Ecommerce Development Pricing: Planning for your Project

When it comes to online sales, continued growth is expected. If you don’t have an online store, or if your current store isn’t meeting the needs of your customers, you’re missing out. WebFX offers a unique approach to ecommerce by combing award-winning design, powerful web development and innovative internet marketing. With WebFX, you get more than an online store: You get a store that attracts visitors and converts more of them into customers.

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How Is Ecommerce Pricing Determined?

To determine ecommerce pricing, we look at a variety of factors. The number of products in your store, payment types, shipping methods, and advanced features like a CRM and inventory management system are used to give you a general idea of ecommerce pricing.

For more detailed ecommerce pricing, we carefully review your site’s objectives, including projected future growth. Your ecommerce pricing will look into specific features you need to accomplish, such as shipping to multiple addresses in a single order. Once we determine exactly what you need your site to do, we can offer specific ecommerce pricing for your store.

Another important factor is your current store. If you have a current store and need to upgrade it, ecommerce pricing will vary based on the upgrades you need.

What Makes WebFX An Authority On Ecommerce Pricing?

WebFX chooses to publish our ecommerce pricing because we believe in transparency. We’ve been in the business longer than your typical ecommerce development companies and we know how much projects will require as far as time and resources are concerned. By being upfront about our ecommerce pricing, you can better plan for your project.

Why Does Ecommerce Pricing Vary Throughout The Industry?

Unfortunately, there is no governing body that establishes ecommerce pricing. Any company can claim they can create an ecommerce site for you and charge what they want.

Moreover, determining how long a project will take and the amount of resources needed can be complicated. Our ecommerce pricing is based off of our many years in the business designing and developing ecommerce sites that are designed to convert.

What’s Included In Our Ecommerce Pricing?

When reviewing our ecommerce pricing, take a look at our portfolio and you’ll see we’ve worked with clients spanning across industries. Then, review our results and you’ll learn about the real results we’ve achieved for our clients.

With our ecommerce pricing, you’re not just getting an effective store, you’re getting our award-winning and talented design, development and Internet marketing teams working for you.

With WebFX, you’re not just getting a powerful ecommerce site. You’re also getting our award-winning and experienced design, development and Internet marketing teams working for you. Call 888-601-5359 or contact us online today to get customized ecommerce pricing for your specific project.