How the WebFX Team Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day

How the WebFX Team Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day

“1We do not have to feel responsible for the weight of the world and instead can focus our sights right where we reside, right here at home.”  -Sandi Emery, WebFX

Protecting the environment may seem like a monumental task, and thinking of it as a large-scale concept can be overwhelming.

We asked our team to share their tips for protecting and preserving the environment, and they did not hold back.

How can you live an eco-friendly lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed?

Eva Nicolle, a member of the Social and Media Advertising team at WebFX, believes that living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t require sweeping life changes.

“No action is too small! Start by educating your family and community,” Nicolle said.

Thinking green every day is a common trait shared by many FXers, including Michaela Burns, a member of the WebFX Internet Marketing team.

“Focus on one area that you are passionate about, adapt your habits, then educate others,” Burns explained.  “A collective group trying to make a difference goes a lot further than one individual trying to go through a broad lifestyle change in many areas all at once.”

Sometimes, a change in mindset is all you need to start making environmentally-conscious decisions. Sandi Emery, a member of the MarketingCloudFX Solutions team, suggests looking at your surrounding environment for ways you can make a change.

“Instead of feeling like your impact is so small, focus on the fact that you can make a significant local impact and so can every single person on our planet. You are not 1 in 7 billion, but you are 1 of 7 billion who can work together to make change,” she said.

How can you start making an impact on the environment?

With so many ways to live a green lifestyle, it may be hard to identify a starting point. Meg Phillips, a member of the WebFX Earned Media team, suggests working on a routine.

“Start with one small habit, then build on it,” Phillips shared. “This can be something as small as making a switch to a metal or paper straw or using reusable bags.”

Do your shopping habits have an impact on the environment?

Even being conscious of consumer habits can make a difference, according to Shane Jones, leader of the Earned Media department at WebFX.

“In general, we buy too many products we don’t need and often spend on fast and cheap, versus investing in higher-cost products that focus on cleaning up supply chains, recycle, or have lower emissions,” Jones explained.

While updating purchasing habits can be effective, Maddie Woodrow, a member of the Internet Marketing team, emphasizes the importance of knowing what makes the most sense for you.

“If you can’t even fathom giving up your favorite shampoo, don’t! But if you could do without a specific dishwasher detergent, swap that out for an eco-friendly option,” Woodrow explained.

Burns, who has her own antique booth, suggests shopping second-hand.

“I try to shop second-hand and antique to reduce the amount I’m contributing to fast fashion and lower-quality pieces,” she explained.

Shopping for food can also be an eco-friendly — and tasty — experience, according to Burns.

“Local produce not only tastes better, in my opinion, but also hasn’t had to travel around the country or globe…then be wrapped in extra plastic to protect it,” she said.

Woodrow emphasized the importance of aiming for a waste-free shopping experience.

“I try to limit my plastic usage by shopping at a local waste-free store that allows you to fill containers with bulk items,” she explained.

How can we travel in an environmentally-friendly way?

Your commute to work can be eco-conscious, especially if you live within walking distance of your office — or work from home. Jones shared his love of riding a bike to work, and as many other places as possible.

“Life is more fun on a bike,” he said.

Even if you can’t bike to work every day, Phillips shared that there are other ways to travel without adding to your carbon footprint.

“I’ve almost always walked, biked, or taken public transportation to work,” Phillips said. “Not only is it better for the environment, it is also a great way to ease into the day.”

How can you get involved in environmental causes?

While taking small actions each day can help you protect the environment, Nicolle explained the importance of volunteering with different organizations to leave a positive impact.

“I’m proud to work at a company that cares for the environment by partnering with institutions in our community that help protect our forests while empowering women in rural communities,” Nicolle said. “In addition, I’ve collaborated with different organizations as a volunteer, and we’ve cleaned lakes, planted trees, and installed eco-stoves in rural areas.”

Emery shared examples of volunteer opportunities and small actions she’s taken advantage of to improve her local community.

“This includes trash cleanup efforts, local planting efforts, and maintaining a rich ecosystem in my backyard,” she shared. “Planting native perennial plants, focusing on creating nutrient-dense soils, as well as spending more time outside are fun and productive ways to connect with your land.”

So, whether you shop locally, change up your commute, volunteer, or start to build eco-friendly habits, you can leave a lasting impact on the environment.

Burns said, “It’s important for people to feel passionate about what they are adopting, and having multiple initiatives allows everyone to find what works best for them.”

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