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Use the URL of your photostream to find the Flickr ID number (also works for groups).


Flickr is a truly fantastic resource. Whether you're in the business of web design and need to find images for a new page, or you're simply trying to share your photography with the world, Flickr has something for everyone.

One of the most common uses of Flickr is sourcing images under a Creative Commons license - if you're getting started on a new site or project, you're going to need some pictures. Unfortunately, many people go the stock photo route and end up overpaying for bland pictures, or simply using the same few “good” stock photos that so many other websites have taken advantage of.

One very easy way of setting your site apart from the rest is to take fifteen minutes and track down some high quality original pictures and photographs to use on your site in place of boring stock images. Flickr streamlines that process. You can quickly and easily find exactly the sort of photo you're looking for, and Flickr even tells you whether or not source attribution is required (and in what format if so).

Putting in this little bit of extra effort when you're structuring a new website can pay off handsomely down the road. Image optimization may not be at the top of the list insofar as what will boost your site's search engine visibility, but it's still a necessary part of your SEO efforts if you really want to compete with the best of them.

So, next time you're on the hunt for some new images to use - be it for advertising, a site redesign, a brand new project, or just for fun - give Flickr a try before defaulting to that boring stock image site.

At WebFX, we aim to make the entire Flickr process easier by providing this simple account ID lookup tool. There are a whole host of reasons you might need to check your account ID, and it's surprisingly difficult to find at times. We tie into Flickr's API and do all of the work for you, always for free. Thanks for using our tool - we hope you enjoy it!

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