25 High End Professional Free Fonts

25 High End Professional Free Fonts

Sometimes, the best things in life are free – fonts are a great example of this concept. There are many typography designers and type foundries that choose to share their beautiful creations to the public. In this collection, you’ll find some of the best high end professional free sans serif fonts for clean designs that you can download on the web.

1. Nevis

Nevis Download: Ten by Twenty (ZIP)

2. Aller Sans

Aller Sans Download: Danmarks Medie (ZIP)

3. Junction

Junction Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

4. Audimat

Audimat Download: SMeltery (ZIP, read EULA first)

5. Quicksand

Quicksand Download: Typophile (ZIP)

6. Delicious

Delicious Download Page: MyFonts

7. Legendum

Legendum Download: TrueType/OpenType Tools (ZIP)

8. Comfortaa

Comfortaa Download: deviantART (ZIP)

9. Luxi Sans

Luxi Sans Download: freedesktop.org (TAR)

10. Bonveno

Bonveno Download: The Crud Factory (ZIP)

11. Anivers

Anivers Download Page: MyFonts

12. Flaminia Type System

Flaminia Type System Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

13. Museo Sans

Museo Sans Download Page: MyFonts

14. Euphemia

Euphemia Download: Tiro Typeworks (Windows/OSX TTF)

15. advent font

advent font Download: deviantART (ZIP)

16. MEgalopolis Extra

MEgalopolis Extra Download: SMeltery (ZIP, read EULA first)

17. Modeno Font

Modeno Font Download: deviantART (ZIP)

18. Often tf

Often tf Download: deviantART (ZIP)

19. Folks

Folks Download: typOasis (ZIP)

20. CartoGothic Std

CartoGothic Std Download: FontSite (ZIP, read License Agreement)

21. Blackout

Blackout Download: The League of Moveable Type (ZIP)

22. Mayberry

Mayberry™ Pro Download Page: Ascender Fonts (ZIP)

23. Share Font

Share Font Download: dafont (ZIP)

24. Fonce Sans Regular

Fonce Sans Regular Download: deviantART (ZIP)

25. surrounding__

surrounding__ Download: deviantART (ZIP)

What professional free fonts do you recommend?

If your favorite free font isn’t featured here, please share it with all of us in the comments! Additionally, are you using one or more of the above fonts on a project? Feel free to show off your work by linking to your design’s URL!

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