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Racking Up Results: Polymer Solutions International & WebFX

Check out this manufacturing digital marketing case study to learn how WebFX helped Polymer Solutions International (PSI) power growth for their business!





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“When I started working with PSI, we had no full-time marketing employees or digital marketing team. Since then, we've built an incredible foundation for PSI, and it started with hiring WebFX.”

Polymer Solutions International

About Polymer Solutions International

Polymer Solutions International (PSI) is a leading global supplier of reusable material handling products, serving a range of diverse industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and retail companies.

They specialize in engineering and manufacturing sustainable and innovative solutions that help customers reduce operation costs and their environmental footprints.

Serving customers in over 110 countries, Polymer Solutions International provides state-of-the-art bottled water racks and plastic pallets to companies around the globe.

Looking for a partner that could help them expand their digital footprint and reach even more customers around the world, they turned to WebFX.

Just keep reading this case study to learn how WebFX’s custom digital marketing solutions helped Polymer Solutions International grow their business!

The challenge

“Six and a half years ago, our company had no formal digital marketing plan or strategy. And throughout that time with WebFX, we’ve achieved amazing milestones.”

Realizing they needed a strong digital marketing foundation to expand their reach and drive more revenue, PSI turned to WebFX’s custom digital marketing services to solve the following challenges:

Keep reading this case study to learn how WebFX helped PSI achieve and exceed their business goals!

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Business impact

Since partnering with WebFX, PSI experienced the following results:

  • 126% increase in YoY paid search quote request conversions
  • 22% increase in YoY organic traffic
  • 18% increase in YoY organic quote submissions

PSI had this to say about their partnership with WebFX:

“Over the last several years, we’ve had incredible gains with traffic and leads on our website. We’ve experienced double digit-traffic and lead growth every year since 2016 with WebFX.”

With the help of our team of over 500 digital marketing specialists, PSI continues to drive consistent web traffic, leads, and conversions that enable them to deliver more custom packing solutions to companies around the world.

  • 126%

  • 22%

  • 18%


Custom solutions from WebFX

PSI partners with WebFX for the following services:

Our SEO experts help PSI reach the top of the search results for relevant, high-value searches by conducting in-depth keyword research and ongoing website optimizations to ensure their target audience can easily find their business online.

We also help PSI maintain a strong presence in the search results with a revenue-driving PPC campaign. Our PPC specialists help PSI craft engaging ad copy and continuously optimize their keyword targeting and bids to ensure their ads reach high-value leads and drive a high return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, our in-house programmatic advertising software, AdTechFX, enables PSI to streamline and automate their advertising processes. AdTechFX also allows PSI to access advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology to launch data-backed advertising campaigns designed to reach the people most likely to convert into loyal customers.

Reach your full revenue potential with WebFX

“WebFX was the clear-cut industry leader out of all of the marketing agencies we spoke to. We also wanted a company located in the state of PA, and we checked both of those boxes by hiring WebFX.”

That’s what PSI had to say when asked why they chose WebFX as their digital marketing partner.

Do you want to drive results like PSI after reading this manufacturing digital marketing case study?

We offer personalized do-it-for-me digital marketing services that enable you and your team to focus on your other business tasks while enjoying more revenue.

Launch data-driven marketing strategies designed to earn your company the highest ROI with a team who has more than 28 years of experience helping clients in the manufacturing industry grow.

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