SEO Audit Pricing: How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost in 2023?

Not sure what you should pay for an search engine optimization (SEO) audit? It’s an all-too-common question for businesses today, which is why this guide is a go-to resource for companies researching SEO audit pricing. Learn how much an SEO audit costs (spoiler, it’s $650 to $14,000 per audit), what it includes, and more with this handy guide!

Professional SEO audit services pricing

How much does an SEO audit cost?

Whether you’re a small-to-midsize business (SMB) or established enterprise, you can expect to pay between $650 and $14,000 for an SEO audit. Granted, if you’re a larger company with a bigger website, you will have higher SEO audit costs than a startup with a small site.

Like the size of your website, several factors affect the price of your SEO audit. That’s why this guide offers an in-depth look at what SEO audits include, as well as what influences their price in 2023. That way, you can determine what your company should pay for an SEO audit.

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Market Leader Plan

$8,600 / audit

  • 70 pages reviewed
  • Future site strategy
  • Backlink report
  • Complete audit report upon completion


What is an SEO audit?

Ok, now what about an SEO audit — what is it?

Like your car, your website requires routine maintenance. An audit refers to a complete assessment of your website from an SEO perspective. It determines the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of your site when it comes to SEO.

Based on the audit, your company receives a list of recommendations. If you’re partnering with an SEO agency, like WebFX, we can implement these recommendations for you. However, if you’re starting with an SEO audit tool, your team will need to update your website.

What is the difference between an SEO audit and an SEO audit tool?

While an SEO audit and an SEO audit tool share the same goal — assess your company’s SEO strategy — they operate differently. For most companies, SEO audit tools, like our free SEO checker, work well for gauging the overall SEO health of a page on your website.

What’s the difference between an SEO audit tool and a professional SEO audit, though?

An SEO audit tool automatically audits a page on your website — all you do is enter your URL. The tool then generates a report, which highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a webpage. Most reports include recommendations for improving your webpage’s SEO.

In comparison, a professional SEO audit focuses on an in-depth, customized assessment of your entire website by an experienced team of digital marketers. That’s why a lot of businesses use SEO audit tools before purchasing an SEO audit.

With an SEO checker, you get a quick report card on how your site’s doing from an SEO perspective. That report can serve as a handy resource when discussing with company decision makers why a professional SEO audit is necessary.

What does an SEO audit include?

If you’ve tried free SEO checkers or researched professional SEO audits, you’ve probably noticed some similarities and some differences in what they include. That’s why it’s common for companies to ask, “What does an SEO audit include?”

The types of SEO audits

In most cases, an SEO audit features the following:

Technical audit

A technical audit assesses your website from a technical SEO standpoint. It can involve searching for duplicate content on your site or broken links that direct users to 404 error pages. When it comes to SEO audits, technical audits are the standard.

Competitive audit

A competitive audit analyzes your site, as well as some of your competitors’ websites. With your SEO report, you receive a comparison chart or scorecard that highlights your site’s strengths and weaknesses. It can show you how to improve your website and make it better than your opponents.

Depending on your SEO agency, they may offer additional competitor analysis tools.

WebFX, for instance, features CompetitorSpyFX. This tool compares your website to your competitors in several ways, including by keywords, organic traffic, and more. It also provides data-driven recommendations for moving past your competition.

Content audit

A content audit examines your website’s content, which can range from service pages to blog posts. A few features examined include the optimization of your site’s images and title tags, as well as the keywords targeted on each webpage.

Link audit

A link audit reviews your site’s link profile. It looks at the quantity and quality of links pointing to your website. For example, if you’re a food company that published a blog post with fall-themed recipes, people with baking, parenting, or even healthy eating blogs, may have shared your post by linking to it.

Social audit

A social audit investigates your presence on social media platforms. It looks at how many people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest share, comment, and like your content. This audit also checks your website for social sharing buttons, which can encourage users to share your site.

Every agency — and even SEO audit tool — varies when it comes to what they audit. In almost all cases, however, an SEO audit includes a technical analysis of your website. It’s the basis for assessing your site and developing your next step.

Which type of SEO audit should companies buy?

For the best results, it’s worth investing in a comprehensive, 360-degree audit that includes:

  1. A technical audit
  2. A competitive audit
  3. A content audit
  4. A link audit
  5. A social audit

Reviewing every element of your website can have a massive impact on its performance. For example, your audit can result in a faster, better-optimized website. With a stronger site, as well as SEO strategy, you can start ranking for highly competitive keywords in your industry.

A higher ranking in search results can have a ripple effect on your company.

