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BigQuery Consulting Pricing: How Much Does Hiring a Consultant Cost?

With BigQuery, your business can streamline data storage, processing, and management. Implementing BigQuery into your company and processes, however, can prove challenging if you don’t have the help or expertise of a big data scientist that specializes in BigQuery.

That’s why many companies hire BigQuery consultants. How much does BigQuery consulting cost, though?

Keep reading because this guide on BigQuery consulting pricing provides your business with a complete breakdown of BigQuery consulting costs. Learn how much BigQuery consultants cost (around $50-$200 an hour) and what factors determine BigQuery consulting rates in 2024.

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How much does BigQuery consulting cost?

In 2024, costs for BigQuery consulting range from $50 to $200 per hour. In most cases, consultants charge an hourly rate, rather than a project rate. Project-based pricing, however, generally costs several thousand dollars.

What determines your BigQuery consultant’s rates

A range of factors influences how much your business will pay for a BigQuery consultant, including:

BigQuery experience

Experience plays a significant part in your BigQuery consulting costs.

In most cases, consultants with 10 or more years of experience charge $100 to $200 per hour. These consultants often have extensive programming and data analysis experience. In comparison, BigQuery consultants with less experience generally specialize in one area and cost $50 to $100 per hour.

If you decide to hire a BigQuery data scientist, consider their experience.

Depending on your BigQuery needs, you may hire a less experienced consultant without issues. However, if your BigQuery demands require an experienced data scientist, don’t skip on an experienced consultant to save costs.

You want to hire a consultant that can deliver an error-free setup and solution to your team.

If you don’t, your company could end up spending more as you troubleshoot and fix problems by hiring another BigQuery consultant. Save yourself time, frustration, and hassle by partnering with a BigQuery consultant that can meet your needs.

Project scale

The scale of your BigQuery needs also influences your BigQuery consultant’s pricing.

That’s because your project’s requirements will often impact the time invested by your consultant. If your consultant needs to spend five additional hours to complete a task, for example, that bumps up your BigQuery consulting costs.

For perspective, a basic data analysis can take two hours or less. In comparison, a data normalization task for BigQuery can take as many as 16 hours, if not more, depending on the scope of your company’s project.

Before you partner with a consultant, outline your expectations and requirements.

This outline can help your consultant estimate your project’s cost and duration. It also gives your BigQuery consultant the chance to note any potential issues or opportunities. In short, an open discussion helps you and your consultant start your BigQuery project with a foundation for success.

Project deadline

Deadlines also shape your BigQuery consulting rates.

If your company wants a project completed within a short timeframe, you can expect higher costs from your consultant. You may even experience higher BigQuery consulting prices because you have to hire more than one data scientist to meet your deadline.

In comparison, a longer timeframe with fewer requirements can generate lower costs.

For many businesses, deadlines are non-negotiable.

If your company can start your BigQuery consulting sooner, however, you can prevent inflated costs from eating away at your budget. Plus, you can invest your budget into hiring a top data scientist team versus a range of freelance data scientists to meet your deadline.

Project duration

The duration of your BigQuery consultant’s work also influences your costs.

Remember, most BigQuery consultants operate on an hourly rate, versus a flat one. The more hours your consultant invests into your company, the more your company will pay your consultant. That’s why, before hiring a consultant, you want to receive an hours estimate.

This estimate helps your business budget for a BigQuery consultant.

It also prevents you from hiring a consultant that may exceed your budget. Plus, it provides your team with a perspective on how long the project will take. You can use this estimate to give business leaders realistic expectations for fully implementing BigQuery into your company.

Should I hire a BigQuery consultant or an in-house BigQuery specialist?

If you’re thinking about hiring a BigQuery consultant, you’ve probably thought about hiring an in-house BigQuery specialist. Which is right for your business? It depends but thinking about the following two factors can help you choose the best option for your company.


From a cost standpoint, a BigQuery consultant offers the most cost-effective option.

You pay a BigQuery consultant an hourly rate, and that’s it. In comparison, an in-house BigQuery specialist requires a salary and benefits, which requires a larger (and long-term) financial investment from your business.

