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Close-up of a bright orange pumpkin with water droplets on it, with a blurred background of a pumpkin patch.

See Inside WebFX October 2018: Special Spooky Halloween Edition!

If there’s one thing WebFX does well, it’s provide phenomenal, world-class services to our awesome clients. But if there are two things WebFX does well, it’s provide phenomenal, world-class services to our awesome clients, and throwing one outstanding Halloween party! ScareFX was back and bigger than ever this year!

Thanks to the countless hours from our very own Wow-FX team, our 2018 boo-bash boasted a three-story haunted house, food, games, a costume competition (watch the video to the end to see the winner) and more! You definitely don’t want to miss the spooky tricks and treats that went on #InsideFX!


John Greene: Grit

Our FX-Family was fortunate enough to host PSU alumni and football star John Greene for our latest FXTalk! Not only was John the offensive co-captain of the 1988 Nittany Lion football team, but a member of the 1986 National Championship team, and the 1985 squad that played Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl for the national title.

Outside of football, John is an all-around outstanding man who our team was honored to host and discuss with. His talk, titled “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” was immensely inspiring, and I know multiple team members who were moved to chase after their goals with greater energy after hearing his story! We hope to see John back on the FX Campus sometime soon!

No-Waste Pumpkin Carving

GreenFX was back and more festive than ever in October, as the team carved some (adorable) mini pumpkins and made sure none of its components went to waste!

The seeds were even roasted right here in the Broad St kitchen, which was not only delicious but made the entire campus smell like fall. One of our favorite pups, Cooper, also made an appearance with his awesome mom, Lexie! Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that bring people together, and it was an exceptionally wonderful time reminiscing fond memories of past Halloween celebrations and family traditions with the team.


Just ask the Talent Acquisition (TA) team what their favorite time of year is, and you might be surprised to hear it’s not Christmas (or that sale at Gabe’s when all the jewelry is dumped in buckets), but rather FX-U days!

Approximately 60 students from colleges all around Pennsylvania visited the FX Campus to tour the offices, meet the crew, network, have Q&A time with Bill, and listen to nine of our expert guest speakers talk about their departments. It’s inspiring not only for the students, who are encouraged to know a career at WebFX and digital marketing is really everything they’ve hoped it would be but also for those of us who get to listen to our team members talk about their passions and time with WebFX. We’re so thankful for the #bestcoworkers we get to interact with every day, and for what outstanding examples they are to the students!


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!

The biggest, spookiest, most scream and laughter filled party of the year, ScareFX! Words can’t do justice to the piece of macabre art our team put together for this event. Major cheers to Linda, who worked for months prepping our new building (FX3) and turning it into a house of horrors!

Thank you also to all the volunteer actors who helped bring it to life (and facilitated the very real screams you’ll hear during the video!). Our very own Tori blew everyone away with her award-winning costume, and we can only hope to meet her character again sometime soon. Watch the walk-through of the haunted house and see Tori’s costume for yourself in the video!

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