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7 Walmart SEO Tips for 2021 to Nail Your Product Listings

Perry owns a small business and wants to expand his reach with his products. He decided to sell his products on Walmart Marketplace to help increase sales. After a few months of listing his products on Walmart’s site, he only earns a few sales — what is Perry doing wrong? Well, if Perry isn’t following […]

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SEO Copywriting: How to Write SEO Content [+4 Tips]

Over 89% of marketers say search engine optimization (SEO) is successful — so it’s no secret that this strategy can drive powerful results for your business when done correctly. To do SEO correctly, it’s important to keep in mind one of the most integral parts of your SEO’s success — copywriting. SEO copywriting impacts how […]

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History of Black Friday and Cyber Monday Spending

Thanksgiving weekend is the most wonderful time of the year for shoppers looking to save on holiday gifts and household goods. It’s also a crucial time for the economy, and the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that 19% of annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas, with ecommerce claiming 20% of total holiday […]

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SEO Best Practices: 7 Tips for Improving Your Rankings

If you ask us, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important strategies you can implement on your website if you’re looking for big results. SEO is the process of improving your website so that it ranks highly in organic search results, and the effects of a campaign can change the course of […]

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4-Step Facebook Marketing Strategy to Help Grow Your Online Presence

Facebook is one of the best modes of online marketing for small to midsize businesses, and if you haven’t yet adopted a Facebook strategy, you could be missing out on tons of sales. Consider that 68 percent of Americans use Facebook, which means that when you implement a Facebook marketing strategy, your business has access […]

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14 Marketing Terms you Can’t Live Without

Whether you’re new to marketing or have been at it for a while, there are undoubtedly countless terms you should know. These key marketing terms help you successfully construct your online presence and help you understand the importance of key strategies. With so many marketing buzzwords and concepts out there, how do you know which […]

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