Even if you’re hiring a consultant for a one-time project, many will charge an hourly rate. They will (and should), however, provide your business with an estimate for how long the project will take so that you can budget accordingly.


Companies can use BigQuery in various ways.

Depending on your organization’s plans, it may make sense to hire an in-house BigQuery scientist versus a BigQuery consultant. That’s because your internal scientist can make continuous updates and analyses to your system without spending the time to learn your goals or system.

If you’re not planning to use BigQuery aggressively, however, a BigQuery consultant works well.

With a BigQuery consultant, your business can get onboarded to BigQuery. Even if you need BigQuery assistance later, you could always re-hire the consultant who now has a background in your business and BigQuery setup. In some cases, you may even keep a BigQuery consultant on retainer.

For many companies, a BigQuery consultant works well. If your business uses BigQuery continuously and in a variety of ways, though, a full-time team member could deliver a more cost-effective solution to managing BigQuery for you.

How much does it cost to use BigQuery

If you’re looking to make BigQuery a part of your business and processes, then you need to research BigQuery pricing in-depth. In addition to hiring a BigQuery consultant, your company will also need to pay for accessing and using BigQuery.

For businesses that use Google Cloud, BigQuery comes included with:

  • 1 terabyte (TB) of queries per month
  • 10 gigabytes (GB) of storage

After those limits, your company will need to follow the two BigQuery pricing models:

  • On-demand ($5.00 per TB): The on-demand pricing model for BigQuery offers flexibility and efficiency for users. Your business only pays for the queries you run, versus paying a flat-rate fee to access and use BigQuery. It’s a useful payment model if you use BigQuery occasionally.
  • Flat-rate ($10,000 per month): The flat-rate pricing model for BigQuery provides predictable and consistent month-to-month costs. Your company pays a predetermined amount to access and use BigQuery for whatever you need. It’s a go-to payment model if you use BigQuery frequently.

Following those pricing models, you’ll want to look at the BigQuery operation pricing table:

BigQuery OperationPricing
Active storage (Data modified in past 90 days)$12,000 to $150,000 / design
Long-term storage (Data unmodified in past 90 days)$12,000 to $150,000 / design
BigQuery storage API$2,500 to $12,000 / month
Streaming inserts$0 to $100,000
On-demand queries$0 to $5,500 / year
Monthly flat-rate queries$10,000 per 500 slots
Annual flat-rate queries$8500 per 500 slots

Keep in mind that BigQuery includes one free TB of query data processing each month. That free TB, however, doesn’t count queries with “CREATE MODEL” statements. Instead, BigQuery processes the first 10GB of queries with “CREATE MODEL” statements for free.

When planning for BigQuery costs, your team will want to keep these factors in mind.

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How to manage your BigQuery and BigQuery consulting costs

While BigQuery consulting can bring several predictable costs, like a 30-hour project at $75 an hour, BigQuery can introduce some unexpected expenses if not managed proactively. That’s why it’s essential to build processes that help your team manage your BigQuery and BigQuery consulting costs.

A few go-to strategies include:

  • Use the validator feature in BigQuery to check what a data query will cost
  • Create billing alerts for instant notifications when exceeding or closing in on budget caps
  • Set byte processing limits to prevent team members from exceeding budgets
  • Store data in partitioned tables to maximize long-term versus active storage charges
  • View the Cloud Console reports to get insight into spending
  • Export your BigQuery audit logs to build spending reports and spot spending trends
  • Implement a data expiration on datasets to reduce storage charges

You can also optimize your budget, especially for BigQuery consulting, by working with the same consultant. If you build a relationship with a reliable and trustworthy consultant, they can often resume work on your BigQuery because they know your business and its queries.

In comparison, a brand-new consultant would need to review the queries in-depth.

With these starting strategies, your company can make BigQuery a cost-effective investment.

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Learn more about BigQuery consulting costs

With a BigQuery consultant, your business can integrate BigQuery into your processes fast and accurately. You can also take advantage of the multiple features offered by BigQuery to enhance your data’s uses and value in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

That’s why BigQuery consultants are often worth the investment. They make a long-term impact on your business, helping your company process and leverage data to create smarter ad campaigns and advanced marketing strategies.

If you’d like to learn more about BigQuery consulting rates, contact us online for more information!