Businessman with boxing gloves is ready for corporate battle.

Approaching ‘Competition’

I’ve noticed that you can think about competition one of two ways.

One group of people focuses their energy on besting the other competitors. The other obsessively improves their own behavior.

Here’s an example of each type:

Beat Everyone Else

Know what they’re doing at all times, then do one better.

When your competition does a promotion, you do one that’s 5% better. When they run attack ads, run attack ads right back.

Monitor their every move to beat them at their own game. If you’re better than all of your competitors then, by default, you’re the best.

Here’s an example:

Verizon isn’t communicating the intrinsic value of their service, just saying that it’s better than AT&T’s.

Beat Yourself

Improve until you can’t anymore.

You know how to do better. Focus your time on making that happen.

Block out external influences. Once you can perform at your best, ‘winning’ (as in beating an opponent) follows.

Getting “better permanently” means perfecting yourself. He doesn’t mention the competition once.

It’s all about performing at the top of his game.

Which are you?

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