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Power of Success with PowerGistics and WebFX

Find out how we recharged PowerGistics online strategy to increase their SEO and increase their ROI!


YoY increase in organic search sessions


YoY increase in organic product page views

Let’s Get Started!

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hear from our clients
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“The team at WebFX listens to our needs and works with us to adjust plans if needed. We are on the same page regarding objectives, and it's great to have a partner who will strategize with our team to improve our digital marketing presence.”


About client

Driven by innovation, PowerGistics provides secure charging stations and storage for classrooms, businesses, and healthcare professionals.
With 150 years of experience, their client roster includes household names like Google and AT&T. Their dedication to solving complex problems with simple solutions has allowed the company to grow from 10 employees to over 100 employees in just over a decade.

The challenge

Facing stiff competition in their market, PowerGistics turned to WebFX to capture more site visits and sales.
They shared, “We have healthy competition in the market, and being a US manufacturer, we battle less expensive options in our market due to overseas production.

When researching digital marketing providers, PowerGistics found, “Our philosophies and culture seemed to really align, which I didn’t have with the digital marketing I spoke with.” 

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Business Impact

Since partnering with WebFX, PowerGistics has increased organic search sessions 77% YoY!

We’ve increased our traffic tremendously over the years, and now we are really focused on conversions. I have faith that with the help of our team at WebFX, we’ll be able to crush our goals this year,” they shared.

  • 77%

  • 19%


Targeted solutions from WebFX

PowerGistics’ custom web marketing plan includes both organic SEO and paid advertising strategies.

Like many SMBs — they noted, “As a small company, we don’t have the internal bandwidth to understand Google’s constantly changing algorithms. WebFX brings their knowledge to the table to help us understand trends.

With WebFX by their side, PowerGistics has seen steady growth in their search presence and overall conversions.

Power your success with WebFX

Ready to flip the switch and power better marketing results? WebFX can help!

In the words of PowerGistics, “Our WebFX team really listens to us and our needs. It’s a joy working with a team who wants us all to win.”

If you’re interested in taking your business, like PowerGistics, to the next level with increased traffic and conversions, check out our digital marketing services and request your free quote today!