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Accelerate your marketing ROI by 25% or more (and skip shopping and setting up different tools) with our all-in-one revenue marketing platform and its toolkits for SEO, PPC, reporting, and more!

Data-Driven Social Media Strategies

MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary marketing software built to enable our client’s website strategies and digital campaigns.

In addition to built-in advanced tracking capabilities, MarketingCloudFX is enabled with a suite of tools that can be leveraged for Social Media content, campaigns, and targeting.

Discover MarketingCloudFX


avg increase in roi with data-enabled advertising


features to empower your social campaigns


set up by the WebFX team to give you a proper data foundation

Data Activation

Keep your business top of mind by activating your customer data on social channels.

  • Leverage CRM and CDP data in your retargeting strategy
  • Remarket to high value prospects throughout across devices
  • Reach new audiences with better 3rd party targeting on ad networks

Company Visitor Detection

Develop your B2B social media strategy with insights from identified companies visiting your website.

  • Identify companies visiting your site even before they fill out a form
  • Pinpoint what content resonates with particular companies
  • Export engaged companies for targeted social media ads

Lead Journey Insights

Enrich and leverage lead data to make smarter social media marketing decisions.

  • Understand social media’s role in the unified customer journey
  • Automate audience creation to target and advertise to granular audiences
  • Use insights to evolve your organic social strategy and content


avg increase in roi with data-enabled advertising


features to empower your social campaigns


set up by the WebFX team to give you a proper data foundation

Looking for plans and pricing?
Get a preview of our social media consulting services

Your business is custom, and so are our social media consulting services. Learn how our team builds a custom plan for your organization, along with our starting consulting rates. Request a proposal to receive your personalized pricing.

silver plan icon


Starting at

$3,000 / month

How we determine pricing

Paid ads icon with megaphone that has money sign coming out of it. Your Budget

We don’t typically recommend organic social media posts without social media advertising. You’ll discuss your monthly budget with your WebFX strategist to determine how to best allocate your social media budget between these two mediums.

Pie chart icon with piece of the pie being highlighted. Networks Included

Your custom strategy will differ whether you’re trying to reach target users on one network, or many networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Etc).

Planning icon with arrow pointing at an x. Creative Assets Needs

Aside from your social media expert, WebFX has a full in-house design team that can help with banner ad designs, custom graphics, and social media branding needs.


  • Strategies led by and executed by social media expert
  • Comprehensive social media consultation
  • Social media audit and recommendations
  • Cover photo & profile photo design/optimization
  • Advanced social media engagement and ROI reporting
  • Social media advertising

Your search for social media consulting services ends here

Here’s why businesses choose to partner with WebFX:

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With more than 3,212,407 hours of expertise, as well as more than two decades of digital marketing history, WebFX knows social media marketing and advertising. You gain instant access to some of the most experienced social media specialists in the industry with our agency.

Three blue balls going down a translucent teal funnel.


You care about results, and we do too. That’s why we measure our performance by the results we drive for your business. As your partner, you can trust us to focus on achieving your goals, whether it’s followers, likes, shares, or sales.

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Making WebFX your social media consultant provides you with one of the industry’s most advanced marketing applications, MarketingCloudFX. Monitor leads, personalize site experiences, track competitors, and more with this artificial intelligence-powered platform.

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Our client testimonials and reviews demonstrate the work, commitment, and expertise of our team. They also emphasize why our client retention rate is 91%. We invest ourselves in your business 100%, using our knowledge and technology to drive results for you.

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As a full-service agency, we provide a turnkey solution to digital marketing. You can access all the services you need with WebFX, eliminating the hassle of hiring, coordinating, and meeting with multiple agencies. Instead, you get everything you need with WebFX.

Pricing custom to you.

Starting at $3,000 per month.

Request a Free Proposal
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Solving key challenges for businesses

Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates 5

When Merrimack Valley Psychological Associates wanted to help more clients, they turned to WebFX. Learn how our partnership expanded their reach and results.

“My practice has grown quickly and improved our accessibility to those we serve or hope to serve within our community. WebFX is directly responsible for our growth and the fact that we have more than doubled our revenue in six months.”

2XRevenue in six months

5d1489ddad86d8c441ae7303 Net Friends Logo

Net Friends turned to WebFX to help them boost their presence in search engines to attract qualified traffic and leads for their business.

