The Charge.

Creating an online presence for an industrial plating company might be a challenge for anyone else. For us, it was the perfect chance to push Sharretts Plating to the front of the pack.

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Meet Sharretts Plating

As an industry-leading full-service plating company, Sharretts Plating has been providing industrial plating services to automotive, electronics, and hardware suppliers around the world since 1925.


  • Design
  • SEO
  • Content

The Design Process

The goals

With the redesign of the Sharretts Plating website, our primary goal was to create a modern, streamlined website that emphasized the company’s electroplating capabilities. The website needed to provide potential customers with detailed information on the metals that could be plated, but still retain a simple design.

We also wanted to draw more attention to the website’s free quote form, which is the company’s primary source of new leads.



Search Engine Optimization

Sharretts Plating utilizes SEO to stand out from other electroplating companies online. The company’s new website was structured from the ground up with search in mind. This allowed their large variety of products and services to be highly visible to potential customers interested in electroplating.

After upgrading from quarterly to monthly SEO, the company has seen an increase in search engine traffic, as well as new quote requests.

Content Marketing

In addition to SEO, the company utilizes a content marketing plan to attract visitors who are searching for information on plating. Long-form articles are written to explain the company’s plating services, when each form of plating should be utilized, and how the company performs its other processes like prototyping and blasting.

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