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Are you an industrial company looking to expand and improve your online presence? If so, it’s time for you to partner with an industrial marketing company to build your online presence and run effective campaigns that help your industrial company grow. By investing in industrial marketing services, you’ll help your company earn more valuable leads and conversions.

On this page, we’ll cover some industrial marketing strategies for your business as well as a checklist for how to find the right industrial marketing company. Keep reading to learn more and call us today at 888-601-5359 (or contact us online) to speak with a strategist about creating an industrial marketing campaign.

Online industrial marketing strategies for your business

To help you grow your industrial business online, you must invest in digital marketing strategies that will help you reach more interested leads. Let’s take a look at some of the most important industrial marketing strategies for growing your business online:

Web design for industrial companies

Your website’s design plays a critical role in people’s perception of your company. Ninety-four percent of first impressions relate to web design. Your audience must have a positive perception of your business so they’ll remain on your site, learn more about your brand, and eventually become a paying customer.

There are a few critical elements to successful web design that you should look for from your industrial marketing company. Here are a few:

  1. Custom design: You want your industrial website to stand out from the competition. If you have a website that looks like everyone else’s, people won’t remember your brand or your business. If you’re going to partner with a marketing company for industrial businesses, choose one that offers custom designs.A custom industrial web design allows you to integrate your brand’s unique personality into your website. It makes your website more memorable for your audience, which makes them more likely to remember your industrial company when it comes time to convert.
  2. Responsive design: Users visit your industrial website from a variety of different devices. Whether it’s a desktop computer or smartphone, your website should adapt to these different devices to provide the best experience for your audience. The right industrial marketing agency will integrate responsive design into your website.Responsive design provides your audience with a better experience on your site. They’ll be able to browse your site without a hitch, making them more likely to continue perusing through your products.

As you look at different industrial marketing companies, focus on ones that offer custom and responsive web design. It will help you build a better website for your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for industrial companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of boosting your website’s ranking in the search results to drive more traffic and leads to your page. Did you know that on average, Google fields 40,000 searches per second? With so many people searching, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to reach people who are searching for your industrial company.

Your industrial marketing company should always use white hat SEO techniques. These are techniques that comply with Google’s rules and work with the algorithm to naturally boost your site in the search results. Here are a few industrial SEO techniques you’ll want to look for from a marketing agency for industrial companies:

  • Integration of long-tail keywords: Keyword selection plays a critical role in determining where your website appears in search results. Ideally, you want your website to appear in front of leads who are looking for your products. An industrial marketing agency will help you find long-tail keywords that put you in front of more interested leads.Long-tail keywords contain three or more words, like “industrial manufacturing equipment in Harrisburg, PA.” These keywords are more specific, so you drive more leads looking for your company. Long-tail keywords drive more leads because the people searching with those keywords are looking for a specific product or service, which, if you offer it, makes them more likely to convert.
  • Creation of content: Content marketing helps people find your business in the search results. Since your customers are in the market for different products, it’s important to create content that appeals to every customer’s needs. For example, creating product pages that explain each of your products in detail will help you appeal to multiple people looking for your products.To help you find the right industrial marketing company, focus on ones that offer different content formats, like blogsvideos, and infographics. You want to keep content interesting, so you must have different content format options for your business. Aside from creating the content, your industrial marketing agency should know how to optimize that content for search engines.

SEO plays a critical role in helping industrial leads find your company. As you look for a marketing agency for industrial companies, ensure that you’re looking at ones that offer SEO services, so your business appears in more search results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for industrial companies

If you’re looking to earn more leads that convert, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great solution for your company. These paid advertisements appear at the top of the search results, above organic listings. When you consider that ad clickers are 50% more likely to purchase than organic visitors, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture these valuable leads for your business.

PPC for industrial companies

When you pick an industrial marketing company, you want to choose one that knows how to run PPC campaigns. These strategies include:

  1. Optimizing for long-tail keywords: Like SEO, you’ll want to include long-tail keywords in your PPC campaign. Long-tail keywords work best for PPC campaigns because they have a lower cost per click (CPC) and attract more qualified leads.These keywords have a lower CPC because they’re so specific. Fewer companies bid on them, so it’s best to use these keywords because you’ll attract leads searching with those specific keywords. It also gives you a better chance of attracting them to your ad due to less competition.
  2. Optimizing landing pages: Your landing page is a critical part of your PPC ad. When users click on your ad, they arrive on a landing page with information like:
    • Product descriptions
    • An image of the product
    • Pricing information
    • Size options
    • Materials used
    • Color options
    • Customer reviews

It’s important to have an informative and engaging landing page, so users will check out your business and learn about your products.

