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22 Blue Company Logos from Famous Brands

Thinking of blue company logos for your brand? A good logo design can showcase your brand’s values, distinguish you from competitors, and make your company memorable. Blue company logos have always been popular across a range of industries and brands.

Blue can represent safety, loyalty, intelligence, creativity, and trust – and companies with blue logos take advantage of that.

Choosing the right color is imperative to your logo design.

Blue Company Logos: 22 Examples from Well-Known Brands

Here are the top 22 blue company logos — from tech entities to car manufacturers, financial institutions to food companies, blue is a favorite color in logo designs and an effective tool for successful logos.

1. Alexa

Amazon's Alexa Logo

The logo for Alexa cleverly incorporates design elements of Amazon’s logo — most noticeably the font and the arrow — making the logo cohesive and true to the brand. Changing the color of the Alexa logo from Amazon’s black and orange to light blue was a simple but effective choice. Using blue makes Alexa its own entity and one that inspires innovation and a technological edge.

2. American Express

American Express Logo shown on blog content

People all over the world know American Express. Millions of users have American Express cards and rely on the institution for their financial services. American Express has a solid blue, square background and bold lettering outlined in white.

The logo reflects the institution’s authority and trustworthiness.

3. AT&T

AT&T Logo

AT&T is one of the largest telecommunication companies globally. The company’s logo features a blue and white sphere accompanied by bold black lettering. The stylized lines within the sphere provide a sense of motion as well as global unity and innovation — perfect for a telecommunications giant.

4. Bank of America

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America ranks as one of the top financial institutions in the USA. The bank’s logo design has changed over the years. The redesigned logo features a patchwork of thick, bold blue and red lines that resemble the country’s flag.

5. Boeing

Beoing logo for blog

The aircraft manufacturer’s logo employs a striking dark blue for the name “Boeing” offset with a clever emblem design of an aircraft. The use of brilliant blue in the logo paints a picture of the sky, and the precise but elegant lines in the emblem allude to the company’s cutting-edge innovations.

6. Dove

Dove soap brand logo

Though the current Dove logo was only created 10 years ago, the design remains timeless. The soft curved lettering in deep, dark blue looks clean and gentle — excellent for a self-care brand. Pair that with the gold dove and the logo is successful at looking elegant and classic.

7. Ford

Ford car brand logo

Ford’s logo contains several brilliant design elements. The lettering is thick and bold, but the cursive font is adapted from Henry Ford’s signature. The dark blue background encompassed by the sleek platinum oval shows excellence, sophistication, timelessness, and trustworthiness.

8. Hyundai

Hyundai car brand logo for blog content

Hyundai’s logo design has varied throughout the years, but the Korean automobile manufacturer has always employed a vivid blue. The current design has a sleek platinum emblem showcasing the familiar stylized “H”, with a bold and spacious print of the name “Hyundai” all solid blue.

9. IBM

IBM company brand logo

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a global tech entity that cleverly uses its recognized abbreviation in its logo design. The letters “IBM” are all in blue with the illusion of horizontal white lines running through the name to represent “speed and dynamics”.

10. META and Facebook

Meta brand logo

The social media giant uses blue in both its Meta and Facebook logos. Paula Scher of Pentagram designed Meta’s logo — a simple yet elegant emblem that incorporates a stylized infinity symbol in the shape of an “M”. This brilliant design represents the boundless nature of the metaverse.

11. Nokia

Nokia Camera brand logo

The Finnish telecommunications company stands out as a global leader in the industry, and its phones are famous for their indestructibility. Nokia uses a royal Yale Blue in their logo, and thick uppercase lettering showing authority, reliability, and confidence.

12. Nestle

Nestle company logo

Nestle’s well-recognized emblem wholesomely depicts a mother bird with her chicks accompanied by the company’s name in bold, smooth lines all in solid blue. The logo draws inspiration from Henri Nestlé’s family’s coat of arms. These design elements all tie into the value the brand places on heritage and traditions.

13. Oral-B

Oral-B company logo dental hygiene

Oral B has a simple logo employing gradients of blue and white. The colors are a solid choice for the oral-care company as they allude to not only a clean, fresh feeling but also a sense of innovation.

14. Oreo

Oreo brand logo

Oreo is one of the most well-loved cookie companies. Oreo’s logo showcases a big white lettering with a blue border that is simultaneously “in your face” while having the effect of tapering off. The logo is fresh, playful, bold, and wholesome — a perfect combination for the brand.

15. P&G

P&G company logo

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a global entity with dozens of popular brands under its umbrella. P&G has a simple but sophisticated logo that effectively symbolizes the brand’s expertise and authority. The logo features slightly slanted letters in bold blue.

16. PayPal and Vimeo

Pay Pal company logo

PayPal and Venmo (which PayPal owns) use blue in their logo designs. Blue can inspire trust and transparency – virtues the companies and their uses value.

17. Samsung

Samsung has an iconic blue and white logo that uses a big, spacious font and unique lettering. The famous blue oval slants at an angle for a sense of motion and innovation.

18. Vimeo

Vimeo company logo

The video-sharing platform and streaming service’s main audience is the younger generation – and this clearly shows in the company’s logo! The logo uses a brilliant, vivid bright blue that borders on turquoise, and a modern cursive font in white. The logo is eye-catching, modern, playful, and edgy all wrapped into one.

19. Visa

Visa credit card services company logo

Visa’s logo features big solid lettering in a deep royal blue that translates to security and authority. Revised designs also incorporate a decorative yellow element that makes the design unique, modern, and confident.

20. Warner Bros.

Warner Brothers is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, and their iconic monogrammed emblem is recognized globally. The combination of blue and gold inspires regal and magical imagery that suits the company perfectly.

21. Windows

Microsoft Windows Logo

Microsoft is one of the most famous corporations in the world. The company has always been at the forefront of software development. The smart logo design uses solid blue squares to represent a real window that gives you a glimpse into a world of innovation and expertise.

22. WebFX

WebFX has an effective simple logo of blue, black, and white and clever gradients. Our sleek and cohesive logo reflects our confidence in design and marketing, as well as our solid company values.

Have You Decided to Create a Blue Company Logo?

Blue logos are classic, clever, and professional. Brands with blue logos are some of the biggest companies in the world, and they use blue in their designs to show transparency, authority, trustworthiness, staying power, and revolutionary values.

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