This Ebook Will Teach You All About CSS Animations

But if things like the @keyframes rule and the animation-iteration-count property terrify you, then you might need a gentler, more structured introduction to CSS animations.

Learn about the CSS Animations module by grabbing a copy of the ebook “The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations” by designer and consultant Val Head.

Cover of "The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations" ebook

This book is short, only 65 pages long, and is written in a way that makes the subject approachable. There’s also a ton of live demos for the things being covered in the book, which really helps you learn the content in a more engaging way.

The book is available under a pay-what-you-want model, meaning you can choose what the book should cost to you.

If cash flow is an issue, you have the option to download the book for free.

An image showing the price of "The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations" ebook

Find more web design books to read by heading over to my list of web design book recommendations (these books can’t be obtained for free though).

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