Empower Playgrounds


Project Results

Two merry-go-rounds have been installed as of March 2020!

the goal

Raise $25,000 for two merry go rounds. These systems will generate electricity to run battery-powered lights for 2 rural villages in Ghana.

start date

March 2019

completion date

March 2020

about the project

Merry Go Rounds for Ghana Villages

Each electricity-generating merry-go-round placed in the community provides renewable energy for deprived villages.

This means that the simple act of play time works to illuminate a village — allowing children to work on school work and otherwise light their homes. Our team will help fight poverty & improve education for children in these communities by providing light & learning in new ways.

Why did we choose to work with Emplower Playgrounds? Only one in four Africans has access to electricity from a grid. The lack of electricity means that daily tasks are multiplied — and it also leads to the underachievement of education in developing countries due to the lack of light to study and do homework.

Other means of light, by kerosene and disposable batteries, is expensive for families and do not provide a long-lasting solution.

That's where Empower Playgrounds come in. During the day, when children play on the merry-go-rounds, electricity is collected and stored, and available for use at night time to light family homes.

To learn more about Empower Playgrounds and how you can help, visit them online.