With the right industrial marketing company, you’ll get a well-optimized landing page that allows you to attract and engage leads. You’ll provide leads with all the information they need to decide on purchasing one of your products.

Email marketing for industrial companies

If there’s anything you know about the B2B sales cycle, it’s that it can take a long time to get users to purchase. After all, you’re not just trying to convince one person to buy; you’re convincing a group of people that your business fits their needs better than the competition.

That’s why email marketing is a fundamental strategy you must use from your industrial marketing agency. This lead nurturing strategy allows you to continually send valuable information to your audience to nurture them into a conversion.

When you choose an industrial marketing company, choose one that offers email marketing as a strategy. The right industrial marketing company will offer the following in their email campaign:

  1. Personalization of emails: Email personalization is a key component you want to see from a marketing agency for industrial companies. This tactic enables you to deliver a customized experience from your company that is unique to a person’s interests and needs. Personalization improves your email open rate by 41.8%.

Personalization improves your email open rate

So, what constitutes as personalization? You can personalize emails by addressing someone by name directly and sending them information about industrial products you know they’re interested in buying.

  1. Segmentation of emails: To go hand in hand with personalization, the right industrial marketing agency should also segment their emails. Email segmentation enables you to send the same message to a group of people with the same interests. For example, if you have a group of construction companies interested in your cement products, you can group them to send them an email based on this shared interest.
    When you segment your audience, you keep them happier with personalized content. You keep your information relevant to their needs, which makes them more likely to engage and become conversions for your business.

Email marketing is a valuable tool for B2B businesses. If you’re trying to find a marketing company for industrial businesses, focus on one that offers email marketing, so you can start nurturing leads towards conversion.

Social media marketing and advertising for industrial companies

Social media marketing is a great way for your industrial businesses to build your brand and create relationships with customers. Like email, social media enables you to connect on a personal level and get to know your audience. With the right industrial marketing company, you’ll connect with leads interested in your products.

An industrial marketing agency should include the following in their strategy:

  • Plans for multiple networks: The right industrial marketing company will offer social media plans for different social media sites. You don’t want to partner with a social media company that’s limited to only Facebook or only Facebook and Instagram. The right social media marketing company should offer strategies for multiple social media platforms.An industrial marketing agency should also help you determine which platforms work best for your campaign. Some platforms will work better than others for your company, and your social media partner should be able to identify which platforms will drive success for your business.
  • Content posts for networks: A good social media marketing company will offer to create engaging posts for your audience and post them on your social networks each month. You want to stick to a company that will help you post content and guide you towards creating a better social media presence with your audience.Since the most effective social media campaigns are those that provide a steady stream of content, you’ll want to partner with an agency that frequently posts beneficial content to your social platforms.

In addition to social media marketing, you’ll also want to partner with an industrial marketing company that offers social media advertising. Social media advertising enables you to reach people who haven’t found your industrial business yet.

With social media advertising, you’ll want to partner with a company that:

  • Knows how to use different ad formats: Many social media networks offer multiple ad formats. You don’t want to get pigeonholed into only posting photo ads without trying other formats and seeing if they drive better results for your business. The right industrial marketing company will help you try different ad formats to engage your audience.
  • Knows how to monitor ad performance: You don’t want to keep advertising if it’s not driving success for your company. When you partner with a marketing company for industrial companies, they should know how to monitor your social media ads and make appropriate changes to help you earn more with your budget.

Social media marketing and advertising are two critical components to nurturing current leads and obtaining new ones. As you search for the best industrial marketing company, focus on companies that will help you develop an impactful social media plan.

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How to find the right industrial marketing company

Finding a great industrial marketing company can be tough. You want to partner with someone who understands your B2B business but also will help guide you towards strategies that use your budget wisely and help drive results. To help guide you towards the right industrial marketing agency, make sure they check off all these requirements:

  1. They have a portfolio where you can check out their previous work ✓
  2. They have client testimonials that allow you to see how others like working with them ✓
  3. They share their pricing online to make it easy for you to see if it works with your budget ✓
  4. They’re a full-service company, meaning they offer every strategy you need in one place ✓
  5. They offer a direct line of communication for you to contact about your campaign ✓
  6. They have proven knowledge and experience (blog posts, awards, certifications) ✓
  7. They have proven results that show they’ve driven success for other clients ✓

These are just a few things you’ll want to look for when checking out an industrial marketing company. By checking th’10ese requirements off, you’ll find the best marketing company to work with for your campaigns.

Good agencies have more than 50 testimonials.

Great agencies have more than 100 testimonials.

WebFX has over 1000+ glowing client testimonials.

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It takes work to find a company that offers everything you need to grow your industrial company online. If you’re looking for a great industrial marketing company that will help your business grow, look no further than WebFX.

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