With 75 percent of users sticking to the first page of search results, you can direct a tremendous amount of valuable traffic to your website. Because that traffic includes users from your target audience, it has a higher chance of converting, whether by purchasing your product or joining your newsletter.

The impact of more purchases and leads?

More revenue for your business. With that additional revenue, your company can hire new team members, open a new facility, or even launch a new product or service. These are the results of investing in a comprehensive SEO audit.

How long does an SEO audit take?

On average, a professional SEO audit takes 30 to 45 days. In some cases, agencies can complete SEO audits in as little as one week, though this expedited timeline tends to include an additional fee. If you’re using a free SEO checker tool, you receive your results instantly.

The average timeline for an SEO audit also depends on the size of your website. If your site features 10 to 15 pages, it may take only a week to audit it. But, if your website features more than 100 pages, your audit could require more than 45 days.

Talk to an SEO agency for the most accurate estimate.

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What determines SEO audit pricing?

With the cost of SEO audits ranging from $650 to $14,000, it’s natural to wonder what decides the price of audits in 2023. A variety of factors determine the rate for an SEO audit. Some relate to your company while others come from your agency.

The factors that influence SEO audit prices

The six factors behind SEO audit pricing include:

1. Website size

Size — it’s the most influential factor on the cost of your SEO audit. Why? A website with more pages requires more time to assess. That’s why a site with 100 pages will pay more for an audit than a website with 50 pages.

If you’re looking to save money by only auditing a few of your webpages, don’t. An audit like that only provides your business with a partial view into your SEO strengths and weaknesses. It can also miss critical SEO errors, like 404 pages.

Depending on the size of your website, you may need to request a custom quote for your audit. For example, our SEO audits include a certain number of pages. We’ve partnered with several companies, however, that have hundreds of pages on their site.

In most cases, agencies charge for additional pages on a per-page basis.

2. Agency experience

The experience of your agency also determines SEO audit pricing.

With an experienced agency, your company receives several perks. You’re partnering with a team that works with SEO every day. They know the standards and how to meet them, which provides your business with an actionable report that complies with SEO best practices.

An agency’s experience, however, also influences their prices. In most cases, an agency with extensive expertise tends to charge a higher rate for their services. It makes sense, though, as their background results in better service and results.

Experience, compared to the size of your website, has a minor impact on SEO audit costs.

The agency, for example, may increase its costs by a few hundred dollars. If you’re looking to maximize the performance of your website, as well as its impact on your bottom line, invest in an experienced agency.

3. Audited elements

Browse various agency websites, and you’ll notice they promote different features of their audit. For example, some emphasize the technical audit while others note the link audit included with their SEO audit services.

What an agency’s services include also determines the price of an SEO audit. For instance, an agency that provides the bare-minimum technical audit may charge lower rates than an agency that provides a comprehensive technical audit.

Before you choose an agency, look at what their audits include. It’s also helpful to see if they can customize their services to your business, like WebFX. We tailor all our services, from SEO audits to SEO strategies, to every client’s company, products, and industry.

That’s why our client recommendation score is 488% higher than the industry average.

For the best results, don’t settle for a partial audit. Get a comprehensive audit of your website, especially if your last audit was more than a year ago — or if you’re revamping your SEO strategy. While it may cost more, it can make a massive impact on your company’s success.

4. Agency size

Agency size can also determine SEO audit costs.

For example, an agency with 25 team members will probably offer a higher price for its SEO audits than an agency with 500+ team members. Why? A smaller agency has a lower threshold for work — they can only accept so much, so they need to maximize its value.

In comparison, a larger agency can handle a much higher workload. They have enough team members, which allows the agency to charge a lower rate for their services. The experience of the agency, however, can offset these decreases.

While you can partner with an agency of any size, there are unique benefits to partnering with a larger one. They’re often more established and experienced, for example, which ensures you receive an actionable and in-depth audit report.

Depending on your business, you may find a small agency meets your needs and budget. For example, a small agency is often an excellent partner for a startup. If you’re an established enterprise or SMB, however, a larger agency provides the best value.

5. Turnaround time

Like other services, you can expedite SEO audits — but it’ll cost you. Rush services, however, are optional. If your company doesn’t mind waiting for your SEO audit report, then you don’t have to worry about this factor.

How much more do expedited SEO audits cost, though?

It depends on the agency, deadline, and website. For example, an expedited SEO audit for a 100-page site could have double the cost of an expedited audit for a 50-page website. The faster you want the audit, the more you’ll pay as well.