“Web traffic is up well over 100% and our marketing qualified leads are more than double what they were before our WebFX engagement.”

2XIncrease in website traffic and leads

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry Horz new UPDATE 300x93 1

Hurst Pediatric Dentistry wanted more clients to find their kid-friendly dental office. Here’s how our partnership helped them serve up more smiles!

“Rather than pushing us to make changes on our website that would make it more similar to so many other websites, WebFX offers suggestions for simple tweaks we can make to get the results we want, while still allowing our personalities to shine through.”

540%Increase in leads from organic search

Unlock a 25% greater marketing ROI with WebFX’s award-winning social media team

In-House Marketing

  • One or two team members trying to keep up with fast-paced marketing advancements
  • Analytics suite for measuring and improving campaign performance
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals, but limited resources needed to execute
  • Reporting roadblocks leading to project delays and wasted spend

Typical Marketing Agency

  • Dedicated account manager responsible for strategy, but will need your help implementing solutions
  • Third-party tracking and analysis with subscription costs passed to you
  • Cookie-cutter checklists and solutions for optimizing your campaigns
  • Regular, but unreliable support when issues arise with your account

Discover how a social media consultation can help your business

A social media consultation from WebFX is more than a meet-and-greet. Our consultants take an in-depth look at your social media presence, as well as your brand, industry, competitors, and audience to develop actionable steps for your business. They also talk to you to learn what you want from social.

Keep reading to learn more about how our social media consultations will help your company:

social media services thumbnail

Uncover your most valuable social media networks and attract your audience

Uncover your most valuable social media networks and attract your audience

You can choose from dozens of social media channels, some well-known, others not so much. Our social media consultants look at every possible network for your business, using your audience and industry to find the most valuable social media channels.

In most cases, you’ll find the most success with one of the following platforms:

Researching every possible option, however, allows our social media consultants to provide you with data-backed recommendations customized to your company. You can start marketing and advertising yourself on these channels with confidence.

Investing yourself in the social media networks that offer your business the most value allows you to find and connect with your audience with ease. When you find your target audience faster, you can move towards engaging them and building a lasting relationship sooner.

At WebFX, we help you with every step, from finding your network to engaging your audience.

social media consulting platforms

Build your brand voice and your audience’s brand loyalty

Build your brand voice and your audience’s brand loyalty

Your brand is one-of-a-kind, and our social media consulting services will help you show it.

With the expertise of our social media consultants, your business can establish and refine its brand voice for social media. Whether you’re looking to create a caring and nurturing tone or fun and sarcastic, we can help you create the perfect balance between professional and relatable.

Your dedicated WebFX social media consultant can also provide advice for adapting your brand voice to channels. For example, your consultant can offer guidance for balancing your brand voice with Twitter’s character limit for posts. Or, they can suggest ways to convey your brand via images, like on Instagram.

social media consulting benefits

This feature of our social media consulting services can provide your business with confidence and peace-of-mind about your social media presence. You know that someone who understands your brand, audience, and voice is guiding your strategy.

A consistent and memorable brand voice will help your company accomplish a few goals, including:

  • Attracting your audience’s attention
  • Engaging your audience with social media posts
  • Moving your audience towards conversion, like visiting your location or calling your business
  • Building your audience’s interest and loyalty

Using social media to build your brand, as well as customer loyalty, delivers a positive impact on your bottom line. You reduce your churn rate, plus minimize the costs of earning a new customer. Did you know, for example, that acquiring a new client costs 10 times more than keeping a current one?

Start taking full advantage of these benefits with social media consulting from our award-winning team.

Engage your audience and improve your social listening

Engage your audience and improve your social listening

Every social media strategy, no matter its goals, revolves around audience engagement. Whether you want to attract more followers, website traffic, product orders, or store visits, you need to get your followers engaged.

With our social media consulting services, you can get your audience interested.

Our social media consultants help your business make new and old followers excited about your latest posts, shares, and offers. Using our extensive experience (which extends across more than 10 years), we develop social media content that people can’t resist.

Examples of social media content our social media consultants can create include:

  • Shares for blog posts on your website
  • Funny, relatable posts that stay professional
  • Posts that poll or ask users questions
  • And more

When our social media consultants create posts for your company’s social media strategy, they diversify those posts and tailor them to each platform. Each network will feature unique content, upping the value for users to follow you on each social media channel.

