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Creating an attractive and functional website is a challenge, but it’s an important one. Your website holds the key to standing out from your competitors, selling more of your amazing products, and earning the best possible return on your marketing strategies.

How can your company not only create a great website but also one of the best manufacturing websites in the business?

With inspiration from the top manufacturing websites of 2024, of course!

Keep reading to see seven manufacturing company websites that will inspire your team (or web design agency).

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Best manufacturing websites of 2024

Listed below are 17 of the best manufacturing websites of 2024. We’ve chosen each of these sites based on a variety of features, including:

  • Top-notch user experience
  • Responsive web design that works on every device
  • Search engine-friendly design
  • Clear calls to action (CTAs)
  • Audience-focused content
  • Fast website experience

Keep reading to learn about each of the sites on this list!

1. Sharretts Plating

Sharretts Plating website

A leader in the plating industry, Sharretts Plating provides industrial plating services to automotive, electronics, and hardware suppliers.

Their site matches their level of quality and makes it easy for visitors to become clients and customers with prominent contact forms and quote requests. Combined with SEO and content marketing, their site now helps them attract more traffic and convert that traffic into customers.

2. Tymetal

Tymetal website

Tymetal specializes in secure gate systems and offers their customers a variety of options to fit their needs. Because of this, their site needed to highlight their company’s experience and allow customers to browse their selection.

Their site now makes it easy for users to browse by gate types and industries. This manufacturing website also features photos of each gate in use. Last, they have a variety of resources available to help potential customers research their options and determine the best fit for their needs.

3. Fairlawn Tool Inc.

Fairlawn tool website

With its bold and easy-to-use website, Fairlawn Tool Inc. also earns a spot on this year’s list of the top manufacturing websites. From the homepage, users can access services, industry-specific resources, and educational materials fast and with zero thought.

4. Chalmers & Kubeck

Chalmers and Kubeck website

Chalmers & Kubeck is one of the largest independently-owned machine shops in the U.S., and they offer a variety of manufacturing and machinery services. As with any company that works in multiple industries, the main challenge was making it possible for visitors to easily locate information on the services they needed.

The site now features a clear, well-organized navigation that makes it simple for visitors to find exactly what they want. Plus, the addition of images helps break up an otherwise text-heavy site.

5. PR Hoffman

homepage of PR Hoffman manufacturing website

PR Hoffman supplies lapping and polishing machines to a variety of industries. When they reached out to WebFX, though, their main goal was to emphasize their commitment to quality.

Now, as soon as you visit their manufacturing site, it becomes clear that quality is their priority. From personnel and facilities to services and machines, they’re dedicated to always providing customers with the best in their industry.

6. APC International

APC website

APC International manufactures custom piezoelectric ceramic shapes and piezo devices while providing piezo application support services. As a specialized company, they wanted their site to highlight their custom products and high level of customer service.

Their site accomplishes both of these goals by providing in-depth information about their capabilities, and a “knowledge center” with a blog, white papers, and other industry resources. These resources not only help potential customers become more informed about their options, but also establish APC as a leader in their industry.

7. NTS Unitek

NTS Unitek website

NTS Unitek ranks as one of the best manufacturing websites of the year with its eye-catching, high-quality images and intuitive design. The company uses its site to break down its multiple services, which include product verification, supply chain management, and supplier development.

Even better, the NTS Unitek website features several critical trust signals for its target audience, including certifications, testimonials, and a physical address.

8. TSI Technologies

manufacturing website tsi

TSI Technologies manufactures various HVAC materials and supplies them to HVAC companies. These materials range from air conditioning to refrigeration. With over 30 years of experience, this company wants their site to reflect the quality of their services.

Thankfully, it does just that. One of the best things about the TSI Technologies website is the fact that from the moment you visit the homepage, you’re presented with two buttons: One that says “Our Products,” and one that says “Request Quote.” These communicate to users exactly what TSI wants them to do, and they make it easy for them to do it.

9. NXP

manufacturing websitenxp

NXP is a tech manufacturing company that specializes in creating microcontrollers and processors. Their main products consist of chips used in things like RFID tags and sensors. Their website reflects their long history of manufacturing and innovation.

In addition to having a very clean design, the homepage lays out a lot of the first information people would want to know about the company. The navigation bar lets you easily check out their products or learn about the company, while the area just above the fold shows off some of the different industries they serve.

10. CAI

manufacturing website cai

CAI manufactures wire harnesses, cables, and other types of electro-mechanical components. They offer a turnkey manufacturing approach that provides personalized service to each client they work with.

The CAI website uses a comfortable blue-and-white color scheme, and the homepage plays a silent video in the background to help catch users’ attention. Plus, scrolling down, the page shows off all of the company’s main services and products.

11. EOS

manufacturing website eos

EOS works in additive manufacturing, meaning they manufacture components for 3D printing. They also provide comprehensive training and consulting services to their clients. Their goal is to generate sustainable manufacturing alternatives.

Since a big part of EOS’s brand is about being cutting-edge and future-thinking, it makes sense that their website reflects that. Everything about the site is clean-cut, and from the moment you arrive on the homepage, you’re greeted with a high-quality, silent video that showcases the technology EOS creates.

12. Ameripharma

manufacturing website ameripharma

Ameripharma, as the second half of the name indicates, is a pharma manufacturing company. It operates out of New York City and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, so it’s not surprising that its website is a high-quality one.

Like many of the other sites on this list, Ameripharma’s is a very clean-looking one with a clear color scheme and plenty of white space. The homepage directs users’ attention right to the “Become our partner” button, and you can find out lots of basic info about the company simply by scrolling down a bit.

13. Ellis Manufacturing

manufacturing website ellis

Ellis Manufacturing has a website that offers a modern design, yet simultaneously has a classic look. That classic look fits with the many decades of experience that they advertise right at the top of their website.

Maybe the best feature of this site, though, is the fact that it features a search bar right at the top of the page (along with a cart button) that lets users quickly and easily search for products in the online store.

14. WIC

manufacturing website wic

The website for WIC (which stands for Western Industries Corporation) has a fairly standard manufacturing website in many ways. However, something that might not immediately jump out at you is the fact that, at the top of the page, there’s an option to change the language to Spanish.

That’s because WIC sells not only to businesses in the United States, but also to clients in Mexico. Knowing that a portion of their audience is Spanish-speaking, they built a Spanish language option into their website. That shows good awareness of their audience.

15. Phillips Manufacturing

manufacturing website phillips

Phillips Manufacturing has a clean website that displays the company’s brand colors prominently. One thing to note here is that right on the homepage, the site immediately features all of the main product categories offered by the company, along with a button allowing users to view the company’s specific products.

They also include a sort of tagline on the left side of the page that says, “Providing the Quality and Value of Quiet.” That tagline does a good job of communicating some of the products they offer (wall insulation) in a compelling way.

16. Global Manufacturing Inc.

manufacturing website global

Global Manufacturing knows exactly what people are looking for when they visit their site. This company doesn’t waste any time — they display images of their products prominently on the homepage, so those products are the first thing you see when you visit the site.

This is a great idea, because it clears up any possible confusion about what the company does. Obviously, you can visit other pages to learn more about what those products do, but you can see the products themselves immediately upon entering the website.

17. Virco

manufacturing website virco

Virco offers yet another example of a website that shows off photos of its products right out of the gate. However, whereas Global showed the products alone, Virco shows those products in the environment where they’re intended to be used: Schools.

Showing their products this way helps communicate the exact use and value of those products, making it immediately clear to users what they’re getting from the company by making a purchase.

Want to create a better manufacturing website?

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