If you’re looking for fast turnaround times for an SEO audit, partner with a large agency. With their vast number of team members, they can audit your website in time, as well as implement the necessary changes.

Based on your deadline, some agencies may decline to work with you. Save your company time by alerting potential agencies to your target date as soon as possible. That way, they can let your team know if they can meet it, as well as what it would cost.

6. Audit implementation

Many agencies that offer SEO audits also provide implementation services. Essentially, the agency provides its recommendations to you and then implements changes approved by your team. This service saves your team time, especially if you’re unfamiliar with technical SEO.

In most cases, costs for implementation vary widely. For example, a 100-page website with dozens of issues can expect a higher implementation cost than a 100-page site with only a few minor issues. The severity and time-intensiveness of the errors can also lead to higher prices.

Before you partner with an agency for an SEO audit, discuss their implementation rates. It won’t provide your team with an exact price, but it offers a general idea of what implementation could cost — and if it aligns with your budget.

For quick implementation, choose an established agency with a solid team. WebFX, for example, features more than 500 digital marketing specialists, which allows us to update your website fast. As a result, your site can start performing and driving revenue sooner.

How often should you get an SEO audit?

If you want to maximize the performance and results of your SEO strategy, conduct SEO audits on an annual or bi-annual basis. For larger websites, such as ecommerce sites, experts recommend audits on a quarterly basis.

Do you need a routine audit if you’re working with an agency on your SEO, though?

While you may not need audits as frequently as a company that manages their SEO in-house, a routine audit still offers value. It can help your business, as well as your account manager, spot areas for improvement, which can lead to significant changes in your online visibility.

For the best answer, talk with your account manager.

It’s also critical that your company invests in an SEO audit at the beginning of a new digital marketing or SEO strategy. With this proactive step, your company — and agency — launches the best possible campaign.

Do SEO services include SEO audits?

Companies that invest in SEO audits have a reason; they want to improve their SEO. Depending on the size of your business, you may manage your SEO in-house or partner with an SEO agency. If you’re collaborating with an agency, it makes sense to ask if their SEO services include an audit.

In most cases, SEO services begin with an audit. For example, when you partner with WebFX, your dedicated account manager conducts an in-depth audit of your site to create a personalized, data-driven strategy. We include it with your SEO package — and at no additional cost.

If your agency doesn’t include an audit with their SEO services or includes it as a hidden fee, choose another company. When an agency starts their client relationships that way, it often hints at future issues when working with them.

How much do SEO services cost, though?

The price of SEO ranges from $350 to $2000 a month. In comparison, an audit costs between $650 and $14,000. The advantage of SEO services, however, is that your website receives continual improvements that can improve your ranking for high-value keywords.

That’s why, if you want to improve your revenue long-term, it’s worth investing in SEO services.

Is an SEO audit worth the cost?

Wondering if it’s worth paying for an SEO audit? While prices for SEO audits can reach up to $14,000, they’re an investment and offer immense value. With routine SEO audits and updates to your website, your company can benefit in several ways, including the following:

A graphic for why an SEO audit is worth the investment

1. Enhance your user experience

With SEO audits, you can discover new ways to improve the user experience (UX) of your website. For example, if your site features a ton of broken links, resulting in 404 errors, you’re providing a less-than-stellar experience for visitors.

A poor UX can have a massive impact on your business. Did you know, for instance, that almost 90 percent of consumers shop with a competitor after a negative UX? You’re losing valuable potential customers and for something unrelated to your product or service.

Look at your SEO audit as an opportunity to enhance the experience of your users. From your report, you can uncover ways to make it easier for shoppers to build a relationship with your company and convert, whether by purchasing, calling, or another action.

2. Maximize your site’s traffic

The first search result claims more than 30 percent of all search traffic, demonstrating that it is good to be number one. If you want to rank in the first search result, however, you need to maintain a website that follows SEO best practices.

That’s why routine SEO audits are so critical. It’s easy for your site to become outdated, which can lead to your website moving from the first page to the second page of search results. For reference, only 25 percent of users visit the second page.

View your SEO audits as routine maintenance for your site. They help your website maintain or improve its ranking in search results, which can drive more valuable traffic to your website. That traffic leads to the next benefit of SEO audits.

3. Increase your revenue

Keywords are an essential part of SEO. That’s why SEO audits analyze your company’s keyword strategy. They look at keywords your website ranks for in search results, as well as your site traffic from those keywords.

Based on your SEO audit, your team can discover the most valuable keywords in your strategy.

Your report also provides insight into the performance and usefulness of those keywords. For example, maybe you rank well for a keyword, but it drives almost no traffic to your website. That may result in your team optimizing for a different keyword that offers more valuable traffic.

