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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when marketing online. However, it can be hard to turn all of that data into actionable steps that improve your bottom line. WebFX can help you identify and act on the data that really matters to you and your business. Pricing for our analytics consulting starts at $250/month and is 100% transparent - you always know exactly where your money goes. Scroll down for more details or fill out the form for an exact quote!

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Google Analytics Consulting

Whether you're a small business owner or you run a large enterprise-level company, Google Analytics data can provide insight into your online marketing initiatives. In order to effectively gain extensive industry knowledge on how to best interpret your website data, you need a Google Analytics consulting firm to help you make the most informed decisions. WebFX can:

  • Dig into often-overlooked, insightful Google Analytics reports and provide actionable recommendations to better take advantage of your current traffic and improve visitor behaviors
  • Filter through large segments of data to provide business critical insights beyond statistics
  • Offer top-notch Google Analytics support, guaranteeing additional value and data insight

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What is Google Analytics Consulting?

WebFX has multiple Google Analytics certified employees Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking all elements of your website. Whether you're a small business owner looking to gain insight on how users interact with your website or the marketing director of a global corporation looking to make strategic decisions about the positioning of your next online campaign, Google Analytics can provide the comprehensive data necessary to make well-informed decisions.

But like any tool, what you get from Google Analytics is only as good as the person using it. It takes extensive industry knowledge and experience to understand all the layers of data that are presented to you, how to extract the most out of the program, and how to apply what's been derived to your business.

And that's where we come in with Google Analytics consulting. WebFX is a Google Analytics qualified company that helps you peel back those layers of data. We provide business-critical insights beyond just the surface-level statistics, and our Google Analytics consultants can help you apply what you’ve learned to your website or ecommerce store.

If you're looking for a Google Analytics price, check out our helpful chart below.

Google Analytics Consulting Pricing Packages

Features Basic Ecommerce Enterprise
Google Analytics tracking setup

We'll assist you in integrating the proper Google Analytics tracking codes throughout your website.

Setup of goals & events

Based on your business goals and the type of information we'll be tracking, we'll come with and integrate the proper goals and events within Google Analytics.

Ecommerce setup

Based on your business goals and the type of information we'll be tracking, we'll come with and integrate the proper goals and events within Google Analytics.

Social reporting integration

We'll perform the proper integration techniques to ensure your social media traffic is being captured and reported correctly.

Audience segmentation

Separating out your different types of traffic and users is a critical step in understanding where to make the most significant improvements to your website.

Setup of custom monthly e-mail reports

Custom and timely reporting is always provided to you with detailed explanatations of what the data is saying.

Google Analytics troubleshooting

We'll help iron out any misconfigurations or reporting anomalies found within your instance of Google Analytics.

Site speed reporting

A key performance element for your site is the load time of your pages. We'll help assess that and make the necessary recommendations for improvement.

Notification & alert setup

We'll handle all the proper setup and configurations for notifications and alerts on your site.

Data analysis

Google Analytics will provide you with a lot of data about your site. We'll spend the necessary amount of time analyzing that data in order to make the best recommendations.

Channel attribution reporting

What traffic sources eventually lead to a conversion on your site? We'll help you determine that so you know which traffic sources to invest more in.

Yes - when available Yes - when available Yes - when available
KPI discovery

We'll determine the key performance indicators for your website and setup profiles and advanced segments within Google Analytics to focus in on those areas.

Custom dashboard - based on KPIs

We'll create custom dashboards within Google Analytics to bring all the important reporting sources into one area.

1-hour executive summary reporting teleconference

We'll present an in-depth walkthrough of your data where you and your team can attend to ask questions.

Funnel setup

We'll configure your conversion/transaction funnel within Google Analytics so you can easily see how users progress through those critical areas.

Funnel analysis

Once your funnel has been established, we'll analyze the traffic as it goes through your funnel and make the necessary recommendations for improvement.

Flash tracking

Google Analytics doesn't automatically track areas of your site that are developed in Flash. We'll provide the custom code solution in order for those areas to be properly tracked and integrated with the rest of your reporting data.

Visitor loyalty reporting

We'll break down your visitor data and provide key insights about your returning users.

Visitor segment bounce rate reporting

We'll take a look at your various visitor types and analyze why they might be leaving your site before you intend.

Geo-profiling insights

It's important to have a clear understanding of not only what your users do while on your website, but also where they're coming from. Knowing the locations of your users can help determine your next successful marketing campaign or product launch.

Site optimization intelligence reports

Once we've determined the areas for improvement based on the data, we'll provide you with a list of items to execute in order to help you optimize your site.

Landing page tracking & reporting

We'll give special attention to those critical landing pages used to drive conversion from paid traffic and/or other goal sources.

Campaign optimization intelligence report

We'll provide comprehensive reports which pinpoint areas for improvement related to your existing online campaigns.

Website conversion rate recommendations

It's important that your website is doing its job and converting users into customers at the highest rate possible. We'll provide you with a list of recommendations in order for you to know your website is performing at its highest level.

Custom link tag script integration
Cross domain tracking

By default, Google Analytics won't be able to track related data between two different domains. We'll provide the correct custom code in order to properly track and record a user as he moves between your different domains.

Custom Google Analytics tracking variables

Sometimes it takes a completely custom set of tracking variables in order to tell Google Analytics exactly how you want areas of your site tracked and to ensure that data is properly integrated throughout your reports. We're experts at that and we can provide the necessary tracking variables to solve virtually any situation.

Integration with Google Website Optimizer

Another great tool from Google that helps you do intensive testing on any given area of your website is called Website Optimizer. We can help you get integrated with Website Optimizer in preparation for any type of A/B testing or multi-variant testing you are planning to do.

Website call tracking

We'll setup Google Analytics to properly report on any call tracking you may currently be doing.

