Augmented Reality: Where Internet Marketing Is Headed

Leona and I held a Small Business Boot Camp on Internet Marketing on Wednesday here at Murata. We covered a ton of topics about what we do. But the one thing that made the most impact on our audience (as far as I could tell), was my mention of Layar and the augmented reality technology that’s right around the corner.

This app for Android mobile phones uses the phone’s GPS, the onboard camera, and Layar’s database of geolocated data to overlay info about your surroundings directly on your camera.

Deciding between two neighboring restaurants? Point your phone at each one and read the reviews superimposed on the front of the buildings.

Here’s a video:

So what does this mean for you businesspeople out there?

Well the example I used on Wednesday was a company rep from IBM visiting your business for a big meeting. While she sits in her car, she whips out her phone, points the camera at your building, and reads reviews about you from other customers.

She walks into the meeting feeling either comfortable or wary. Her perception of your business can make or break the deal.

Could your online reputation handle this stress test?

If not, now’s the time to start managing it. Because the day is coming when your online reputation will be the most important one you have.

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