

Most inbound marketing strategies focus on introducing your customer to your company through blogs, videos, and other basic content. However, to move your leads through your sales funnel, you need content that will appeal to potential customers at their unique stage of the purchasing process.

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Explore MOFU BOFU content service plans

Aggressive Plan

$1,000 / month

  • Up to 2 long-form content pieces / year
  • Up to 2 A/B tests / year
  • Quarterly content analysis and strategy review
  • Ongoing design improvements: 8 hours / year

Market Leader Plan

$1,800 / month

  • Up to 4 long-form content pieces / year
  • Up to 4 A/B tests / year
  • Quarterly content analysis and strategy review
  • Ongoing design improvements: 16 hours / year


Make generating traffic, leads, and sales cost-effective with MOFU and BOFU content

MOFU & BOFU content from WebFX is:

  • Created specifically to appeal to leads at the middle of the sales funnel (MOFU) or bottom of the sales funnel (BOFU)
  • Tailored to your unique industry and specific needs
  • Optimized to attract the most leads and visitors possible using our award-winning SEO strategies

Once you’ve attracted leads to your website with an inbound marketing strategy and educated them with basic content marketing, you need to begin qualifying them. How can you separate your quality leads from the rest?

Middle and bottom of the funnel content strategies from WebFX can help you accurately target, educate, and convert more of these qualified leads and consumers into sales.

Get started with creating this content and driving valuable traffic, leads, and sales for your business by contacting us online or giving us a ring at 888-601-5359!

“The web copy that the team wrote was way better than what I could possibly write and they even improved my site loading speed tremendously. I would highly recommend WebFX.”


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WebFX MOFU and BOFU Services

FeaturesAggressiveMarket Leader
Initial long-form content pieces11
Ongoing long-form content pieces2 per year4 per year
Creation, design, & integration of in-depth guide
Ongoing creation, design, & integration of in-depth guides1 per year2 per year
Creation, design, & integration of in-depth whitepaper
Ongoing creation, design, & integration of in-depth whitepapers1 per year2 per year
Initial CTA graphics created48
Ongoing CTA graphics created2 per year4 per year
Initial A/B testing
Ongoing A/B testing2 tests per year4 tests per year
Initial design improvements or edits3 hours8 hours
Ongoing design improvements or edits8 hours per year16 hours per year
Drip email marketingIntegration included (see plans)Integration included (see plans)
Setup of any existing video
Setup of any existing testimonials
Setup of any case studies
Setup of assessment or demo signup form
Ongoing visitor analysis
Ongoing conversion analysis
Monthly lead reporting
Quarterly content analysis & strategy review
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Initial setup cost (for first 3 months):$2,500 per month$3,400 per month
Ongoing monthly services cost (for months 4+):$1,000 per month$1,800 per month
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Our MOFU and BOFU pricing packages include the first three months of content creation, addition to your website, and optimization. We’ll analyze your site, learn about your goals, and create content that targets leads at the middle and bottom stages of your sales funnel. This content typically takes the form of educational whitepapers, videos, in-depth guides, case studies, and testimonials.

After the first three months of creation have completed, we’ll continue to work with you to optimize your website for ongoing middle and bottom of the sales funnel targeting. We’ll do this with our proven conversion rate optimization (CRO) and A/B testing, ensuring that your calls to action and landing pages are all reaching the right visitors at the right spots in the sales process.

Read on to learn more about MOFU and BOFU content plans from WebFX, and why we offer this valuable service to our customers.