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25 Beautiful Teal Colored Web Designs for Your Inspiration

Choosing the right colors for your design is a task not to be taken lightly as it will have a direct effect on the mood of your page viewers. Bold and bright colors may stand out and say “Hey! Look over here,” which is great when you have a very limited area to work with, but what happens when you’re not trying to tell a story at the top of your lungs?

One color that has been trending lately is teal. Teal has a very disarming quality that seems to welcome you in and invites you for tea. In this collection, we share 25 websites displaying great use of the color teal.

1. Owltastic


2. Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare

3. The Alamo Basement

The Alamo Basement

4. E-Systems Organizers

E-Systems Organizers

5. That Game Company

That Game Company

6. Bidsketch


7. Feed Stitch

Feed Stitch

8. Orman Clark

Orman Clark

9. Blueray


10. Adlucent


11. Plinky


12. Straw Poll

Straw Poll

13. Skype


14. From The Couch

From The Couch

15. Jan-Eike Koormann

Jan-Eike Koormann

16. Epic Event

Epic Event

17. Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

18. Squared Eye

Squared Eye

19. Gist


20. Francesco Mugnai

Francesco Mugnai

21. Kyan


22. Vimeo


23. Babel Junior

Babel Junior

24. Volll


25. Blue Bonnet Cafe

Blue Bonnet Cafe

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