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Two cartoon characters in a tug-of-war over a rope, with text above asking 'WHICH DESIGNER JOB IS THE BEST?' One character wears a purple hat and blue jacket, and the other wears a 'Helvetica' t-shirt.

Which Designer Job is the Best? (Infographic)

30 01 which design job best infographic ld img Maslow’s hierarchy of needs teaches us that food, safety and a roof over our heads all come before “self actualization”. In other words, it’s hard to tap into your inner-unicorn if you can’t afford to pay the rent. To help you designers out there, we’ve researched different design sectors to see which one has the most fulfilling, unicorn-friendly jobs. And it turns out, you can’t have it all.

When it comes to design jobs, you can be well-paid, well-employed, or love your job — but not all three. Here is an infographic comparing the different types of design professions. Click to enlarge.

30 02 which design job best infographic preview Infographic by Shane Snow. Shane Snow is an entrepreneur, writer, and recent Columbia MS/Digital Media graduate. Visit his personal site and follow him on Twitter @shanesnow.

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