Great Examples of Personal Logos and Branding

Trevin is the Sr. Director of Business Development at WebFX. He has worked on over 450 marketing campaigns and has been building websites for over 20 years. His work has been featured by Search Engine Land, USA Today, Fast Company and Inc.

Personal logos and branding are used by creative professionals to add another dimension of identity to their work. They are often used for stationery, website logos, business cards, or for watermarks. Personal logos are the artist’s own brand.

An artist’s personal logo are an extension of the artist’s ethos or character.

It acts as the graphic representation of the artist or the artist’s work. If you think you’re ready to have your own personal logo to use in your own creative endeavors, check out a few these great examples below to get you started.

Chris Wood – Graphic Designer

image_03_chris_wood image_03b_chris_wood

Pepe Villalobos – Graphic designer and Photographer

image_01_pepe_villalobos image_01b_pepe_villalobos

Amber Mohlin – Graphic designer


Alina Siebert – Graphic designer and Photographer


Marshal Kiganjo – Illustrator and Designer


Naiara Dambroso – Designer and Photographer


Tyler Merritt – Graphic Designer


Logan Fuldseth – Graphic Designer


Amber Smith – Illustrator and Designer


Amanda Louisi – Brand Identity Designer


Tom Anders – Creative/Art Director


Ric Hernandez – Designer


Xavier Casalta – Illustrator and Typographer


Tyhe Reading – Photographer and Graphic Designer


Daniel Lasso Casas – Illustrator

image_18_daniel_lasso_casas image_18b_daniel_lasso_casas

Luke Latham – Designer


Brigitte La – Designer

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