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Screenshot of the Logopond website displaying a gallery of logo designs with navigation options and advertisements on the page.

Logo Design Inspiration: Top 10 Galleries to Check Out

1. Logopond (Gallery)

Logopond (Gallery)

 With loads of logos to look at (over 4,700 to date), the ability to search keyword tags (like “circle” if you’re looking for circular logos) a community forums, and the ability to see top logo designs based on user votes — Logopond is one of my favorite sites to go to for logo design inspiration.

2. Logo Of The Day

Logo Of The Day

Launched in 2008 as a project by highly-regarded and accomplished graphic design blogger, Jacob Cass, this site features one exceptional logo design per day. If you’d like to see the cream-of-the-crop of this logo design gallery, head over to the Logo of the Month page where you’ll find the top pick (as chosen by Cass) for every month since the site’s inception.

3. Creattica (Logos)

Creattica (Logos)

Although not strictly a logo design gallery, Creattica still boasts an extensive collection of over 3,000 top-notch logo designs in their Logo category. The thumbnails of featured logos are larger than other logo design sites, making it often unnecessary to click through them to see a larger version, and thus saving you some time.

4. LogoMoose


This logo design gallery showcases excellent logos daily, presented in large thumbnails and arranged in a blog-style, vertical format (which is great if that’s your layout preference when you’re browsing for visual inspiration). LogoMoose also has a logo of the month archive dating back to 2008 so that you can see the site’s best-of-the-best logos, as well as a forum for discussing logo-design-related topics.

5. Dribbble (Logo tag)

Dribbble (Logo tag)

Dribbble — an invite-only web community where some of the best designers in the world share screenshots of what they’re working on — has good collection of logos that can be viewed through the site’s Logo tag. And if you need color inspiration, the uploaded screenshots each have an auto-generated color palette on the right-hand side when you click through its thumbnail.

6. Typebased


Typebased is a unique logo design gallery because it only exhibits typographic logos. Go to this site if you’d like to see how designers push the boundaries of their creativity by using type as the only constituent of their designs.

7. Logospire


With a fine web page layout and a relatively uncluttered user interface, Logospire is a wonderful logo design gallery to visit if you don’t want much visual distraction while you’re in search of inspiration. One thing about this website, though, is that it only has a limited amount of featured logo designs (only about 170’ish of them) — this may not be a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

8. Logoed


Logoed is a single-page site where graphic designers can go to look at beautiful logos. The thumbnails of logos are arranged in a vertical/stacked layout and, as you scroll down, more logos are automatically loaded. If you’d like the site’s top logos delivered straight to your inbox, you may want to subscribe to their newsletter.

9. Logos & Logotypes on deviantART

deviantART (Logos & Logotypes)

deviantART, the largest Web community for designers (they have over 180 million pieces of art), is a wonderful website to go to if you’d like to see a ton of logo designs uploaded by some of the site’s 14.5 million users. One criticism though is that you’ll often encounter amateurish logo designs, as well as artworks that really aren’t logos.

10. ” Design the Logo” Group on Flickr

Flickr: Design the Logo

Though Flickr is more known as a photo-sharing community site, did you know that the site has a group pool named “Design the Logo” comprising of approximately 21,900 logo designs you can look at? Group members often post rough drafts and sketches of logo design concepts, so it’s also an interesting place to witness the progression of a logo design.

Bonus: Other Logo Design Galleries to Check Out

Here are other logo design galleries I encountered while combing through the Interwebs in search of logo design galleries.

Share Your Favorite Logo Design Inspiration Gallery!

This roundup of logo design galleries barely scratches the surface of what’s out there — there are many, many other logo design galleries on the Web.

Do you have a favorite logo design gallery you go to that wasn’t mentioned here? Share it with us in the comments and tell us why you like going to it. (Thank you in advance!)

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