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A well-designed website can make the difference between someone engaging with your services or bouncing from your site. Several factors are involved in creating a successful website design for a urology practice. Whatever you decide to do, ensure your brand is at the center.

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Why is web design for urologists important?

When you want to expand your practice and connect with new patients, your website is often the first contact they’ll have with your business. Think about how you want people to think of you and create something that will impact your audience and business.

Web design is important because it:

  • Provides the first impression: When someone pops onto your site, they’ll form an opinion about your business within seconds. If your site’s visuals are unorganized or outdated, they’ll have a negative reaction immediately. Instead, create an excellent first impression and start building trust as a professional medical organization.
  • Utilizes SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) can be affected by your on-page fundamentals, or how content is published on your site. It even goes down to the basics of designing SEO-friendly code. To ensure you cover all the details, partner with a web design agency’s SEO services.
  • Builds trust: Poorly designed websites may be associated with computer viruses. Even providing outdated information can turn users away. Put yourself in their shoes — would you trust an out-of-style medical service? A professional site sparks trust and helps the potential client feel more comfortable checking out your services further.

5 essentials your web design should include

There are many possibilities when it comes to designing a website. Now that you know why web design is important, let’s discuss just a few of the design elements you should consider on your website.

1. Simple homepage

However people get to your website, whether through SEO or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, it’s likely your homepage will be the first page they see. Once here, they can navigate your site to determine if your services meet their needs and expectations. Use this page to inform leads about your practice.

To convince browsers to stick with you, you’ll want to design a homepage that is simple yet effective. Don’t overwhelm your site’s visitors by throwing tons of information at them from the beginning. Instead, include more visual elements that lead to other pages within your site. Think of the homepage as the launching pad or guide to more information.

2. Functional navigation

A simple homepage can only work if you provide functional navigation throughout the rest of the site. People will use your navigation to find answers to their questions — if they can’t, they’ll likely pop over to a competitor’s site.

That’s why simple navigation is a significant factor in your success. You can start by making an organized, horizontal bar across the top of the page with categories. This heading should have straightforward categories that make sense for your business. If necessary, dropdown menus are also a good strategy to break the general categories down even further.

To determine which categories are necessary for visitors to find information, think like your audience. How would you look for information on a specific product or service?

3. Visual elements

As a medical practice, it’s important to incorporate visual elements into your website. This content can include anything that aids users on your site and converts them into clients.

Providing relevant photos and written content throughout your website can give potential clients a look at your services. Positive photos are the perfect way to portray an inviting and comfortable space. It’s best to avoid stock photos —  instead, receive consent from previous clients to post photos with your staff in a candid environment.

For urology, it can also be helpful to provide infographics of quick facts about a particular service. This info can give those interested a useful overview of a service without having to read a whole article to make an informed decision.

However, be sure to place visual elements intentionally around your site. Refrain from filling a space simply to fill it. Make sure whatever you’re adding is supporting the written content on the page.

4. Updated content

Just as you would update your medical technology, update your website content! Stay up to date with trends and relevant topics of the day in order to reach clients.

Integrating content strategy is part of web design. While it can be a challenging process, you can break it down into smaller bites to chew:

  1. Planning: Determine what content you think you need to understand the minds of clients. You can start brainstorming with techniques like mind mapping, card sorting, or sketchboarding.
  2. Developing: Start writing, editing, and getting approval for posting content. This step requires communication with team members, keeping everyone involved with technical reviews to make things run smoothly.
  3. Maintaining: Once your content is live, it’s not necessarily done. With an advancing world, content tends to get outdated. Keep an editorial calendar, conduct content audits, and monitor website analytics to start developing a strategy for content maintenance.

5. Responsive design

Integrating a responsive design can significantly affect how users experience your site on their mobile devices. If they have to zoom in to read anything, they likely won’t stick around to figure it out. Making sure your site transfers seamlessly from a computer to a mobile device is a step you want to consider.

Users spend more time browsing on mobile devices than they do on desktops. If your site only caters to desktop computers, you’ll cut out a large portion of the population. Ensuring a positive experience can engage users, and lead them to spend more time on your site, increasing the chances of them converting.

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