Stackin’ Bricks: 10 Free High Resolution Bricks Textures

Stackin’ Bricks: 10 Free High Resolution Bricks Textures

Stackin' Bricks: a set of high quality bricks textures The use of bricks in designs are popular. It gives a certain authenticity and realness to it. This week, we present to you, Stackin’ Bricks: a set of free bricks images.

In this set, You’ll find 10 high quality and high resolution bricks textures/stock photos. Feel free to use them in your designs and artwork however you like. They’re extremely large-scale in dimension, each being 2,896px x 1,944px saved in JPG.


You can find various sizes of each image in by clicking on its title or preview image; doing so will bring you to their own Flickr pages.

Alternatively, you can browse the entire Six Revisions Stackin’ Bricks Textures set on Flickr.

Stackin’ Bricks 01

Stackin' Bricks 01

Stackin’ Bricks 02

Stackin' Bricks 02

Stackin’ Bricks 03

Stackin' Bricks 03

Stackin’ Bricks 04

Stackin' Bricks 04

Stackin’ Bricks 05

Stackin' Bricks 05

Stackin’ Bricks 06

Stackin' Bricks 06

Stackin’ Bricks 07

Stackin' Bricks 07

Stackin’ Bricks 08

Stackin' Bricks 08

Stackin’ Bricks 09

Stackin' Bricks 09

Stackin’ Bricks 10

Stackin' Bricks 10

Licensing details

The above works that are featured here and in the Flickr Grunge Extreme set are all licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. The Creative Commons license requires you to “attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor“. Our attribution specification: you don’t need to attribute the work to us (though you’re more than welcome to, and we will definitely appreciate it).

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