By targeting more valuable keywords in your SEO strategy, you can drive more valuable traffic. With more high-value traffic on your website, you can increase your conversion rates — and that can drive more revenue for your company.

4. Improve your website’s visibility

With an SEO audit, your business can start improving your online visibility in search results. As mentioned, an audit provides your company with insight into your keyword strategy. With that perspective, you can discover your most and least valuable keywords, as well as new keywords.

By refocusing your SEO strategy on more valuable keywords, you increase your ranking in search results for these keywords. For example, if you sell pellet stoves for mobile homes and RVs, the keyword, “mobile home pellet stove,” is probably valuable to your company.

Appear on the first page of search results for that keyword, and you’ll start to drive valuable traffic to your website. Why? One, you’re targeting high-value keywords relevant to your business and your audience, and two, you’re maximizing your online visibility by appearing on the first page of results.

Remember, 75 percent of users stick to the first page of search results.

5. Optimize your digital marketing strategies

SEO is the foundation of a competitive, results-driven digital marketing strategy. That’s why an SEO audit can uncover improvements for not only your SEO but also your related tactics. By discovering an array of enhancements for your online strategy, you can maximize the results of it.

For instance, an SEO audit reviews the title tags of your webpages, which relates to content marketing. For a quick refresher, title tags serve as the title of your webpage in search results. In the example below, you can see the title tags, like “Pellet Stoves – Mobile Home Repair,” outlined in yellow.

An example of optimized title tags in Google search results

A title tag aims to hook your audience and motivate them to visit your website. It should also, for SEO, feature the keyword the webpage targets. That’s why content marketing requires SEO — you want to create content for users, but also optimize it for search so that users can find that content.

With a more robust digital marketing strategy, you can maximize your investment and return.

6. Repair your SEO strategy

As company teams evolve, it’s not uncommon for SEO strategies to falter. For example, a new hire may not understand SEO, which can lead to the creation of unoptimized content or the implementation of bad SEO practices. It can even result in your company abandoning SEO altogether.

These actions can all result in website that needs some intensive SEO care.

With an SEO audit, your team can get an in-depth assessment of your SEO status. It can also provide you with thorough recommendations for restoring, as well as improving your SEO. That allows your company to start driving measurable results from your SEO.

7. Boost your site’s speed

Speed is essential to SEO, as well as the user experience. If your website’s slow, it’ll struggle to rank on page one of search results. It’ll also have a difficult time keeping users on your site, as more than 80 percent of users expect a website to load in three seconds or less — otherwise, they leave.

The benefit of an SEO audit? It examines the speed of your website, as well as identifies ways to improve your site’s speed. A faster website can have a tremendous impact on your company, as a one-second speed boost can increase conversions by seven percent.

A few recommendations for increasing your site’s speed include compressing the images on your website, optimizing your HTML structure, and modifying your server configuration. In most cases, improvements to your site’s speed require your in-house or agency’s development team.

With a faster website, however, your company can start making more money from the web.

SEO audit pricing from WebFX

With a reputation for client satisfaction, WebFX provides proven — and trusted — SEO audits and implementations. Our team of award-winning SEO specialists features some of the industry’s best, which offers your company a unique advantage.

Learn more about our SEO audit prices in our pricing table.

FeaturesMarket Leader
Reports Provided:
Pages reviewedUp to 70 pages
Audit implementation training/supportUp to 2.5 hours
Complete audit report upon completion
Future site strategy (One sheet)
Competitive scorecard (Analysis of up to 3 competitors)
Backlink report
Keyword research (Up to 50 terms)
SEO Checker reporting on all pages
External link acquisition strategyAdditional $500
In-Depth Link Audit [Optional]Additional $1,200
Analysis Checklist:
301 redirects
Broken links
Code to text ratio
Crawl errors – complete list
Google Webmaster tools parameter exclusions
Google Webmaster tools preferred domain
HTML/CSS code review
HTTP status codes – home page
HTTP status codes – sitewide
Image optimization
Internal link structure
Page content
Remote use of .js & CSS
Robots.txt configuration
Shared IP addresses
Site compression configuration
Site load time – average
Site load time – home page
Sitemap.xml configuration
Sitemap.xml index rate
Static/dynamic URL configuration
Title tag optimization
Analytics program configuration
Duplicate content
Home page content
Information architecture
Link profile
Site theme and content
Top keyword rankings
Top keyword traffic
Website conversion
Website wrapper
Post audit client implementation review (1 hour)
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Duration45 days
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