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5 AI Photo Editors That Make Image Editing a Breeze in 2024

Every marketer needs stunning photos and images to catch the attention of their target audience. What’s a marketer or business owner to do when they’re short on resources and budget?

You can learn to use artificial intelligence (AI) photo editors to enhance your photos, retouch images, and remove objects in your image’s background.

This blog post can help you through these topics:

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What does an AI photo editor do?

AI photo editors can perform different tasks. Typically, they do the following tasks for you:

  • Sharpen blurry images
  • Increase the resolution of images
  • Crop your subject from the background
  • Automatically enhance your photos by adjusting light levels, contrast, and tone
  • Change the background of your image

What must you look for in an AI photo editor?

When choosing the best AI photo editor for your business, you must first identify your needs. What will you use the AI photo editor for? What is the skill level of your team members who will use the apps?

Once you’ve answered these questions, avail of the free trial or use the free version of the AI photo editor to check for the following:

  • AI editing features: If you need high-resolution images, ensure the AI photo editor can increase image resolution and improve blurry photos.
  • Excellent results: Can the AI photo editor produce quality images that you can use for your marketing campaigns?
  • Ease of use: Is the photo editor intuitive? Pick an AI photo editor that your team can use.

5 AI photo editors marketers can use in 2024

Do you need an AI to edit photos for your organic social media posts? Or are you looking for a free AI photo editor to enhance your images for your website and ads?

Check out the best AI photo editors we rounded up, with each tool standing out for a specific feature:

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Pixlr
  4. Let’s Enhance
  5. Fotor

The table below summarizes the best features and prices of each AI photo editor:

AI Photo EditorsBest ForPrice
CanvaRemoving backgrounds and elements in an imageStarts at $119.99 per year — free limited version available
Adobe PhotoshopDesigners who need a comprehensive photo editing toolStarts at $20.99 per month — 7-day free trial available
PixlrBeginners who need to remove photos’ backgroundsStarts at $0.75 per month — free limited plan available
Let’s EnhanceImproving photo quality for product photosStarts at $10 per month — free limited version available
FotorTurning photos into artStarts at $3.33 per month — free trial available

Now let’s dive into each AI photo editor:

1. Canva

canva ai photo editor

Blue circle with a dollar sign

Canva’s Pricing

Starts at $119.99 per year — free limited version available

Canva is an online suite of design and visual communication apps. It has over 250,000 design templates users can customize for their social media posts, presentations, and more.

Recently, Canva has beefed up its AI features to include a text-to-image generator. Canva has also introduced its AI Photo Editor, which has the following features:

  • BG Remover, which removes an image’s background
  • Magic Eraser, which deletes unwanted objects from images
  • Magic Edit, which uses generative AI to replace or add an image to your photo

Using Magic Edit, we highlighted a section of the image — a floor pump — and instructed Canva to change it into a Jack Russell Terrier image. While the final image doesn’t look perfect, you can use Canva’s built-in filters so that the AI-generated element will blend with the rest of the photo.

how canva magic edit works

2. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop ai photo editor

Blue circle with a dollar sign

Adobe Photoshop’s Pricing

Starts at $20.99 per month — 7-day free trial available

Many professional artists use Adobe Photoshop for its comprehensive set of features. Today, Adobe has equipped Photoshop with AI features such as Generative Fill, enabling users to create, remove, and replace images quickly using text prompts.

Adobe Firefly powers Generative Fill and other AI features of Photoshop. It also enables users to apply styles or textures to words and phrases. If you want to change the colors of your vector artwork, Adobe Firefly can generate color variations for you.

A family of generative AI models, Adobe Firefly is trained on:

  • Adobe Stock images
  • Openly licensed work
  • Public domain content with expired copyright

3. Pixlr

pixlr ai photo editor

Blue circle with a dollar sign

Pixlr’s Pricing

Starts at $0.75 per month — free limited plan available

Pixlr is a user-friendly AI-powered photo editor. To make it easy for users to edit their images, Pixlr has several AI-powered offerings that do specific tasks:

  • Pixlr X: Pixlr X is a template-based design tool with an AI image generator.
  • Pixlr E: Pixlr E is a photo editor that can perform different tasks like automatically removing a background or object, and selecting a photo’s subject.
  • Photosmash: Photosmash uses an AI to select your image’s subject automatically.
  • Remove BG: Remove BG is an AI tool that can remove backgrounds from images. You can choose a transparent, white, or black background for your edited image!

If you’re looking for a free AI photo editor, Pixlr comes close because it has a free limited plan available. Plus, its paid version is also the most affordable on our list.

pixlr photosmash ai photo editor

4. Let’s Enhance

lets enhance ai photo editor

Blue circle with a dollar sign

Let’s Enhance’s Pricing

Starts at $10 per month — free limited version available

Do you need to improve the quality and resolution of your photos? Let’s Enhance is an AI-powered photo editor that can:

  • Fix dark images and pixelation
  • Improve your photos’ details
  • Enhance image quality and resolution

If you need an AI application for editing your product images, consider using Let’s Enhance. The free version gives you 10 credits or image processing per month. The paid plans give you more credits, which you can roll over to the next month if you don’t use them.

lets enhance before and after image

5. Fotor

fotor ai photo editor

Blue circle with a dollar sign

Fotor’s Pricing

Starts at $3.33 per month — free trial available

Fotor is an AI photo editor that can:

  • Remove an image’s background
  • Erase unwanted elements in a photo
  • Enlarge and enhance photos
  • Turn photos into an art piece

Fotor’s Magic Remove feature erases elements in an image and works well on some photos. On other photos, you need to run the feature twice to achieve a cleaner look.

It is also equipped with an AI image generator and face generator.

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Looking for the best AI photo editor for your business?

AI photo editors can make image editing a breeze for marketers. If you want to entrust your photo editing to professionals and get the assistance of digital marketers, consider teaming up with WebFX.

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