Whether you’re a Orlando business looking to reach more customers in your neighborhood, such as Orwin Manor or Rowena Gardens, or connect with shoppers outside your area, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can give your company the critical online exposure necessary to boost your revenue.

That translates to more calls, more appointments, more shipments, and more quotes.

With more than $1 billion generated for our clients, we know PPC. That’s why businesses throughout the Orlando area partner with our award-winning team.

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What PPC means for your Orlando business

For many businesses — especially those that operate locally — digital marketing is a new realm. That’s why it’s not uncommon for many business owners to ask questions about PPC, from what it is to what it does to why it matters.

PPC is a type of paid online advertising that revolves around search terms or phrases, also known as keywords, that people use when searching on Google, Bing, and other search engines. One example of a search phrase is, “air conditioning repair orlando fl,” which is a valuable keyword for HVAC businesses.

An example of a PPC ad for an Orlando business

Because of the phrase’s value — someone is searching for a Florida company to fix their AC — HVAC businesses in the area advertise might bid for that keyword. In other words, they want their PPC ads to appear when people search the phrase on search engines like Google.

If a company’s bid and quality score are among the highest, their ad will appear when users search, “air conditioning repair orlando fl.”

The benefit of PPC is that your advertisement appears above the organic search results. You can spot the difference between a paid advertisement and an organic search result by the “Ad” icon, which features a green outline.

Ads, like organic search results, also undergo a ranking process. Google, for example, weighs several factors to determine the Ad Rank of advertisements. One of the most discussed factors that Google considers is your bid.

Your bid relies on your keyword research — you want to place a competitive bid, which is the maximum you’ll pay for a click. In most cases, you’ll pay less than your actual bid due to Google’s cost-per-click (CPC) formula.  

Without a smart and competitive bid, you can launch an ad that offers too much or too little for a click, which can affect your return. If multiple companies place higher bids than yours, they can also cause your ad to appear less in search results.

A summary of a few of the ranking factors Google uses for PPC ads.

Another factor that influences your Ad Rank is your quality score, which depends on several factors:

  • Relevance of your ad to the search
  • Quality of your landing page
  • Click-through-rate (CTR) of your ad
  • Performance of your past PPC campaigns
  • And more

By weighing your bid and your quality score, Google determines your Ad Rank. That influences the position of your ad in search results, such as if it appears as the first or last paid ad for, “air conditioning repair orlando fl.”

How PPC helps your Orlando business thrive

When it comes to PPC ads, they offer your company a variety of benefits, including:


One of the biggest perks of pay-per-click advertising comes from its turnaround time for results. Once you launch your PPC campaign, your company starts appearing at the top of search results, which exposes your business to the audience you want to reach.

It’s worth mentioning that while PPC offers immediate results, it’s essential to complement your paid campaign with an organic strategy. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in, which consists of several techniques that improve your website’s ranking among organic search results.

As you improve your organic ranking, you can ease your PPC campaign spending. By decreasing your advertising costs, you can optimize your budget — without sacrificing the number of calls you’re getting, service requests you’re receiving, or customers you’re assisting.


PPC resolves one of the biggest weaknesses of print advertising, which is reaching your target audience. A billboard may help your company reach a lot of people, but it doesn’t necessarily help you connect with the people you want to reach.

With PPC, you’re advertising to your ideal consumer. Whether it’s a homeowner in Little Havana or a business in Fort Lauderdale, you can make sure they see your ad. That’s because PPC offers several targeting options.

A summary of the targeting options available for PPC ads.

A few of the most valuable targeting options include:

  • Demographics: Focus on select locations, ages, genders, and devices.
  • Remarketing: Reach users that have visited your website, interacted with your ads, and more.
  • Similar audiences: Use your remarketing list to reach users with similar interests.
  • In-market: Connect with users searching for similar products or services.

Once you start a PPC campaign, you can also gather valuable data about your strategy. That information can inform your future campaigns, plus influence your current ones. The benefit of that is it can improve the success of your ads, such as by generating more calls for emergency AC unit repairs.


Another advantage of pay-per-click advertising comes from its return on investment (ROI). In fact, for every $1 a company spend on Google Ads, they earn $8 back. That doesn’t include the monetary value of brand awareness, which improves by 80 percent from advertisements.

Better brand awareness can lead to a variety of benefits, including word-of-mouth recommendations. It can also keep your company top-of-mind for users that don’t need your services now but might in the future.

For example, a user may search, “air conditioning installation orlando fl,” while researching potential HVAC companies. They’ll see your PPC ad, click on it, and explore your services. Later, when they’re ready to purchase, you’ll have an advantage due to that brand awareness bonus.


The fact that PPC allows you to modify, control, and optimize your advertising budget is another perk. Whether you’re partnering with a Orlando PPC company like WebFX or overseeing your PPC management, you can customize your campaign budget and daily spend.

In addition, you only pay when a user clicks on your advertisement — not when a user sees your advertisement. That maximizes your digital advertising, as you’re only paying for valuable, qualified clicks.

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WebFX is a leading Orlando PPC company

As a leading PPC agency in Orlando, WebFX stands apart for a few critical reasons.


We focus on real results for our clients. That means you see the impact of your PPC advertisements at your place of business, whether by receiving more calls from potential customers or processing more shipments at your facility.

With more than three million leads generated, plus more than $1 billion in revenue, you can see that we focus on providing you with results you can see. Take our partnership with a local notary provider, for example. Our innovative strategies increased their PPC conversions by more than 140 percent.


We value transparency, which is why all our prices are available online. No matter what service you’re researching, you can view them 24/7. Even if you need a personalized quote, our team breaks down every service and cost for you.

Our transparency extends beyond our pricing too. With our proprietary software MarketingCloudFX, which is the industry’s leading software for return-on-investment tracking, you can see the direct impact of your investment in PPC, such as by calls and leads generated.


We bring more than 20 years of experience to pay-per-click advertising, which is one reason why our clients see such a high return from their online advertising efforts. Plus, your dedicated WebFX account manager and team invests themselves in your success.

That means we’re thinking about which strategies are best for your company, industry, and goals. While some Orlando PPC management companies take a cookie-cutter approach, we take a personalized approach to deliver results that matter.

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PPC plans from WebFX

We offer three PPC plans at WebFX — a basic, aggressive, and market leader plan. Each includes a variety of services to meet your needs, plus maximize your success in the online marketplace. A few examples include performance testing landing pages, ad copywriting, and website conversion analysis.

If you’re not sure which plan meets your company’s specific needs, you can always contact our team to chat. We’re happy to help, whether by answering questions about different package services or providing guidance on the ideal package for your business and goals.

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