Pop-Deco Vector Illustrations by Orlando Arocena

Seeing work done by obviously hard-working and talented individuals like Orlando Arocena brings us joy at Design Instruct. Not only because their work is a pleasure to behold but also because it reminds us that in a world where “free resources” and “free templates” are some of the most typed keywords by creative professionals, there are still a few rebellious souls who choose to do great work on their own terms. Orlando Arocena is one of those people.

He refers to his posters as “pop-deco” vectors and it’s easy to see why. His posters hearken back to the art deco posters done by the likes of A.M Cassandre and Glen C. Sheffer.

Although we would argue that Orlando’s work has taken the art deco style to new creative heights. Orlando uses nothing but his trusty Wacom graphics tablet, great instincts, and Adobe Illustrator to create these images on his computer. Orlando Arocena’s work is really tremendous and we can’t wait to see more!

Follow him on Instagram and like his Facebook page to keep up with Orlando Arocena’s work! image_01_orlando_arocena image_02_orlando_arocena image_03_orlando_arocena image_04_orlando_arocena image_05_orlando_arocena image_06_orlando_arocena image_07_orlando_arocena image_08_orlando_arocena image_09_orlando_arocena image_11_orlando_arocena image_10_orlando_arocena image_12_orlando_arocena image_13_orlando_arocena image_14_orlando_arocena image_15_orlando_arocena image_16_orlando_arocena image_17_orlando_arocena image_18_orlando_arocena

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