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Silhouetted figures in a business meeting with one person presenting to a group seated around a table.

26 inspiring presentations on growing your business online

Slideshow presentations have been around ever since the guy in front of the audience held up the audience response cards with the words “Clap, Laugh, or Boo” on them. Even then, they were used to send information to a crowd in hopes that they would respond. Slideshows still have the same effect on an audience, but they came a long way with the inventions of platforms such as PowerPoint and Prezi and are becoming a wonderful source of information.

We have compiled a list of the best presentations on growing a business online.

Topics range from design/development to leadership to productivity. We focused on topics that are crucial to run a successful business on the web. Reading through these presentations will not only help you become a better presenter, but will give you actionable tips to do better business online.

Design / Development

Software businesses in 5 hours a week |  Patrick McKenzie

Gamification: Designing for engagement | Gabe Zichermann

Design for performance | Jonathan Boutelle

Design for developers | Johan Ronsse

Simple steps to great web design | Matthew Smith

Responsive design: Clever tips and tricks | Vitaly Friedman


Word of mouth | Zach Holman

Don’t buy your marketing.

Earn it. | Rand Fishkin

How to build a better inbound marketing machine | Marketo

Marketing analytics 101  | Mike Volpe

Enterprise SEO and content strategy | Jonathon Colman

Making Google Analytics work for you | Mike Pantoliano

Biz Dev

6 stories every salesman should be able to tell | Aswin Natarajan

How we unexpectedly got 60,000 users in 60 hours | Patrick Ambron

Startup metrics for product development | Dave McClure

Delivering happiness | Tony Hsieh

Growth hacking 101: Your first 500,000 users | Jon Cockle The hidden empire | faberNovel


Keeping people | Zach Holman

Building great presentations | Mattan Griffel

Netflix culture: Freedom and responsiblity | Reed Hastings

How CEOs can be great marketers | Rand Fishkin

Create a lovable company | HubSpot Marketing


26 time management hacks I wish I knew at 20 | Etienne Garbugli

Getting things done | Nirav Mehta

Inbox zero | Merlin Mann

Have a presentation to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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