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Web design for industrial companies will help you create a modern website design that engages visitors, provides them with the information they need, and gets them to contact your company. But what elements do you need to add to your website? And how should it look?

We’re here to help you answer those questions through this list of industrial website design examples. We’ve compiled 26 of the best industrial websites and highlighted an important aspect of each. Keep reading to get inspired, and be sure to check out our list of best manufacturing websites as well!

If you find that, as you look at these examples, you feel overwhelmed trying to tackle your company’s website design, WebFX can help. With over 28 years of experience in web design, we know how to craft websites that grow businesses. Contact us online today to learn more about our web design services!

1. DuPont

Area of focus: Modern design

Having a clean and modern website is crucial for 2024. If your website looks outdated or difficult to use, people won’t engage on it. You need to create a website that fits in the 21st century.

So, to kick off this list of industrial website design examples, let’s look at DuPont for its modern design. DuPont does a great job of integrating high-quality photos, tons of white space, and simple design features to create its modern look.

Homepage for DuPont website

Key takeaway: Make sure you use a modern design for your website, so people know you keep it up to date. If you use a website builder, you can use a template to ensure you create a modern-looking website.

2. The Greenbrier Companies

Area of focus: Color scheme

When people visit your website, you want to make a memorable impression on them –– a crucial component of that is your color scheme. Having a distinct color scheme helps people build brand recognition with your company.

One of the best industrial websites is The Greenbrier Companies because it has a distinguished color scheme. They have a bold green design, to match their company name, integrated throughout the pages on their website.

Homepage for Greenbrier Companies

Key takeaway: When designing your website, make an established color scheme. It should contain one main color, one or two accent colors, and a font color.

3. American Alloy Fabricators

Area of focus: Navigation

Your website’s navigation plays a critical role in helping people find the information they need from your business. A simple and organized navigation will make it easy for people to move around your website and get what they need.

One of the industrial website designs that showcases excellent navigation is American Alloy Fabricators. They keep their navigation simple by using a few broad headings and organizing relevant pages underneath each of these headings.

Homepage for American Alloy Fabricators

Key takeaway: When you design your navigation, use broad headings to help organize your pages. You can also use subheadings to organize pages under the broad headings.

4. York

Area of focus: Logo integration

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your website’s design. Your logo is what people remember and helps them recognize your industrial company in other places, like on social media or an ad on a website. Building brand continuity across the web starts with integrating your business’s logo into your website design.

For that reason, one of the best industrial web design examples is York. They integrate their logo straight into the navigation bar, so it’s prominent, and people don’t miss it. Not to mention, the logo on their website is the same as what’s on their products, making it even more recognizable.

Homepage for York

Key takeaway: Integrate your logo into your website’s design to help build brand recognition. Putting your logo in your navigation ensures people can see it no matter what page they’re on.

5. Fortive

Area of focus: Design consistency

As mentioned earlier, an established color scheme is crucial for building brand recognition and familiarity. It’s also vital that you use that design scheme throughout your website to create a cohesive experience.

Fortive is one of the best industrial websites because their design choices are consistent throughout. No matter what page you visit, the design at the top is like the prior page.

Homepage for Fortive

Key takeaway: Make sure your design is consistent throughout your website so users don’t visit a page and feel like they’re somewhere else. Carrying your design throughout your website will ensure people have a positive experience on your website.

6. M3 Glass Technologies

Area of focus: Website speed

Did you know 83% of users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less? People don’t have time to sit around and wait for your website to load –– they want information fast. When designing your website, you’ll want to optimize it to load quickly.

An example of industrial web design that includes fast load speeds is M3 Glass Technologies. When you click on their listing in the search results to visit the home page, it loads immediately and allows you to start browsing without a hitch.

Going from Google to M3's website

Key takeaway: Speed up your website by using Google PageSpeed Insights to uncover where your website falls short. This tool will help you identify areas to improve your website’s load time.

7. Glauber Equipment Corporation

Area of focus: Responsive design

People access websites from different devices, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Since all these devices have different screen dimensions, you must ensure your website adapts to those devices to provide the best experience. That’s where responsive design comes in.

Glauber Equipment Corporation is one of the best industrial websites because it uses responsive design to ensure mobile users have just as good of an experience as desktop visitors.

Homepage for Glauber Equipment

Key takeaway: Integrating responsive design will ensure everyone has a positive experience on your website when they visit.

8. UFP Industries

Area of focus: Moving elements

When you drive people to your website, you want them to stay. Long dwell time means you have an engaging and informative website that keeps people on it. Having moving elements catches your audience’s attention and keeps them engaged.

UFP Industries has one of the best industrial website designs because it uses numerous moving elements that catch your attention as you scroll down the page. It draws the visitors’ attention and keeps their attention.

Homepage for UFP Industries

Key takeaway: When you design your website, adding elements that catch your audience’s attention is crucial for keeping them on the page. Don’t overdo it, though –– if your website is too busy, it’ll make it difficult for people to browse and turn them away.


