Drive Revenue With a Top Performance Marketing Agency

If you want to maximize results for your business, you must partner with a performance marketing agency that knows how to use your results to power your marketing. WebFX is a top-rated performance marketing company that uses data to help you see more revenue from your marketing.

Drive Revenue With Our Performance Marketing Firm

Want to see what you can expect from a revenue-focused performance marketing firm? Preview what we offer below!

Your Deliverables

  • Customized plan with marketing strategies
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Data reporting
  • Access to a team of over 500 experts

Our Process

  • Create a custom campaign complete with strategies you need
  • Setup and optimization of marketing strategies
  • Continuous reporting of marketing performance
  • Reoptimization of campaigns for improved results

Our Clients’ Results

  • $3 billion generated in revenue for clients
  • 7.8 million leads generated for clients
  • 5.2 million phone calls generated for clients
  • 12.9 million transactions managed for clients
  • 1,020 client reviews, including an overall 4.9 rating on Clutch
  • 91% client retention rate — almost 50% higher than nationwide average

The Performance Marketing Agency that Grows SMBs

If your small-to-midsized business (SMB) wants to thrive in the 21st century, you need to invest in marketing strategies that move your business forward. With the help of a performance marketing company like WebFX, your company will experience growth that leads to more customers, sales, and revenue.

Keep reading to find out why you should partner with a performance marketing agency and learn why WebFX is the best fit for your needs!

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Why partner with a performance marketing agency

Not sure if a digital performance marketing agency is right for you?

Here are three big reasons you’ll want to partner with one:

1. A performance marketing agency collects data

If you want to make smarter marketing decisions, you need to collect data. Data will tell you everything you need to know, from who’s engaging with your website to what strategies leads people to convert.

Trying to collect all that data on your own is an exhausting and daunting process. You must find the right tools to help you sift through the data and discover the insights on your own.

Google Analytics data from their tool

That’s why hiring a performance marketing firm is in your best interest.

A digital performance marketing agency will collect all that data for you, analyze it, and figure out how to help you take steps towards success.

2. A performance marketing agency handles the marketing for you

Managing your marketing is no small task. You must run different campaigns through multiple strategies, monitor their performance, and make changes. When you have dozens of other items to check off your list, the last thing you want to do is add more items you need to complete.

Hiring a performance marketing agency alleviates these problems. With the help of an agency, you can focus on more important business tasks while they handle, monitor, and improve your marketing performance.

3. A performance marketing agency makes data-backed improvements

Data is the key to unlocking more customers and revenue for your business. It will go to waste if you aren’t sure how to use your data to power your marketing.

With a performance marketing agency, you have a team of professionals that know how to analyze data, interpret it, and make data-backed decisions. As a result, you receive campaigns optimized by data, not hunches, to maximize online performance.

Hear From Our Clients

“Strong service that delivers results. I would highly recommend.”

Animal Clinic

“WebFX has exceeded our expectations. They do a great job explaining what they are working on for our projects. They help us understand in a simple, easy understand way, which is so helpful. We see excellent results so far!”

Beauty Ecommerce

“WebFX has taken our PPC and SEO strategy to the next level. They always provide thoughtful ideas to further our brand awareness.”

Cabinet Company

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What WebFX offers as a performance marketing firm: MarketingCloudFX

As you look at different performance marketing agencies, you may wonder what makes WebFX stand out from the crowd. As your performance marketing company, we’ll provide you with the key to improving your revenue: MarketingCloudFX.

MarketingCloudFX is our proprietary marketing software that helps you make data-backed decisions for your business. It comes with dozens of features that benefit your performance marketing, including:

  • Customer360FX: Customer360FX is a customer data platform that lets you see your audience’s performance metrics. It’s a great feature for helping you gain insight into your customers and make actionable decisions to market better to them.
  • LeadManagerFX: Want to understand your leads better to make data-backed decisions? LeadManagerFX enables you to see people’s journey from prospect to customer.
  • CallTrackerFX: Want to gather data about why people call your business? With CallTrackerFX, you can see what strategies drive phone calls, why people call, and more!
  • EmailMarketingFX: Email marketing is one of the strongest strategies for turning prospects into customers. With this feature, you can create, send, and monitor emails in one place.
  • AnalyticsFX: Tracking your search engine performance data is critical for improvement. With AnalyticsFX, you can track and monitor everything from search visibility to keyword ranking.

