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Collage of website design elements including a circular logo, a vertical navigation bar with 'HOME' highlighted, and profile sections for 'Meet Diana' and 'Meet Maggie' with brief descriptions.

Using Patterns and Textures in Web Design: 20 Great Examples

0069 01 superb patterns examples thumbnail The use of textures and patterns in web design has been popular for several years. Textures and patterns add strength and a sense of realism to a web design. There are many creative ways of using patterns and textures in your designs.

In this collection, I will show you 20 excellent examples of web designs that use textures and patterns. I hope you like the collection and become inspired by it. Pointless Corp Pointless Corp Design Disease Pointless Corp August Interactive Album Art Collection Vector Mill Vector Mill THIS IS TEIXIDÓ THIS IS TEIXIDÓ Northern Bee Auctions Northern Bee Auctions Coloma Ventures Coloma Ventures XGO Coloma Ventures Ryan Scherf Kenny Saunders Forever Heavy Forever Heavy Ideaware Ideaware Archibald Studio Archibald Studio CURE International Chase Farnum Red Tiki 20 Tongues Lifetree Creative, Inc. Lifetree Creative, Inc. Solo Solo McCombs Creative McCombs Creative HTML5 Interactive Infographic HTML5 Interactive Infographic Min Tran’s Journal Min Tran's Journal

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waheed akhtar smallWaheed Akhtar is a freelance web designer from Dubai, UAE. He is the founder and editor of Boost Inspiration, where he showcases different creative resources of Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography and Typography for inspiration. You can reach him via Twitter or Facebook.

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