Our Promises to Our Team

Our talented team is what makes us successful, and we value each member of our WebFX family both for the work that they do and for the unique contributions they bring to the table. We know that our future depends on our ability to recruit and retain the best team in the industry, and because of that, we make it a priority to keep a few important promises.

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At WebFX, we will:

1. Maintain a positive work environment

Positivity is the foundation of our company values, and we always focus on the good. We believe that positive energy and a happy team is what drives us forward, and that it’s important to look forward to coming to work every day.

We cultivate positivity by celebrating one another’s successes and replacing mindless complaints with helpful solutions. It also doesn’t hurt that our team enjoys a casual dress code, flexible start time, and the ability to make their own schedules.

2. Be selective about who we choose to work with

As we continue to grow as a company, we believe that it’s important to stay true to our company values. We take additions to the team seriously, and actively look for team members who not only have the skills to succeed, but also are a good fit for our company culture.

For the same reason, we are also selective with the clients we choose to take on. Our team works hard to meet their clients’ goals and help them grow, and we want them to be able to have positive client relationships.

3. Operate with integrity

We trust our team to work with integrity on a daily basis, so it’s only fair that we offer transparent leadership in return. That’s why we have monthly goals meetings, an open door policy, and accessible managers for every team.

It’s also why we provide straightforward “progression paths” for each new team member. We value hustle and performance over years of experience, and we’re more than happy to create new positions to suit the skill sets and interests of our team.

4. Encourage continual improvement

From the moment a new team member arrives at WebFX, they begin their 120-day “bootcamp” training. The learning process doesn’t end after 120 days, though – in fact, it continues as long as they’re here.

We encourage continual improvement through our ongoing learning program, monthly lunch n learns, and a monthly goals program. We also provide plenty of opportunities to take on new challenges, as well as room to grow within the company.