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14 Shopify Statistics for Your Business to Know in 2024

14 Shopify Statistics for Your Business to Know in 2024

Even if you’re not familiar with Shopify, you’ve probably at least heard the name somewhere before. It’s one of the biggest website-building tools available, and it’s particularly useful for building ecommerce websites and online stores.

If you want to create an online store for your website, Shopify might be the platform for you. But naturally, you’re not going to go right out and get it without spending some time learning about it. That’s why we’re here.

Below, we’ll go over a list of helpful Shopify statistics to help you learn about the platform. Just keep reading to learn more. Then subscribe to Revenue Weekly — our email newsletter — to get more helpful digital marketing info delivered right to your inbox!

14 statistics about Shopify to know

Thanks to Shopify’s widespread use and reputation, there’s quite a good bit of information about it online. We’ve boiled down that information to 14 statistics about Shopify that we think you could benefit from learning.

Keep reading for the details!

General stats about Shopify

This first batch of Shopify statistics focuses on some basic information about Shopify as a platform.

1. There are nearly 4 million live ecommerce websites built and powered with Shopify.

This first statistic shows just how many ecommerce sites out there rely on Shopify. 4 million isn’t a small number by any measure, which goes to show just how widely used and trusted this platform is.

2. Over a million businesses use Shopify for their ecommerce site needs.

This Shopify stat demonstrates the same idea as the previous one. A significant number of companies out there rely on Shopify as a tool for building their online stores. Those companies range from large corporations to small businesses.

3. On average, Shopify has 2.1 million active users per day.

It’s not just that Shopify is used by a lot of businesses, like the previous two stats showed. Those businesses also earn plenty of traffic on their ecommerce sites, with a total of 2.1 million users visiting Shopify websites every day.

4. There are nearly 12,500 Shopify Plus stores currently live on the platform.

Shopify Plus is a higher-quality version of Shopify, one that comes with far more features and customization options. It tends to be used by larger enterprises rather than local businesses. This stat shows that it’s reasonably popular, with quite a few companies opting to use it.

5. 3.6 million jobs are estimated to have been created around the world by Shopify merchants.

Shopify hasn’t only helped companies and consumers — it’s also bolstered employment. Due to the need to have people managing online stores, as well as Shopify’s interest in expanding its own business, plenty of new jobs have been created.

6. Shopify stores in the United States generated more than 10% of all U.S. ecommerce sales in 2021.

Shopify has had an immense impact on the U.S. economy. Considering that it’s just one company, the fact that it’s singlehandedly responsible for 10% of all U.S. ecommerce sales is extremely impressive.

Stats about Shopify conversions

Now that we’ve looked at the basic statistics about Shopify, let’s take a look at some that focus on the conversions that happen in Shopify stores.

7. The estimated success rate of Shopify stores is between 5% and 10%.

“Success rate” in this stat refers to the percentage of Shopify stores that successfully and repeatedly drive conversions and earn a long-term profit. If that number seems low, don’t worry. Many Shopify stores are created by individuals, not businesses, which is why so many of them fail.

As long as your company offers a valued product and implements good marketing practices, you’re likely to be in that top percentile.

8. The top 20% of Shopify stores have an average conversion rate of 3.3%.

If you look at the most successful Shopify stores — those that consistently drive a profit — you’ll find that the average conversion rate hovers at around 3.3%. This might seem low, but that’s actually a bit higher than the average conversion rate for ecommerce as a whole.

9. Shopify stores have an average checkout completion rate of 46.3% on desktop devices.

When people shop online, it’s common for them to get distracted and not follow through with purchases. This stat makes it clear that the same goes for Shopify, where fewer than half of all purchases are completed. That tells you that you should invest in remarketing efforts if you use Shopify.

10. More than 50% of all Shopify stores experience repeat purchases.

While some stores struggle to drive conversions, this stat indicates that if you can get someone to buy from you once, they’re likely to do so again. Obviously, this depends largely on the type of products you sell. But if you sell something people might need more than once, you may well experience repeat purchases.

11. The marketing strategy that generates the highest conversion rate for Shopify stores is email, with an average conversion rate of 4.29%.

You’ll want to use a variety of marketing strategies to promote your online store. But one strategy you’ll want to be sure to include is email marketing, which has a higher conversion rate for Shopify stores than any other strategy.

Other stats about Shopify

Our last three Shopify stats are too specific to qualify as general stats but don’t fit into a specific category. Even so, they’re extremely useful facts to know.

12. 66% of Shopify shop orders are placed on mobile devices.

This stat emphasizes the importance of optimizing your Shopify store for mobile. Two-thirds of all online orders are placed on mobile devices, so if you don’t optimize your site for mobile, you’ll be missing out on the vast majority of your potential conversions.

13. Shopify offers more than 100 free and paid themes.

When you build your online store in Shopify, you can of course build it from scratch. But you can also take advantage of existing themes and templates offered by Shopify. These themes come in many different varieties — over 100, to be precise!

14. There are approximately 8000 apps available in the Shopify app store.

One of the best features of Shopify is that it lets you integrate and implement different apps to add various functionalities to your online store. Shopify definitely does not skimp on its options, offering thousands of apps you can choose from.

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