Discover Your Ideal Marketing Persona

We created this marketing persona generator to help business owners personify their customers.

Looking at a person's face is way more relatable than looking at a bunch of statistics, and it becomes easier to create content that your customers would enjoy.


Because instead of writing for an amorphous group of people, you're now writing for one person specifically and how your business can help them.

Incidentally, that means you're also speaking to thousands (or millions) of people who are in a similar situation to your marketing persona.

So don't talk to statistics anymore — use our marketing persona generator to start talking to a real person!

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Are marketing personas really that important?

Naturally, some people out there are skeptical about how helpful marketing personas actually are.

That makes sense, too! Up until recently, demographic information dominated the marketing landscape.

But marketing personas give you the chance to humanize your customer so you can more easily relate to them. That makes the difference between talking to someone and talking about someone.

If you need more concrete proof, just check out these stats:

  • 93% of companies that exceed lead and revenue goals report using buyer persona segmentation in email databases (source)
  • 90% of companies that use marketing personas say they have a clearer understanding of their customers (source)
  • Only three or four personas (or needs) make up 90% of a business's customer base (source)
  • 71% of companies that beat their revenue goals use buyer personas (source)
  • Catering to marketing personas makes websites 2-5 times easier to use for customer demographics (source)

Just based on those five stats, who wouldn't want to use buyer personas? You can reach more customers, earn more money, and grow more quickly — even than you've projected!

So take a look at our buyer persona generator now! It can give your business the boost it needs to exceed your revenue goals.