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3 Ways PPC Advertising Affects Your SEO

Pay per click, or PPC, advertising is one of the most popular methods of digital advertising. If launched strategically, a PPC campaign can yield more website traffic and targeted leads than owned media in a short amount of time.

But how does PPC advertising affect search engine optimization, or SEO, initiatives? We’ll dive into the question to uncover the special relationship between SEO and PPC—and how this relationship affects your site’s position in search engine rankings.

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How PPC and SEO are related

As a business owner, you want to ensure every aspect of a digital marketing campaign is working together for the benefit of your business. Before investing time and money in paid advertising, you probably want to know if it will improve (or harm) your site’s ranking.

Will searchers find your company when looking, or will they land elsewhere? Should you concentrate on PPC, SEO, or both? Keep reading for answers to these questions and more.

Does PPC affect SEO?

In a word—yes. But the questions is a bit more complicated than a yes or no question can answer. The truth is that two must work together to truly elevate your brand’s visibility online.

1. Keywords drive PPC campaigns

With Google, the most popular option for PPC, campaigns are driven by keywords. When potential customers are searching for a term, PPC ads appear at the very top of search engine results pages if your company bids on that specific keyword.

Reviewing the link between what customers are actually searching for and whether your website’s ranking position for that keyword can inform both on-page and off-page SEO decisions.

2. PPC affects mobile searches

Now that mobile accessibility is an increasingly important ranking factor, marketers are seeing an interesting relationship between searches originating from mobile devices and PPC clicks. Because mobile devices are generally smaller, only the first few results are visible without scrolling farther down the page.

When compared to viewing search engine results on a larger screen, the perceived number of options is much smaller and searchers are more likely to click on a paid link.


3. Ad landing pages affect SEO

Once a searcher finds your ad and clicks on it, they’re taken to a landing page to get more information and, hopefully, complete the desired action. If the landing page is indexed by search engines, it may also rank highly in the search engine results page, which can impact your site’s visibility. Though not always appropriate for every landing page, indexing certain landing pages improves organic ranking.

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Make PPC and SEO work together for your benefit

Because PPC and SEO share common elements, the trick to benefiting from both is to learn from both. Analyzing campaign data and comparing notes enables you to fine tune SEO and PPC efforts to increase conversion rates.

Review PPC clickthrough rates

A clickthrough rate is calculated by dividng actual ad clicks by the total number of impressions. Often considered a good metric for determining ad relevance, PPC clickthrough rates can be analyzed to discover which ads are producing the highest potential return. Taking this step helps inform future copy decisions, as copy on your website can be tailored to your customers’ needs.

Eliminate low-performance keywords

SEO involves much more than keyword research and eliminating irrelevant keywords is very much a part of the process. Implementing a PPC campaign illuminates which keywords aren’t attracting new visitors, which allows you to focus only on the ones shown to produce results.

Optimize your copy for relevant keywords

A successful PPC campaign will produce quality leads and traffic to your site when relevant keywords are chosen. Once you begin to accrue information about which keywords perform better than others, you can start to optimize website content, blogs, and social copy for variations of those keywords. By doing so, you’re able to target long tail keywords without compromising rankings due to PPC ads. 

Create irresistible ad copy

The outcome of a PPC campaign offers insight into whether existing copy had an impact on conversion rates—or not. Reviewing PPC ad copy and identifying whether it performed as expected is the secret to optimizing future campaigns. Over time, perfecting ad copy by implementing small changes based on performance can have a positive impact on SEO and conversion rates.

Index your PPC landing pages

Unless a landing page is being used for a time sensitive event, sign-up form, or to target a very specific audience, allowing search engines to index the page can boost that page’s position in search engine rankings. As opposed to specifying search engines not to follow a landing page, indexing the page can lead to organic clicks.

Although PPC and SEO are very different marketing tools and should have unique places in your digital marketing strategy, they do affect one another to a certain extent. But instead of viewing them as competing for your attention and budget, you should see them as complementary to one another.

If you need help creating PPC ads, doing SEO, and creating a strategy that allows them to work with one another to benefit your long-term goals, don’t hesitate to contact us! We know that marketing your business online can be a confusing task, and we’re more than happy to assist you.

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