With more engaging content, your business can start to hear from your target audience.

You can learn which posts grab their attention the most, as well as what content captures their current thoughts or challenges. As users like, comment, and share, you have the chance to practice social listening on your profiles.

Social listening can help your company learn:

  • How users feel about a topic, product, or company policy
  • What users want from a service, product, or company
  • Where users experience pain points in their shopping experience
  • How users would like you to improve your service
  • What users want to know about a product, topic, or service

Besides practicing social media listening on your social media profiles, you can also practice it across networks. Watch for brand and competitor mentions, and use your findings to improve your strategy, processes, and client experience.

Your WebFX social media consultant can also help you leverage the full power of social media listening.

social media consulting social listening

Via your social media services, your consultant will take an active role in monitoring your social media accounts. They’ll track and respond to user comments (following your brand standards when they do) and compile user highlights and feedback for your business to review.

In this supportive role, your social media consultant helps you practice social listening. Since you have a trusted consultant, you don’t have to spend time following brand mentions on social media. Instead, you can learn everything in a regular, monthly meeting.

Start interacting and building a relationship with your audience by partnering with our team.

Develop your social media strategy and grow your business

Develop your social media strategy and grow your business

social media strategy is essential to your business, whether you’re a name-brand company or brand-new startup. That’s why our social media consulting services help your organization develop a competitive strategy for your industry.

With our consultation services, we help you answer the following questions:

  • Who should our social media strategy target?
  • Which social media channels should we use?
  • What kind of results do we want from social media?
  • When do we want to see results?
  • How are competitors using social media?
  • Should we partner with influencers?
  • Do we want to run social media ads?
  • How much do we want to invest in social media ads?
  • What tools, if any, will we want to use?

Your answers help your WebFX consultant build a realistic yet competitive campaign for your business.

In addition to your answers, your consultant may also provide advice. For example, due to social media algorithms suppressing organic content from businesses in user feeds, your consultant may recommend setting aside some funds for advertising on social media.

Or, your consultant may recommend a different goal, like brand awareness versus sales generated.

Listening to your social media consultant’s guidance can help your business launch and manage a successful social media strategy. That strategy can result in more than follows and likes for your company but also leads, sales, word-of-mouth recommendations, and more.

For perspective, in the past five years, we’ve helped our clients grow their businesses by earning over:

  • $10 billion in revenue
  • 24 million leads
  • 7.14 million phone calls
  • 14.9 million managed transactions

If you find managing your social media campaign challenging after your social media consultation, you can always sign-on for social media marketing and advertising services from WebFX. As a full-service agency, we make transitioning from consulting to full-time management seamless.

Keep your business relevant and your competitors distant

Keep your business relevant and your competitors distant

Almost 75% of people use social media when making a purchase decision, whether by asking friends about a product or viewing a company’s social media profile. Becoming inactive on social media makes it easy for people to cross your business off their list and go with a competitor instead.

Our social media consulting services prevent that from happening.

As your partner, we will help your company use social media to remain relevant and outmaneuver your competitors. From developing a custom strategy to targeting competitor weaknesses, we will give your company the tools, techniques, and tips for success.

With our advanced, client-exclusive software, MarketingCloudFX, we can amplify your competitive advantage when it comes to social media. MarketingCloudFX features not only lead tracking but also competitor tracking.

Monitor the strategies of competing companies, as well as their market share. Plus, get data-backed insight from IBM Watson (the industry’s leading artificial intelligence application) on how to improve your approach to social media.

Your social media consultant can also review and implement MarketingCloudFX’s data for you. You’ll always, however, have access to MarketingCloudFX and its data. Log in on your computer, laptop, or mobile device and see the return on investment (ROI) of your online marketing strategies.

FAQs about social media consulting services

Looking to learn more about social media consulting services? Browse our FAQ:

What is a social media consultant?

A social media consultant provides one-time or ongoing social media services to help organizations increase brand awareness, follower engagement, and social media conversion rates. Typically, social media consultants will audit, manage, and monitor your social media strategy.

How much does a social media consultant cost?

Prices for social media consultants vary and depend on factors like your social media networks, social media needs, and social media consultant. On average, social media consultants cost $75 to $500 per hour. For the most accurate pricing, though, request a custom quote.