Area of focus: Font choice

When people visit your website, they come to get information about your products or services. That’s why your font choice is a critical one –– people need to be able to read the information on your page.

AGCO is an example of industrial web design that uses an easy-to-read font. They avoid using “fancy” fonts that are difficult to read and, instead, stick to a simple font that doesn’t leave you guessing what the information says.

Listing of solutions from AGCO

Key takeaway: Focus on using web-safe fonts for your design. These fonts ensure that your text is easy to read for website visitors.

10. Tex Tech

Area of focus: Visual elements

People don’t want to see walls of text when they visit your website –– they want to see visuals, like images and videos, that showcase your business and what you offer. Visual elements are crucial for keeping website visitors engaged and learning about your industrial company.

Tex Tech is one of the best industrial website design examples that uses visual elements to provide a better experience. As you scroll through their homepage, you’ll see a lot of visual elements, from images to icons, that create a more appealing website.

Homepage for Tex Tech

Key takeaway: When designing your website, think about the visual elements you want to integrate into your website’s design. You can use images, videos, icons, and more to create a more visually appealing website.

11. American Industrial Company

Area of focus: Call to action (CTA) button color

Something you’ll notice about the best industrial websites is they have CTA buttons that stand out on the page. When people visit your website, there are specific actions you want them to take. Your CTA buttons help guide those prospects to complete the actions you desire.

American Industrial Company does a great job of creating CTA buttons that pop off the page and catch the website visitors’ attention. These yellow buttons fit their modern design but also draw the user’s eye towards them.

Yellow call to action (CTA) buttons on American Industrial's website

Key takeaway: Color your CTA buttons to stand out from everything on your page and ensure they fit with your design.  Boldly-colored CTAs will help you draw users to click those buttons and take the next step.

12. Lear

Area of focus: CTA text

The color of your CTA button is one half of the puzzle –– the other is the text. The action you invite people to complete impacts whether they click the button. You need direct CTA text so users know what to expect.

That’s why Lear is on this list of industrial website design examples. They use descriptive CTA text that sets an expectation of the information users will find. Lear uses descriptive phrases like “Get to know us” and “Discover our products” for their CTA buttons.

Part of Lear's website showing call to action text

Key takeaway: When you create your CTA buttons, think about the action you want users to take when they click on the button. Use descriptive text that tells them what happens when they click the button.

13. Martin Marietta

Area of focus: Interactive elements

Designing a website is like performing –– you’re trying to wow your audience and keep their attention the entire time they’re on your website. With interactive elements, which website visitors can manipulate or change, you can help keep your audience engaged on your website.

One of the best industrial web design examples that uses interactive elements is Martin Marietta. This aggregate-led company offers interactive elements like their facility locator to keep users engaged. Website visitors can move the map around, zoom in and out, and click on location icons to find a facility near them.

Interactive map on Martin Marietta's website

 Key takeaway: Use interactive elements in your website’s design to keep your audience more engaged. Features like interactive maps, calculators, and quizzes can help you deliver a better website experience for visitors.

14. DOW

Area of focus: Search function

When it comes to your website, you have hundreds of pages of information to share with your audience. From information pages to blog posts to product description pages, it’s a lot to navigate –– you need to make it easy for people to find the information they need.

The best industrial website designs include a search function, like DOW does. This search function makes it easy for people to type in what information they want and find it fast on DOW’s website.

Search bar function on Dow's website

Key takeaway: When designing your website, include a search function as part of your design. You can place the search function in your navigation bar to ensure people can always find it and search for what they need.

15. 3M

Area of focus: White space

Imagine visiting a website and finding that every inch is filled with text, images, and other design elements. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it? While it may feel like you need to fill every inch of your website, it’s better to use white space to make it less overwhelming.

One of the best industrial web design examples that uses white space is 3M. As you scroll through their website, you’ll see plenty of blank space (white space). This white space provides a clear presentation of their website while also drawing the user’s eye to the information on their website.

Homepage for 3M

Key takeaway: When you create your website’s wireframe, leave space for, well, space! Give yourself plenty of space within your design to create a clean and clutter-free website for your clients.

16. Cummins

Area of focus: Website accessibility

Creating a website everyone can access is crucial for delivering the best experience. Website accessibility enables people with disabilities to have a positive experience on your website.

Cummins is an excellent example of industrial web design that integrates accessibility. They have an accessibility icon that enables people to adjust the settings and create the best experience when browsing their website.

Homepage for Cummin's website

Key takeaway: Integrate an accessibility feature to ensure people can adjust your website to fit their needs. Consider investing in ADA Compliance services if you aren’t sure how to make your website compliant and accessible.

17. Frazier Industrial Company

Area of focus: Icons

The visual elements on your website play a crucial role in boosting engagement for your business –– and that doesn’t just mean photos and videos. Icons add a visual pop to your website.

A great example of industrial web design using icons comes from the Frazier Industrial Company. They use icons on their navigation bar, within their page content, and more. These icons create a visual representation of the category or information shared, allowing visitors to find information quickly.

