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Are you a small business trying to get noticed online? Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the best way to boost your rankings in search engines and increase your exposure, and brings in the best return on investment possible.

Small business SEO services from WebFX will boost your appearance in search, drive more traffic to your site, and can also help increase your conversions. Our affordable small business search engine marketing plans will give you the power to attract more customers and harness the true power of the Internet for your company.

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What's included in small business SEO?

WebFX Small Business SEO

Every small business has unique needs, and nobody knows those needs better than you.

Still, a lot of small businesses have a lot in common in terms of marketing goals. That's why we have a general set of SEO packages that you can use to help your small business grow.

If you don't want all of these services (or if you'd like to ask about others), you can always contact us directly!

WebFX's SEO packages all have services like:

  • Keyword research, analysis, and optimization
  • Server analysis and reporting
  • Quarterly content asset links or longform content creation
  • Google Analytics setup, tracking, dashboard creation, and reporting
  • Tweaks made to initial copywriting
  • A dedicated account representative
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Basic SEO Services

Because every business is different, WebFX has a number of advanced SEO features designed to boost your business far above your competitors.

These strategies aren't always needed for businesses like yours, but they give your website extra ranking power that your competitors probably won't have.

With that in mind, advanced SEO services can do wonders for a small business, especially in highly-competitive industries like ecommerce.

Our more advanced services include services like:

  • Additional link building activities
  • Additional quarterly copywriting or copy adjustments
  • Competitor analysis report
  • Duplicate content analysis report
  • Weekly updates on ranking for specific keywords
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Advanced SEO Services

Our small business SEO plans can be custom-tailored to match your unique needs. Simply contact us to explain your needs or goals, and we'll work with you to create a package that suits you and offers all the features you desire.

How does WebFX work with small businesses?

WebFX Working with Small Businesses

Our small business SEO services are designed to fit the unique needs of each of our clients. Some of the businesses we work with are looking for local exposure only, so we will develop a local SEO package that involves exposing their website to searchers only in their area. On the other hand, businesses that seek nationwide or even worldwide exposure will receive a SEO package designed to meet this need.

We start each of our SEO plans by asking the companies we work with questions about their small business. We ask about their goals, needs, the performance of their website, and the keywords they feel are most relevant to their business, products, or services.

From there, we'll do some research to determine what the best approach will be to improve your website's visibility in search for the keywords that make the most sense for your company. Then we'll present our recommendations for implementation.

Depending on your needs, we may suggest writing new copy for your site that is optimized for the keywords most important to you, or building links to your website from high authority sites through the use of content like infographics or blog posts. Or, if your SEO is already rather good, we may create a monthly package for you that includes quarterly content creation and monitoring of your rankings.

Above all else, WebFX recognizes that small businesses are unique. Every business needs something different for their SEO. That's why our small business search engine marketing plans are customized to fit your unique needs, and made to fit your goals — not the other way around.

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Why should you partner with WebFX?

WebFX: Small Business SEO Partner

WebFX is the ideal choice for small business SEO because we work with our clients to understand their goals and needs before changing a single keyword. We aim to develop a long-term strategy that integrates with your marketing goals, one that will advance the overall success of your site, not just boost your traffic.

Also, WebFX is dedicated to you. Each of our small business SEO plans comes with a dedicated account representative. This account representative will be available to answer questions, provide assistance, and meet with you whenever you need them. You'll be able to call them or send them an email, and get a prompt response from a human being whose name and face you know.

Finally, WebFX is a full-service Internet marketing firm offering services that go far beyond SEO. If you find yourself in need of compelling website design, online marketing services, or additional content creation, why go anywhere else? We can build a custom small business marketing plan that incorporates any future needs with your existing SEO services for much less than you'd pay anywhere else.

WebFX: Your small business SEO partner

Want to learn more about how our small business SEO services can help you rank better online, and drive more traffic to your website? Contact an expert today to learn more about how WebFX can improve your SEO and create a custom search engine optimization package that's right for your business.

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