How do I become a social media consultant?

You’re on this page because you’re looking for social media consulting services, and you’re not the only one. As social media use for businesses rise, so too the demand for social media consultants. Becoming a social media consultant doesn’t happen overnight, but there are steps you can take to get on your way.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a social media consultant, follow these tips:

  • Gain experience and expand your portfolio
  • Build your network
  • Ensure your own social media pages are engaging
  • Consider what services you want to offer (Will you have a specialty or niche?)
  • Start building a social media toolbox (e.g. social listening platforms, scheduling tools, organization & project management platforms, etc.)
  • Stay brushed up on the latest social media trends

Additionally, if you want to become a social media consultant, you’ll also want have some of these skills at the ready:

  • Social media savviness
  • Organization & project management
  • Creativity
  • Content creation
  • Data analysis
  • Communication and leadership
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

How do our social media consulting services work?

While every social media consulting plan is different, our social media consulting services tend to follow a similar process for onboarding your business, building your strategy, and reporting your results.

For perspective, when you choose our social media consulting firm, you can expect:

  • Getting matched with a dedicated account manager with experience in your industry
  • Answering some helpful questions, like about your audience, products, or services
  • Receiving a strategy that outlines how your account manager will achieve your goals
  • Getting custom reports throughout our partnership that detail your strategy’s performance

You can learn more about how our social media consulting services work by speaking with an experienced strategist. Just contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to learn more about working with our award-winning team!

What solutions support social media marketing?

Complementary digital marketing strategies can amplify the performance of your social media strategy. As a full-service Internet marketing agency, we offer a suite of online marketing services, which makes it easy for your company to market yourself online.

A few examples of some strategies that support social media include:

  • SEO services: SEO can help your social media strategy by directing more users to your social media profiles. With SEO, you improve your position in search results on a search engine like Google. When you appear higher, you earn more traffic. That traffic can go to your social media accounts because your site will include links to them.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: PPC can support your social media efforts in a few ways. Using your PPC ad data, you can learn more about your target audience and apply that data (like age, location, and interests) to your social media platform choices and ad targeting. You can also use PPC to build remarketing campaigns that target users who visited your site from social channels.
  • Content marketing: Content marketing works in coordination with your social media and SEO strategy. With content marketing, you create user-focused content optimized for SEO. You can share this content on social media, which will direct social media users to your website. People may even share your content too. Even better, this content will also bring in organic traffic.
  • Landing page design: Custom landing page designs work well for social media ad campaigns. A landing page is where users “land” when clicking on your ad. A custom page, versus generic one, can help you convince users to act on your ad, like by downloading your whitepaper, purchasing your product, or signing up for your email newsletter.
  • Web design and development: Web design and web development matters because social media often focuses on moving users from your social media profiles to your website. You want people to visit your site and take bigger actions, like buying a product. A fast, professional, and easy-to-use website design can make that happen.

If you have questions about how these services can support your social media plans, you can always ask our experienced strategists. Give us a ring at 888-601-5359 or contact us online to learn how these strategies could upgrade your social media campaign.

Explore social media solutions

Looking for more than consulting? Browse our social media solutions below:

Standard consultation and reporting plans (Monthly)

Number of Posts per Month102030
Custom Images per Month81012
Number of Networks1Up to 2Up to 3
Social Media FuelFX Assets Included11.52
Vertical Content CreationAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/monthAdd $1,200/month
Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis
Social Media Audit + Recommendations
Dedicated Social Media Account Manager
Daily Monitoring of Included Social Assets
48 Business Hour or Less Customer Response Time
Personal Social Media Consultations per Month124
Access to WebFX editorial calendar & content publishing tools
Standard Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Network Setup & Optimization
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Boosted Posts per Month246
Required Boosted Post Spend$100$200$300
Setup Fee$4,500$6,300$7,200
Ongoing Management Fee$3,000$4,200$4,800
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Social media can help your business move from one level to the next when it comes to your brand’s reputation and revenue. At WebFX, our social media consulting services can provide actionable recommendations for creating, launching, and managing a successful campaign.

If you’re looking for initial consulting services, followed by full-time management, we can help too. Our social media management services include social media marketing and social media advertising, as well as social media design, to provide your business with everything it needs to excel at social media.

Start moving your social media towards success by contacting us online or calling us at 888-601-5359!

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