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Frames of different shades of blue on a wall

30 Blue Company Logos from Famous Brands

Thinking of blue company logos for your brand? A good logo design can showcase your brand’s values, distinguish you from competitors, and make your company memorable. Blue company logos have always been popular across a range of industries and brands.

On this page, we’ll cover the psychology behind the color blue and share 30 examples of companies that use blue effectively in their logo.

We’ll also cover what color combinations you can make with blue. Keep reading to learn more!

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Psychology behind the color blue

All colors have meaning and elicit certain feelings, including blue –– so what’s the psychology behind the color?

Here’s what blue signifies:

  • Calm: Blue is often thought to be a peaceful and calm color because it’s associated with things in nature that people find peaceful, like oceans (which are blue).
  • Power: Many professions with authority, like political representatives and police officers, wear blue. As a result, blue is often associated with the feeling of power and confidence.
  • Reliability: Many people associate blue with being trustworthy, reliable, and dependable.
  • Security: Blue often represents safety and security for people and reflects a sense of stability.
  • Youthfulness: Lighter shades of blue have often been associated with being young and fun.

Blue Company Logos: 30 Examples from Well-Known Brands

Ready to see some blue company logos? Here’s a list of 30 blue logos that showcase the different meanings that come with using blue.

Blue company logos: Reliability

So, what logos with blue help elicit the feeling of reliability?

1. AT&T

AT&T Logo

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunication companies globally. The company’s logo features a blue and white sphere accompanied by bold black lettering. The stylized lines within the sphere provide a sense of motion as well as global unity and innovation — perfect for a telecommunications giant.

As one of the longest standing telecommunications companies, AT&T uses blue to signify their longevity and reliability as a phone service provider.

2. Ford

Ford car brand logo

Ford’s logo contains several brilliant design elements. The lettering is thick and bold, while featuring a cursive letting that conveys sophistication. Ford’s usage of dark blue aims to position them as a reliable American car manufacturer.

3. Hyundai

Hyundai car brand logo for blog content

Hyundai’s logo design has varied throughout the years, but the Korean automobile manufacturer has always employed a vivid blue. Their sleek design accompanied by the dark blue color helps them position their company as a trusted car manufacturer.

4. Oral-B

Oral-B company logo dental hygiene

Oral B has been a titan in the oral care industry, and their choice of logo colors reflects that. This oral care company uses a dark blue and white to allude to a clean, fresh feeling, but also use the colors to showcase themselves as a reliable brand for oral care.

5. Samsung

Screenshot 2024 01 31 204356 300x132

From TVs to dishwashers to phones, Samsung has been a reliable provider of electronics and household appliances. Their logo is indicative of that –– they use blue to showcase their reliability to households across the country.

6. Windows

Windows logo

Microsoft is one of the most famous corporations in the world. The company has always been at the forefront of software development. The smart logo design uses solid blue squares to represent a real window that gives you a glimpse into a world of innovation and expertise, as well as position themselves as a consistent force in the tech world.

7. Lowe’s

Lowes logo

Lowes has long been a trusted brand for all things home improvement, and their logo helps further that image. They use dark blue and white to showcase their brand as a reliable place for homeowners to get supplies for their projects.

8. Walmart

Walmart logo

Walmart’s logo has evolved over time, but one thing hasn’t changed –– their position as a trusted brand. Walmart uses blue to emphasize their reliability as a provider of goods across the spectrum, from clothes to household items to food.

9. United Airlines

United logo

When it comes to choosing who to fly with, you want a reliable airline. United Airlines conveys that message with their use of blue. While their logo has seen numerous redesigns and iterations, they’ve continually made blue part of their logo to convey the message of being a reliable airline for travelers.

Blue company logos: Calm

Calmness, relaxation, comfort, peace –– they’re all feelings people like to feel.

Blue is one of the colors that helps emphasize those feelings. Here are some examples of blue company logos that convey calmness:

10. Cinnabon

Cinnabon logo

Sweet treats are often associated with feelings of comfort, calm, and relaxation. That’s exactly what Cinnabon conveys with their dark blue logo. Their usage of blue creates a sense of calm that makes you want to take a bite into one of their ooey-gooey cinnamon buns.

11. Dove

Dove soap brand logo

As a self-care brand, emulating calmness is key. Dove does that with its use of blue, paired with a dove –– a symbol of peace. This classic and elegant logo does a great job of emulating a sense of calm people will feel when using their products.

12. IHOP

IHOP logo

There’s a lot of comfort and relaxation in sitting down to a nice meal. That’s what IHOP tries to convey with their usage of blue in their logo (plus, that fun little smile!). I mean, sitting down to eat a plate of hot pancakes sounds pretty relaxing to me!

13. Pillsbury

Pillsbury logo

Many food brands use blue to create a sense of comfort around their brand, and Pillsbury is no different. They use blue to help convey a sense of comfort and calm around their baked goods, from crescent rolls to cookies.

Blue company logos: Power

Some companies use blue as a medium for showing the power they have in their industry. Here are some examples of company logos that are blue to emulate power:

14. P&G

P&G company logo

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a global entity with dozens of popular brands under its umbrella. P&G has a simple but sophisticated logo that effectively symbolizes the brand’s expertise and authority. The logo features slightly slanted letters in bold blue.

