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Picjumbo Gives Out Totally Free Stock Photos to Use in Your Designs

01 picjumbo home You can use the stock photos on Picjumbo in your commercial and personal works. Attribution is not required (but appreciated). The photos on Picjumbo are very high-quality and usable.

And the photos are big, with most of them being 3,888px wide. Photos at Picjumbo include… This person using his cell phone while driving (y u do dis?): 02 free stock photo callingcar This Macbook Pro sitting all by itself in a restaurant: 03 free stock photo macbookpro These flowers: 04 free stock photo flowers This collection of stuff that includes keys to a car I can only dream of driving some day: 05 free stock photo stuff According to the Picjumbo’s FAQ page, example use-cases include:

  • HTML/CSS templates you’re selling
  • Placeholders in your designs
  • Articles (which I gratuitously took advantage of in this post)
  • T-shirts

The one thing you’re not allowed to do is resell the stock photos. We’ve covered sites other websites that provide free stock photos before, and our readers have suggested other sites via comments. Picjumbo is a great addition to your list of options and your bookmarks.

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