Homepage for Frazier Icons

Key takeaway: Use icons to help you enhance the information on your page and provide a visual representation of your information. You can also use icons to represent functions on your website, like a magnifying glass for your search function.

18. Fendt

Area of focus: High-resolution, authentic images

Creating a visually appealing website is crucial to keep website visitors engaged on your website. But you don’t want to add just any photos to your website –– they should be high-quality and authentic to your brand.

Look at Fendt as an example of industrial web design done well. They use dozens of high-resolution images and authentic product images throughout their website.

High-quality images throughout Fendt's website

Key takeaway: When you design your website, integrate high-quality images into your design –– don’t use grainy or poor-quality photos. While you can use stock photos, it’s better to use authentic photos or designed images on your website to create a more personal presentation of your brand.

19. CASE

Area of focus: Website security

The visual appearance of your website is crucial, but there are also critical technical components of your website you need to have to keep leads engaged. One of those aspects is website security –– people don’t want to share their private or company information with you if your website isn’t secure.

CASE is one of the industrial website design examples that integrates website security to make people feel safe while browsing. When you check CASE’s website, you can see that the connection is secure and they have a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.

Website security on Case's website

Key takeaway: When you work on your website’s design, don’t forget to secure your website. Get an SSL certificate to ensure any information prospects share with you is safe.

20. New Holland

Area of focus: Live chat integration

When you design your website, you must add elements that enable prospects to contact your business and ask questions.

One of the best industrial web design examples is New Holland because they make customer service easy for their website visitors. They offer a chat box where you can fill in your information and ask them questions about their products.

Chatbox on New Holland's website for customer service

Key takeaway: When you design your industrial website, think of ways to incorporate customer service and make it easy for your audience to contact your business. Adding a chat box with a chatbot assistant can be a great way to provide positive customer service for people when they visit your website.

21. Johnson Controls

Area of focus: Readability

Imagine you visit a website to get information, only to find walls of text and big paragraphs of information. If your head is spinning at the thought, you’re not alone –– websites with poor readability make users feel the same and cause them to leave.

So, what does good readability look like? An example of industrial web design that does readability right is Johnson Controls. As you scroll through pages on their website, you’ll see they use small paragraphs and bulleted lists to provide information to website visitors.

Homepage of Johnson Controls

Key takeaway: When you add text to your website, use small paragraphs of 2-3 lines to make it easy to skim and read information. Using bulleted lists and breaking information up with headings and subheadings also helps make pages more readable.

22. ITW

Area of focus: User experience (UX)

Your website needs to provide a positive user experience to keep leads engaged. That means investing in UX design to ensure your website is built for your audience.

ITW is one of the industrial website design examples that puts their audience first. They have accessibility features, simple navigation, and buttons like the “to top” arrow to make browsing their website easy for everyone.

Homepage for ITW UX design

Key takeaway: Keep your audience at the forefront of your mind when creating your website’s design. Think about what features you can add to make their experience better.

23. Peterbilt

Area of focus: Video integration

Did you know that brand association increases by 139% after watching a video or that users spend 88% more time on pages with videos? Integrating video into your website’s design is crucial for keeping leads engaged when they visit your website.

If you want to see one of the best industrial websites that uses video in their design, check out Peterbilt. When you land on Peterbilt’s homepage, you’re greeted by videos of tractor-trailers driving at the top of their page.

Video of trucks on Peterbilt's website

Key takeaway: To make your website more engaging, integrate videos throughout. You can share information about your products, team, and business through your video content.

24. Mac Instruments

Area of focus: Contact information

Your contact information is a crucial component of your industrial website. You want this information to be easily accessible so people can contact your business when they’re ready.

Mac Instruments is an example of industrial web design that prioritizes sharing contact information. They include their phone number and email in their navigation, so people can always find it no matter what page they visit.

Contact information on Mac Instruments' website

Key takeaway: Include your industrial company’s contact information in your design where your audience will see it, like your navigation. Make sure you include multiple methods of contact.

25. Lockheed Martin

Area of focus: Above the fold

When someone visits your homepage, you must make an impression and catch your audience’s attention immediately. Your above-the-fold information, which is what users see when they enter your website without scrolling, has to draw them in and make them want to keep scrolling.

That’s why Lockheed Martin makes it on our list of best industrial website design examples. They use a series of videos that draw attention to their next-generation flight simulation and training. It draws in people who want to learn more about the aerospace manufacturer.

Above the fold on Lockheed Martin's website

Key takeaway: When you design your website, pay special attention to what you put above the fold on your homepage.

26. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Area of focus: Testimonials

If you want people to choose your industrial company, you must make them feel confident that you’re the right choice. The best way to do that is to share customer experiences and testimonials that speak to the quality of your work, products, and more.

Hewlett Packard Enterprises is a prime example of industrial web design that integrates testimonials effectively. They have a section dedicated to customer stories that’s visually appealing and engaging, all while providing users with insight into their company.

Testimonials about Hewlett Packard

Key takeaway: Integrating testimonials as part of your design will help you build trust with your audience and show them that you’re the best option.

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