If you choose WebFX as your performance marketing firm, you won’t just have access to our marketing software. You’ll also receive:

  • Onboarding and performance implementation
  • A dedicated account manager to contact with any questions or concerns
  • A team of over 500 experts backing your campaign
  • And more

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“We measure our success by how much we WOW our clients.”

Bill Craig

WebFX President

Why choose WebFX as your performance marketing company

Finding the right performance marketing company doesn’t have to be a challenge. If you’re looking for a performance marketing firm to help you use data to power your marketing decisions, look no further than WebFX.

Here’s why we’re a good fit for your business:

We’re a full-service performance marketing company

When choosing a performance marketing firm, you want to partner with one that can help you with your marketing needs. That way, if problems arise or you need to expand your marketing, you don’t have to search for another company for the solution.

WebFX is a full-service performance marketing agency that offers everything you need to market your business online, including:

We offer everything you need to market your business online.

We make data-backed decisions

The last thing you want from your performance marketing agency is to make changes based on hunches. At WebFX, we don’t do hunches –– we focus on data.

Our team of experts will analyze your performance data to determine what’s working and not, and where we can improve. We’ll help you gain insight into your data, so you can make actionable decisions to maximize your revenue from your marketing.

We offer in-house software for performance marketing

When you partner with a performance marketing company, you want to choose one that has their own in-house software for tracking and managing marketing data. That way, if there are problems with the software or you’re confused about how to use it, you can rely on the company to help you.

At WebFX, we offer our in-house software, MarketingCloudFX, for clients looking to improve their marketing performance. Our team of experts knows how to maximize MarketingCloudFX to help your business drive the best results using our tool.

Additionally, if you ever run into problems or something isn’t working, our team will work quickly to resolve the issue and get you back on track.

We have a proven track record of results

Many performance marketing companies say they can drive results, but can they prove it? At WebFX, we have a rich history of helping clients grow and drive their desired revenue.

In the past five years alone, we’ve done the following:

  • Driven over $3 billion in revenue
  • Managed over 12.9 million transactions
  • Obtained over 7.8 million leads
  • Handled over 5.2 million phone calls

Our team of experts knows how to help SMBs like yours drive results through performance marketing.

Here’s just a glimpse into some real results we’ve driven for clients through data-backed marketing strategies:

  • HydroWorx experienced a 131% increase in organic contact form submissions and a 236% increase in organic sessions after investing in our data-backed marketing strategies.
  • PaulB Parts experienced a 150% increase in return on investment (ROI) year over year (YOY) and a 75% increase in conversion rate YOY after investing in our data-backed marketing services.
  • All Pro Trailer Superstore saw a 113% increase in year-to-date (YTD) SEO conversions and a 948% increase in website visits from emails after investing in our data-backed marketing strategies.

If you’re ready to ramp up your revenue, our performance marketing agency is ready to help you drive the results you desire.

Learn More About Performance Marketing Agencies

Have more questions about performance marketing agencies? Find the answers here!

How do I find the right performance marketing firm?

There are dozens of performance marketing agencies you can choose from for your business. So, how do you find the right one?

Here are some quick tips to help you find the right performance marketing company:

  • See if they offer transparent reporting
  • Look at their years of experience
  • See if they have a history of driving results
  • See if they offer marketing software for managing data

By looking for these attributes, you can narrow your list and focus on companies that offer everything you need.

Is a performance marketing company right for me?

If you’re debating whether to hire a performance marketing agency, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have someone to handle my marketing?
  • Do I have the time to monitor my marketing strategies?
  • Do I know which metrics to track for my marketing performance?
  • Do I know how to implement changes to my strategies to improve their performance?

If you answered “no,” to any of these questions, you’ll want to consider hiring a digital performance marketing agency.

Partner with a performance marketing firm that will grow your business

To grow your business, you need to partner with a performance marketing agency. A performance marketing agency will help you use data to maximize your marketing campaigns and drive revenue. If you’re looking for the right performance marketing firm, look no further than WebFX.

With over 25 years of experience in digital marketing, we know how to craft campaigns that help you grow online.

If you’re ready to ramp up your marketing, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our performance marketing services!

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