15. IBM

IBM company brand logo

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a global tech entity that cleverly uses its recognized abbreviation in its logo design. The letters “IBM” are all in blue with the illusion of horizontal white lines running through it. As a long-standing player in the tech industry, IBM uses blue to convey their power as a tech leader.

16. Warner Bros.

warner bros logo 296x300


Warner Brothers is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, and their iconic monogrammed emblem is recognized globally. The combination of blue and gold inspires regal and magical imagery that suits the company perfectly, while also conveying their position as a powerful entertainment company.

17.  Nestle

Nestle company logo

Nestle is another company that uses blue to emulate power. As a company that owns over 50 brands, including well-known brands like KitKat, Gerber, and Purina, they use blue to show their dominance in the food manufacturing space.

18. Unilever

Unilever logo

Unilever is another company with over 30 brands under their belt, from Axe to Hellmann’s to TRESemme. Their whimsically-designed logo uses blue to showcase their power as a manufacturer, but a powerful advocate of sustainable living.

Blue company logos: Security

Want to see more company logos that are blue? Here are some more blue logos that give the feeling of security with their color choice:

19. American Express

American Express Logo shown on blog content

People all over the world know American Express. Millions of users have American Express cards and rely on the institution for their financial services. American Express has a solid blue, square background, and bold lettering outlined in white.

The logo reflects the institution’s trustworthiness and security.

20. Allstate

All State logo

Finding a trusted insurance provider is important for you to feel secure with your home, vehicles, and more. Allstate uses a blue logo to show people they are a trusted insurance provider to protect belongings.

21. PayPal

Pay Pal company logo

PayPal uses blue in their logo design. Blue can inspire trust and transparency – virtues the companies and their uses value. As a company that handles financial transactions, blue helps show they’re a trusted provider for secure payments.

22. Progressive

Progressive logo

Progressive’s logo is simple –– it has one word and only uses blue in the design. Not only does it convey a sense of security, but also simplicity –– and simplicity is something you need with something as complicated as insurance.

23. Visa

Visa credit card services company logo

Visa’s logo features big solid lettering in a deep royal blue that translates to security and authority. Revised designs also incorporate a decorative yellow element that makes the design unique, modern, and confident.

Blue company logos: Youthfulness

Many companies will use blue to display the youthfulness and agility of their brand. Here are some blue company logos that use blue for youthfulness:

24. Meta

Meta brand logo

The social media giant uses blue in its logo to show it’s modern approach to technology. Paula Scher of Pentagram designed Meta’s logo — a simple yet elegant emblem that incorporates a stylized infinity symbol in the shape of an “M”. This brilliant design represents the boundless nature and agility of the metaverse.

25. Oreo

Oreo brand logo

Oreo is one of the most well-loved cookie companies. Oreo’s logo showcases a big white lettering with a blue border that is simultaneously “in your face” while having the effect of tapering off. The logo is fresh, playful, fun, and youthful — a perfect combination for a much-loved treat.

26. Vimeo

Vimeo logo

The video-sharing platform and streaming service’s main audience is the younger generation – and this clearly shows in the company’s logo! The logo uses a brilliant, vivid bright blue that borders on turquoise, and a modern cursive font in white. The logo is eye-catching, modern, playful, and edgy all wrapped into one.

27. Nokia


Nokia Camera brand logo

The Finnish telecommunications company stands out as a global leader in the industry, and its phones are famous for their indestructibility. Their funky lettering, in combination with their choice of vibrant blue, makes for a youthful and agile logo for the company.

28. Aldi

Aldi logo

While Aldi uses multiple colors in their logo, blue is the primary color. This modern and bright logo uses blue to help capture a youthfulness and agility of the brand.

29. DC Comics

DC Comics logo

Like their parent company Warner Brothers, DC Comics uses blue in their logo. However, DC Comics uses blue to emulate the fun and adventure that comes with their comics –– their own version of youthfulness.

30. Venmo

Venmo logo

Venmo uses light blue and a bold font to create a youthful design for their payment app. As the younger product of PayPal, Venmo does a great job of using blue to appeal to a younger audience.

Creating the perfect pairing with blue company logos: What goes with blue?

If you want to create a blue company logo, it doesn’t have to be just blue. You can pair blue with a different colors to create an eye-catching logo for your business.

So, what combinations of blue can you create?

Blue and orange

blue and orange combination

One color combination you can create is blue and orange.

Since these two colors are complementary on the color wheel, it creates high contrast for your logo. If you’re looking for a bright look for your logo, blue and orange are a great color combination.

Blue and white

blue and white color combination

Another color combination you can use for your blue company logo, which many of the above companies do, is blue and white. Blue and white occur in nature (think of blue skies with white clouds), so they’re naturally complementary.


Blue and yellow

blue and yellow color combination

If you’re creating a blue company logo, you can use yellow as a complementary color.

These colors fit well together because they’re often a pairing that exists in nature, like blue and white. They’re also part of the Triadic colors (which includes red), making them a natural pairing.

Other shades of blue

two shades of blue

If you’re looking for a color to pair with blue, try another shade of blue! Colors with different shades and tones of blue create a neutral, yet harmonious, look for your logo.

Feeling inspired by these blue company logos?

Blue logos are classic, clever, and professional.

Brands with blue logos are some of the biggest companies in the world, and they use blue in their designs to show transparency, authority, trustworthiness, staying power, and youthfulness

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