Custom Custom Custom
200+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Initial Services: $1,100 $2,500 $3,600
Monthly Audit & Reporting Services (Optional): $250/mo. $400/mo. $500/mo.

When Google Analytics begins to track your website's data, a lot of questions can start to form. For example, “how do the numbers I'm viewing relate to other events on my website's timeline?” Or, “why is my traffic high, yet I have a low conversion rate?” Or even “how do users progress through my website, and at what points do they leave?”

These are just a few of the many questions that you may ask yourself when you begin to look at your Google Analytics reports. And in order to discern the correct answers, you need an experienced consultant to help you make sense of the data. An experienced, professional analytics consultant will review your data from all possible angles and to provide you with top-notch Google Analytics support.

The WebFX Google Analytics consulting team is comprised of multiple professionals who have passed and maintain the Google Analytics Qualified Individual certification program provided by Google. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to review your website analytics, make sense of the data, and provide you with actionable steps that you can take to increase traffic, raise your conversion rate, and lower abandon (or "bounce") rates.

Our Google Analytics consulting pricing structure is broken up into three tiers: Basic, Ecommerce, and Enterprise.

different plans and who they serve

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Google Analytics Consulting?

Google Analytics consulting pricing is based on a variety of factors. For your convenience, WebFX has broken down Google Analytics consulting pricing into three tiers. We offer basic, ecommerce, and enterprise-level tiers. There is an initial fee to set up your Google Analytics account, establish goals and events, and perform other necessary tasks. After setup, our monthly audit and reporting services start as low as $250/month.

For a comprehensive list of what's included with each of these tiered packages, along with their initial setup and monthly pricing, please see the chart above. Depending on your needs, we'll adapt to the level of Google Analytics consulting that you need in order to provide you with the most relevant and actionable data for your business.

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What's Included in a Google Analytics Consulting Package?

What isn't listed in our Google Analytics consulting pricing details above are the qualifications of our team. You also won’t see the performance history of our analysis, reporting quality and recommendations, or the proprietary processes we've developed after years of providing Google Analytics Consulting and Google Analytics Support services. These are all factors involved in our competitive Google Analytics Consulting pricing.

Our Google Analytics services are maintained and reviewed by experienced professionals who understand the value of every metric and dimension they read. They're Google consulting knowledge is constantly up-to-date and relevant as well, ensuring they can change strategies if needed.

Continue reading to learn more about how our Google Analytics Consulting works, and how our process sets us apart from other consulting firms.

Our Process

Our team of Google Analytics consulting experts will sit down with you to learn about your unique business goals and begin the analysis process right away. Once we obtain a full picture of what your website data is saying and align it with your business goals, we'll work with you to form the proper strategy and make the necessary recommendations to get your online business moving in the right direction.

Our time-tested processes have been refined through extensive amounts of industry research and applying what we know to over 500 clients. We can quickly adapt our services and our approach as Google Analytics changes or as your business goals change.

The WebFX Difference

Some Google Analytics companies provide you with nothing more than a lengthy report with pages upon pages of facts, figures, and charts. They expect that you'll understand the data well enough to make critical decisions about your online business. At WebFX, we believe that our clients' success comes not only from our experienced analysis and data interpretation, but also from the level of customized reporting and one-on-one consultation that we provide.

client success comes from analysis, data interpretation and one-on-one consultation

As part of our Google Analytics consulting approach, we help clients through all aspects of their Google Analytics integration. This includes the initial setup and configuration, and any custom development and configuration that might be necessary. And once we've provided you with a list of recommendations and ways to optimize your site, we're be happy to work with you further to help you integrate those changes.

Custom Google Analytics Development

We have the knowledge and experience to provide Google Analytics development that solves even the most challenging data extraction and reporting scenarios. WebFX has worked with many clients to develop custom-coded solutions that integrate seamlessly into your Google Analytics application.

Correctly interpreting the data is only half the battle. Knowing how to properly apply the data derived from Google Analytics, and where to take action on your website, is critical. Our skilled team of Google Analytics Consultants provides full Google Analytics support, from setup and configuration on your website to advanced segmentation, funnel analysis, and optimization intelligence reporting.

Google Analytics Services We Provide

Our experienced Google Analytics team is happy to provide valuable consulting on your website data, and offers the following services:

  • Google Analytics tracking setup on new websites
  • Setup of customized goals and events
  • Integration with social media, ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Segmentation of audiences
  • Setup of custom monthly reports delivered via email
  • Setup of custom notifications and alerts

These options are provided in our Basic plan. By choosing our Ecommerce or Enterprise-level Google Analytics Consulting package, you also receive the following services:

  • Setup and analysis of conversion or transaction funnels
  • Visitor loyalty reporting
  • Visitor bounce rate reporting
  • Insights on user location, or geo-profiling
  • Site optimization intelligence reports

We also offer more advanced Google Analytics services for our Enterprise-level customers, including custom website call tracking, which can help keep track of which phone number is resulting in the most conversions. We can also integrate custom analytics tracking variables, make recommendations on conversion rate optimization, and even integrate cross-domain tracking.

From the initial setup of Google Analytics to the implementation of custom reports and tracking, WebFX is there to help you make sense of your analytics data. We can provide you with the insight you need to take action on your website, and increase traffic, conversions, and sales.

Getting a Google Analytics Consultation from WebFX

To get a consultation from WebFX, a leading Google Analytics company, simply call us or fill out the contact form below. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible to learn about your business goals so we can implement an insightful and successful Google Analytics tracking program. We’re ready to help you make sense of your data!

WebFX has over 100 years combined experience in the Internet marketing industry. Call 717-609-1553 or contact us online to start establishing your strong online presence today or for customized Google Analytics consulting pricing.