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How to Remove Reviews From Facebook [3 Ways]

You know every customer who comes to your store or visits you online won’t love your products or services. Some people take to the Internet to air their complaints about your business on platforms like Google or Facebook. But what do you do when you get a bunch of negative reviews?

On this page, we’ll show you how to remove reviews from Facebook. If you find you need help managing your reviews, WebFX has a team of over 500 experts ready to help you with review management. With over 28 years of experience, you can feel confident that we will help you get and manage more positive reviews.

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Can you delete reviews on Facebook?

When people leave spammy, fake, or negative feedback on your Facebook page, your immediate instinct is to remove the review. You’re scared that it’ll hurt future business and that you’ll lose customers as a result. Now you want to know how to delete reviews on Facebook.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to “delete” reviews from your page. Part of the integrity system of reviews is that companies can’t delete reviews just because they speak ill of the company. Reviews provide users with authentic experiences that help them make purchasing decisions.

In fact, 92% of users trust recommendations over a brand. While you can’t remove all negative Facebook reviews, there are steps you can take to remove bad reviews from Facebook that are spammy or unfair.

How to remove reviews from Facebook

If you find you have spammy, irrelevant, or unfair reviews, you can take steps to rectify these reviews.

Report a review to Facebook

Facebook enables you to report reviews if they meet specific qualifications. You can have a review removed if:

  • The review is not relevant to your business
  • The review is unfair
  • The review contains nudity or violence
  • The review is harassment
  • The review is spam
  • The review contains hate speech

When you suspect that you have a review that meets one of these qualifications, you can try to have Facebook remove it for you. Follow these steps to remove negative Facebook reviews:

  • Go into your business’s Facebook account
  • Go to the “Reviews” tab
  • Find the review you want to dispute
  • Click the exclamation box in the corner
  • Select the option that best describes your review
  • Input any additional information or explanation
  • Submit

It may take Facebook some time to remove the review, so don’t expect immediate action!

Turn off reviews

When you learn how to remove reviews from Facebook, you’ll find an option to turn off reviews completely. While this option isn’t recommended because reviews are so valuable to your business, it is an option you can choose. You may want to consider turning off reviews if your profile gets spammed with reviews that aren’t legitimate.

For example, you could turn off reviews until Facebook can remove the spammy ones. Follow these steps to turn off reviews:

  • Log into your business’s Facebook account
  • Click the “Settings” option
  • Click “Edit Page”
  • Scroll down to “Reviews”
  • Switch to “Off”

Rectify the situation

Since you don’t have a direct avenue to remove bad reviews from Facebook immediately, you may wonder if there are any other options that you could use to change a negative review. Well, good news, there is! One of the best ways to remove negative Facebook reviews is to get people to change them by rectifying the situation.

When people have a poor experience with your business, you can take steps to reach out to them and make it right. Responding to negative reviews is an excellent way to turn a negative review into a positive review. reviews for business When you get negative reviews, respond to them, and offer solutions to the problem.

Not only does it show you listen to your audience, but it also shows you’re willing to make things right to provide the best experience.

Should you always try to remove negative Facebook reviews?

You know how to delete reviews on Facebook, but is it necessary to try and remove negative Facebook reviews? If they’re spammy or completely unfair, then yes, you’ll want to remove them. But your standard negative review?

You might want to reconsider. While you should try to resolve problems from negative reviews, aiming to remove negative reviews entirely isn’t always the best move. People expect to see negative reviews on your profile.

In fact, 82% of shoppers specifically seek out negative reviews. Negative reviews lead people to spend five times as much time on a website and can increase conversion rates by 85%. People don’t trust businesses that only have positive reviews.

They’ll judge the credibility of your reviews if they’re all five-stars. Having negative reviews helps you have a more well-rounded profile. review pizza place People want to know what could go wrong and make their decision based on that information.

Not to mention, if they see you responding to negative reviews instead of trying to remove bad reviews from Facebook, they’ll feel confident that you own up to your mistakes and try to make it right for your customers. So, before you try to remove negative Facebook reviews that are authentic, consider how they could help your business gain new customers.

WebFX can help you manage reviews for your business

Now that you know how to remove reviews from Facebook, you can start looking at your reviews to see if you have spammy ones you need to remove. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with trying to find time to manage reviews, WebFX can help.

At WebFX, we know how to remove bad reviews from Facebook and help you attract more positive reviews to your profile. We have over 1,100 glowing client testimonials that attest to the excellent work we do for our clients. If you want to go beyond managing reviews, we’ve got your back. Ready to get started?

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