Ink-redible, Mistake-Free Illustrations by DZO Olivier

We love it when artists challenge themselves to become better at what they do. DZO Olivier’s Instinctive drawing project is a series of illustrations where the artist directly inks his drawings without having done any preliminary sketches. He begins with a basic idea and lets the drawing unfold organically.

As he describes it, “no eraser. No pencil. Every mistake is an opportunity to create unexpected images.” However, don’t let the spontaneous nature of his illustrations fool you into thinking that they were easy to create.

As you can tell, each drawing is very detailed and, in fact, takes 4-6 hours to create. Indeed, DZO Olivier’s work is very well thought out and beautiful to behold. Truly inspiring work from a very talented artist!

Check out more of DZO Olivier’s work by following him on Instagram and Facebook. image_01_dzolivier image_02_dzolivier image_03_dzolivier image_04_dzolivier image_05_dzolivier image_06_dzolivier image_07_dzolivier image_08_dzolivier image_09_dzolivier image_10_dzolivier

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